What Does Mike Pence Think Happens At Restaurants?

It describes a world in which women are not individual human beings—witness these men who cannot even imagine a reason why any man might choose to share a meal with a woman he doesn’t intend to fuck—but generic objects of sexual temptation at which men have only very limited power to resist flinging their genitals. It weaponizes women—most especially young, unmarried women—against themselves: I can’t be alone with you, even over some friggin’ nachos, or your presence might cause me to fuck you. Indeed there could be no other reason for us to sit down to a meal together. This is the sort of thing that is being referenced when people use the term “rape culture.”

What Does Mike Pence Think Happens At Restaurants?

Weaponizes women and infantilizes men. Insulting all ’round.

‘I Dreamed of Africa’ Author And Conservationist, Shot In Kenya 

…The Laikipia Nature Conservancy, has been the center of a bloody battle for weeks, as a large-scale drought has pushed cattle-herders to extreme measures to try and find grazing land.

…”You have nomadic herders who are moving into private wildlife conservancies with thousands of heads of cattle,” [NPR’s Eyder] Peralta said. “And in response, the Kenyan government launched a military-style operation to push the herders out. But what we’ve seen is an escalation of violence. Police have killed lots of cows. And the herders have responded by burning tourist lodges on the properties.”

…Members of the Pokot and Samburu tribes have long grazed on conservancy land in Kenya, but over the past few years things have changed. Herders have brought more and more cows, killed other wildlife, and begun to vandalize property. 

..”That is heavily politicized violence. And that is what’s much more worrying about this situation.”

[Gallmann’s daughter, Sveva Gallmann] added that she doesn’t think the herders even own many of the cows.

“There’s a lot of, actually, politicians, people within the police, people within the administration storing their wealth in cattle and laundering ill-gotten money through cattle,” she said.

…Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta’s office issued a statement warning politicians in the area not to inflame the situation with “reckless rhetoric.”

“Politicians encouraging invasions of privately-owned property or attacks on individuals can expect strong deterrent action in terms of the law,” Kenyatta’s spokesman, Manoah Esipisu, said.

‘I Dreamed of Africa’ Author And Conservationist, Shot In Kenya : The Two-Way : NPR


Trump’s White House on defensive over transparency 

The White House was forced Monday to defend its controversial positions to keep its visitor logs secret and …Trump’s tax returns private.

…The administration tries to shift the issue back to Barack Obama.

The decision not to voluntarily release the logs means Americans won’t see who visits the president until at least five years after he leaves office, and it prompted quick pushback from open-government advocates. But after Trump won the presidency without releasing tax returns, as major candidates have done for decades, the White House appears to be attempting to wait out the critics who want more insight into Trump’s finances and schedule.

…“It’s the same thing that was discussed during the campaign trail. The president is under audit,” Spicer told reporters. “It’s a routine one. It continues. And I think that the American public know clearly where he stands.”

…As USA Today reported last week, the president and vice president’s tax returns are automatically audited every year. The IRS has said an audit does not bar a taxpayer from choosing to release his or her tax returns.

the White House often does not confirm details such as whether Trump is playing golf when he travels to the Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida. 

Trump’s White House on defensive over transparency – POLITICO

Spicer, he’s not entitled to anything in terms of private, personal time. If he doesn’t like how his job works, then he shouldn’t have asked for it.

Guess Who Came to Dinner With Flynn and Putin 

NBC News reviewed video and photos from a 2015 Moscow gala that Mike Flynn was paid $45,000 to attend to see who else was in the room.

…U.S. Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein, the only American besides Flynn at the head table.

Stein’s 2016 campaign was heavily promoted by RT. 

“And my own connection to RT, you know ironically, it takes a Russian television station to actually be open to independent candidates in this country and that is a shame. A shameful commentary on our own media,” she told NBC’s Alex Seitz-Wald.

(Stein did well enough to help Russia achieve its aims. Her vote totals in the crucial states of Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan were all greater than Clinton’s margin of defeat, and arguably denied Clinton an Electoral College victory.)

Guess Who Came to Dinner With Flynn and Putin – NBC News