Alton Sterling shooting: Baton Rouge officer is fired for excessive force

One of the two white officers who wrestled Alton Sterling to the ground and killed him outside a Louisiana convenience store was fired after an excessive force investigation. The second officer will be suspended for three days.

…Salamoni, the only officer to open fire, was terminated.

…After the announcement Friday, the department released graphic body camera footage showing Salamoni calling Sterling a variety of profanity-laced names while the injured man lay bleeding to death on the concrete.

Alton Sterling shooting: Baton Rouge officer is fired for excessive force

Not enough. A three day suspension is an embarrassment to the city of Baton Rouge and advertisement of a city and its police department’s willingness to shield murderers in their midst.

It’s nice that the fired the shooter but if he isn’t in jail for this violent crime all it amounts to is a slap on the wrist and a tacit nod of permission to officers to act above the law and commit violent crime with clearly racist undertones without fear of consequences.

No police officer who takes the law into their own hand is qualified to uphold the law. Period.


Alton Sterling case: No charges for La. officers in black man’s shooting death

Sterling, a 37-year-old black man, was shot to death July 5, 2016, as two white officers pinned him to the pavement outside a Louisiana convenience store where he had been selling CDs.The officers were responding to the report of a man with a gun. Officer Blane Salamoni shot and killed Sterling during the struggle. Officer Howie Lake II helped wrestle Sterling to the ground, but Lake didn’t fire his gun.

The killing was captured on cellphone video and circulated widely online, sparking demonstrations across Baton Rouge.

Alton Sterling case: No charges for La. officers in black man’s shooting death – CBS News

Apparently murdering black men is legal in Louisianan, as long as it is done by a police officer.

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Alabama Sheriff Legally Took $750,000 Meant To Feed Inmates, Bought Beach House

Alabama has a Depression-era law that allows sheriffs to “keep and retain” unspent money from jail food-provision accounts. Sheriffs across the state take excess money as personal income — and, in the event of a shortfall, are personally liable for covering the gap.

…Sheriffs across the state do the same thing and have for decades. But the scale of the practice is not clear: “It is presently unknown how much money sheriffs across the state have taken because most do not report it as income on state financial disclosure forms,” the Southern Center for Human Rights wrote in January.

…”A couple people I knew came through the jail, and they say they got meat maybe once a month, and every other day, it was just beans and vegetables,” Qualls told Sheets. “I put two and two together and realized that that money could have gone toward some meat or something.”

…In 2009, then-Sheriff Greg Bartlett of Morgan County was briefly tossed in jail after acknowledging that he had personally profited, to the tune of $212,000, from a surplus in the jail-food account. Prisoners testified about receiving meager meals.

To cut corners, Bartlett used charitable donations and “special deals,” as CBS put it — including once splitting a $1,000 truck full of corn dogs with a sheriff of a nearby county and then feeding the inmates corn dogs twice a day for weeks.

…In 2015, a sheriff in Morgan County loaned $150,000 from the inmate food fund to a corrupt car lot. The loan was revealed when the business, facing theft and scam charges, went bankrupt.

Alabama Sheriff Legally Took $750,000 Meant To Feed Inmates, Bought Beach House : The Two-Way : NPR


Mississippi’s Thad Cochran to resign from Senate

First elected to the Senate in 1978 after a stint in the House, Cochran is one of the longest-serving members of Congress in history. He is the chairman of the Appropriations Committee, a powerful panel with jurisdiction over government spending. When he steps down, the chairmanship is expected to pass to Sen. Richard C. Shelby (R-Ala.), who is next in the line of seniority.

…Republicans hold a 51-to-49 advantage over Democrats, who are facing a tough map on which they are defending 10 seats in states President Trump won. But Trump’s unpopularity and controversies, combined with headwinds that any president’s party historically faces in a first midterm, have given Democrats hope of seizing back control of the upper chamber.

…Cochran’s resignation marks another step in the passing from a more genteel, bipartisan climate in the Senate, especially on the Appropriations Committee, to an era of partisan frenzy.

…“He’s the old school,” said Sen. Patrick J. Leahy (Vt.), the ranking Democrat on the committee, who frequently traveled the globe with Cochran on congressional delegations. “He has always, always, always kept his word, and I wish to heck some other senators around here would learn to do that.”

Mississippi’s Thad Cochran to resign from Senate after four-decade congressional career – The Washington Post