Indonesian woman lashed in brutal Sharia law punishment | Daily Mail Online

A video has emerged of a woman being lashed in public with a cane in footage showing Indonesia’s brutal Sharia law punishment, which is filmed by dozens of civilians gathered to watch.

Indonesian woman lashed in brutal Sharia law punishment | Daily Mail Online

Sharia or a live S&M porn act done against the woman’s will?

With how much the man with the cane seems to be enjoying himself, it’s a little tough to tell. Methinks a bunch of the holier-than-thou monsters in the audience came in their pants watching this. What pathetic, weak excuses for men!

Scientists discover massive sulfur-eating hell-clams in the Philippines 

Known as the giant shipworm (Kuphus polythalamia), even though they aren’t worms, they’ve never before been described in the scientific literature. But scientists knew that they had to exist, because of the massive, elephant tusk-like shells that stick around even when their horrifying denizens are gone. The shells were first described in the 1700s, and continue to be sold to collectors, but scientists were previously unable to find ones that still contained living shipworms to study, “Popular Science” reports.

Scientists discover massive sulfur-eating hell-clams in the Philippines – The Verge


Jakarta Governor Concedes Defeat in Religiously Tinged Election 

JAKARTA, Indonesia — The Christian governor of Jakarta, the Indonesian capital, lost a bitterly contested race on Wednesday that was widely seen as a test of religious and ethnic tolerance in the world’s most populous Muslim-majority nation.Just hours after the polls closed, the governor, Basuki Tjahaja Purnama, conceded defeat to his main challenger, Anies Baswedan, a former minister of education, who had a commanding lead in the voting. Mr. Basuki congratulated Mr. Anies and implored his supporters to “forget all the things that happened during the campaign” — a reference to the religious and racially tinged nature of the election.