Treaties Between the United States and Indigenous Nations, Explained | Teen Vogue

Today, Natives are often thought of in terms of race, and we are considered people of color. But American Indians specifically are also designated by the federal government as a political classification. This is because we belong to ancient Indigenous tribes that predate the existence of the United States of America and we made treaties with them. These treaties recognized our sovereignty as independent nations.

Treaties, and the U.S. government’s history of unilaterally breaching them, have had a profound effect on Native people. To be blunt, we were lied to. Treaties were used as a ruse to coax tribes out of defending their territory and to steal Native lands and resources.

…Of the payments that were made, the government often gave the money directly to traders who were supposed to supply the Dakota with rations. The withholding of rations by these traders led to the Dakota War of 1862, because the Dakota, of which there were an estimated 6,500 people, were starving.

…In 1980, in United States v. Sioux Nation of Indians, the U.S. Supreme Court held that the seizure of the Black Hills from the Lakota was a wrongful taking and that the Sioux were entitled to “just compensation” under the 5th Amendment’s “Takings Clause.” The Lakota refuse to accept the money, because the Black Hills are not for sale. To this day, they rightfully belong to the Great Sioux Nation.

Treaties Between the United States and Indigenous Nations, Explained | Teen Vogue


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Québec program sends unsold grocery store food to food banks

The Supermarket Recovery Program is intended as a large scale society project that will benefit the 400,000 people, including 150,000 children who, each month, have no choice but to turn to a food program for help.

…In 2016, the pilot project resulted in the recovery of almost 2.5 million kg of food from 177 supermarkets, representing a market value of almost $20 million. Our project also allowed a reduction of more than 2,000 tons of eqCO2 of greenhouse gases. When fully functional, the program will recover approximately 8.5 million kg of food annually in 645 supermarkets, thereby avoiding more than 7,500 tons of eqCO2 of greenhouse gases each year – the equivalent of taking 1,600 cars off the road!

Supermarket Recovery Program – Les Banques alimentaires du Québec

Protesters real animals in Antler dispute

But who determines whether or not it’s ethical to eat wild game, whether all restaurants should be vegan? And does the right of those who feel aggrieved by the ethically suspect actions of others have the right, as is the case with the Antler protest, to disrupt and harass someone they disagree with?

The trouble with that notion that it fundamentally undermines liberty, it fuels subjective, oppressive and authoritarian consequences.

Democratic notions of liberty permit protest and dissent but also embrace tolerance. At the end of the day, that means individuals are entitled to engage in ethical behaviour others find wrong or even abhorrent.

…Ugar is a dog walker. There are animal rights activists who view pet ownership as slavery and by that reasoning ought to be entitled to picket outside her house, disrupt her business and scream “SLAVER” when she takes her dogs for a walk.

Hunter is the one whose rights are being violated by bullying, intolerant and self-appointed vigilantes, the real animals in this dispute.

WALLACE: Protesters real animals in Antler dispute | Toronto Sun


Antler Kitchen & Bar chef Michael Hunter carved deer leg in window after vegans came to protest

Antler Kitchen & Bar chef Michael Hunter carved deer leg in window after vegans came to protest – The Washington Post

Protesting a restaurant because you didn’t like the joke they made is obnoxious. Deciding that your beliefs and eating habits are worth destroying a small business person’s livelihood is beyond obnoxious. These people are why plenty of innocent, non-preachy and not holier-than-thou vegans get some so much verbal abuse.

And finally, butchering up a leg of venison next to some presumptuous, judgmental, self-righteous, and wholly without consideration for their fellow human protesters is the best thing I heard all weekend.

Can wait for the chance to eat at Antlers!