SPNHF Expert: Wetlands Disturbed By Northern Pass May Never Be Restored

SPNHF Expert: Wetlands Disturbed By Northern Pass May Never Be Restored | InDepthNH.org

No shit, Sherlock????!


Trump Administration Drops Florida From Offshore Drilling Plan

The Trump administration said Tuesday it had ruled out drilling for oil and gas off the coast of Florida after strong opposition from the state’s Republican governor, Rick Scott.

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke moved last week to allow new offshore oil and gas drilling in nearly all United States coastal waters, opening more than a billion acres in the Arctic, Pacific, Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico to potential leases. The decision prompted an outcry from Republican and Democratic governors alike on both coasts.

Trump Administration Drops Florida From Offshore Drilling Plan – The New York Times


Scientists Predict ‘Mini Ice Age’ Will Hit Earth in Five Years

Every cycle is different, and it’s not possible to entirely predict what’s coming, but by looking at certain signs in the sun’s solar activity, Zharkova has made some educated guesses about the upcoming cycle.

If Zharkova’s predictions are correct, starting in 2021, the sun will quiet down a lot, letting off a lot less energy and heat. This, then, will affect our planet, as global temperatures drop as a result of less light and heat making it to the Earth.

…Miniature ice ages (known scientifically as “Maunder minimum” periods) have come many times in the past – a similar one, for example, was reponsible for low temperatures that froze the River Thames in London back in the seventeenth century.

…Of course, the danger of news like this is that certain people can willfully ignore its full implications. It’s nice to hear that the world will be cooling slightly and that some of the terrible weather effects we’ve been seeing recently will likely slow, but this doesn’t mean that major polluters are off the hook. This is a grace period, providing us with enough time to sort out our crap (sometimes literally), but eventually the bubble will burst, the sun will heat up, and we’ll all be in danger if we don’t clean up our act.

Bundle Up: Scientists Predict ‘Mini Ice Age’ Will Hit Earth in Five Years


Toxic tensions in the heart of ‘Cancer Alley’

The town of LaPlace, Louisiana, lies along the Mississippi River, a stone’s throw from Lake Pontchartrain and the Maurepas Swamp. It sits in the heart of an area that’s become known by locals as “Cancer Alley,” a vast industrial stretch between New Orleans and Baton Rouge where dozens of petrochemical plants dot the landscape.

One sign posted by a local advocacy group warns the town’s 29,000 residents that they are “more likely to get cancer due to chloroprene air emissions.” The warning refers to the Denka Performance Elastomer plant at the edge of town, where a vast network of pipes and valves stand testament to industry.

The facility looms over Fifth Ward Elementary School, where children run around the playground oblivious to the toxic emissions in the air.

Toxic tensions in the heart of ‘Cancer Alley’ – CNN