Some Louisiana felons regain the right to vote

[Last year] Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards (D) signed into law a bill that will restore voting rights to people with felony records who are on probation or parole, as long as they have been out of prison for five years. Both chambers of the state’s GOP-controlled legislature passed House Bill 265 with bipartisan support in May 2018.

No longer ‘voiceless,’ Louisiana felons regain the right to vote – ThinkProgress


Julian Castro whines that NH not diverse enough to hold first primary, and if he didn’t succeed there it can’t be that he didn’t show up enough it has to be the fact that there are too many white people there

Reacting to Castro’s comments, New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Raymond Buckley told WMUR, “I can imagine he’s frustrated but blaming his campaign’s challenges on the voters of Iowa and New Hampshire is a bit much.”

Julian Castro says NH not diverse enough to hold first primary, time for change

Man, he never stops whining, does he?

Surely his comments that the first four states aren’t diverse enough has NOTHING to do with the fact that his poll numners are in the basement.

Number one, don’t expect to do well in retail campaigning state without showing up. And more importantly, when you are asking for the most powerful job in the Western World don’t be a whiny little bitch when things don’t go your way.

Bye, Felicia!

Standing between Jeff Sessions and the Senate is a certain Donald Trump

Most of Sessions’ former colleagues are remaining on the sidelines of the crowded primary, and the National Republican Senatorial Committee will remain neutral.

…Sessions said he did not regret recusing himself from the Russia investigation — a decision Trump remains furious over. But he did push back on the impeachment inquiry Trump faces in the House, saying that the president has faced a “continuous political attack” but that Trump “conducted himself in this matter within the law” in his dealings with Ukraine.

…The other candidates have already signaled a willingness to attack Sessions directly. Tuberville put out a video shortly ahead of Sessions’ announcement showing news clips of Trump criticizing his former attorney general. 

…Jones brushed off any concerns about Sessions entering the race, saying of the GOP primary: “They’re the ones that are running around with their hair on fire. It doesn’t affect anything that we’re doing.”

Standing between Jeff Sessions and the Senate is a certain Donald Trump – POLITICO