How to Pronounce “Scallop”

Bay scallops in particular achieve perfection during the cold months, when their meat is pumped with the sweetness of stored glycogen. 

…Bays live only 18 months to two years (as opposed to the sea scallop’s maximum of 30 years), so the failure of one year’s class has devastating consequences. Furthermore, although both sea and bay scallops are sensitive to environmental disturbances, including variations in water salinity and temperature, the bay scallop inhabits shallow water and is susceptible to the added pollution of coastal development.

How to Pronounce “Scallop” | New England Dialect – New England Today



Ring’s Neighborhood Watch Feature Is Bringing Out the Worst in Boston

“I’m all for technology and keeping your castle safe, but geez, can’t a guy just stop by to say hello anymore?”

…I am currently obsessed with—and horrified by—the Neighbors app, a niche but growing social network that’s become a dumping ground for videos captured by Ring cameras. Boston has embraced it with gusto, despite the fact that crime statistics show that we’ve never been safer. The app touts itself as a “new neighborhood watch,” that helps users harness “the power of your community” to keep you “safe and informed.” Police are so confident in Ring’s usefulness that many departments have even partnered with Amazon to promote the product in Massachusetts.

…Local users haven’t just been uploading videos of crimes in action—they’ve been using the app to post just about anything that seems mysterious or untoward. In other words, the app has become a cesspool of paranoia and aggression, where even looking suspicious is grounds for inclusion on the app’s ceaseless stream of updates.

…Delivery drivers and city workers …flagged as potential robbers and scammers. …Two guys dressed in business-casual attire strolling across a driveway—none of whom appears to commit any crimes—and deemed them worthy of inclusion on the app.

…Tensions that often simmer under the surface in Boston—specifically those around race and class—are laid bare in text on the app. People who are poor, non-white, or both are often unfairly labeled by Ring users as ‘dangerous.’

…“A lot of it is really gross., …people posting really just derogatory, heartless, cruel things about these folks who are obviously at a really low place in their lives, struggling with substance abuse and poverty.”

… There are countless examples of the benefits of the Neighbors app, including identifying hit-and-run drivers, helping to find lost pets, or, in one case, providing crucial evidence of a kidnapping underway in Las Vegas. Still, a review of the videos on Boston’s section of the Neighbors app reveals many doorstep moments aren’t even crimes at all. The unintended result, though, is a growing army of Bostonians who have engineered a vast network of private surveillance cameras and unwittingly volunteered their services to broadcast anyone who steps near their front door.

Ring’s Neighborhood Watch Feature Is Bringing Out the Worst in Boston


A Federal Judge Orders Sweeping Changes To Bond Hearings In Boston Immigration Court

Saris ruled that asking an undocumented immigrant who is eligible for bond to prove why they are neither a flight risk nor a threat to the community violates the individual’s due process.

Moving forward, the burden of proof will be placed instead on federal immigration officials, similar to how bond hearings are decided in criminal court proceedings. 

Saris additionally ordered immigration judges to consider alternative conditions to detention, like GPS monitoring and orders of supervision that require regular check-ins with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

A Federal Judge Orders Sweeping Changes To Bond Hearings In Boston Immigration Court | WBUR News


Big Papi surprises fans with 1st pitch at Fenway

Ortiz, introduced on the public-address system as a symbol of “resilience, strength, triumph and love,” ran up the steps from the dugout to the field, appearing strong and healthy, before throwing a pitch to former teammate Jason Varitek.

…”I want to thank you for all for your prayers, all of them came home,” he told the crowd.

Ortiz also thanked his former Red Sox teammates for their visits and support, as well as some players on the Yankees who had come to see him as he was convalescing.

…Ortiz, known as Big Papi, was a 10-time All-Star and three-time World Series winner with the Red Sox from 2003 through 2016, thrilling fans with late-game dramatics in the postseason. A street across from Fenway Park has been named for the slugger.

He further endeared himself to the fans with his heartfelt and profane speech at Fenway Park days after the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing, urging the city to be “Boston Strong.”

Big Papi surprises fans with 1st pitch at Fenway


‘Straight Pride Parade’: Andrea Campbell wants Boston to review permitting

While the parade itself went without major incident, some protesters clashed after the event with the hundreds of police officers. The event resulted in 36 arrests and criticism of officers’ use of force, including pepper spray, to disperse the crowd. 

…“While I am a firm believer in free speech, I’m not okay with wasting tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars for a group to come into Boston from out of state to create chaos and spread hate,” the District 4 councilor wrote on social media Tuesday.

…The second-term Democrat added that she had received complaints from constituents who were “disturbed and upset by the way some officers responded” and planned to share their messages with Boston Mayor Marty Walsh and Police Commissioner William Gross.

‘Straight Pride Parade’: Andrea Campbell wants Boston to review permitting |

Walsh and company played right into the hands of the parade organizers. Any use of force or waste of resources was exactly their plan/ In the end, BoPo (again!) showed its true colors as a group of lawless armed thugs and city leadership got played like a fiddle.

Dominican authorities say the David Ortiz shooting was a case of mistaken identity.

Ortiz is a strapping 6’3 and 250 pounds, according to the Red Sox. He’s one of the most famous and recognizable athletes in the world. Fernandez is smaller and thinner, with a lighter complexion.

“They don’t look alike at all,” Rojas said. “…Even a breastfeeding infant can identify David Ortiz.”

Dominican authorities say the David Ortiz shooting was a case of mistaken identity. – CNN


Ortiz back in Boston, taken to local hospital

A team of surgeons, led by Dr. Abel Gonzalez, operated on Ortiz for six hours and repaired damage done by the bullet to both intestines and his liver. They also had to remove Ortiz’s gallbladder to work on the liver, though the gallbladder itself was not damaged.

Gonzalez said during a Monday news conference that he anticipates Ortiz making a full recovery with no restrictions. Asked about Ortiz’s qualify of life going forward, Gonzalez replied, “When he overcomes this, the same as before.”

Doctors approved Ortiz’s transfer to Boston on a plane sent to the Dominican Republic by the Red Sox.

Ortiz back in Boston, taken to local hospital


So grateful the Red Sox moved so quickly and flew Big Papi home to Boston. They will literally get him the best medical care in the world. It is an immense relief to know that.

So grateful for how quickly Eliezer Salvador got Papi to the hospital. It put a smile on my face to hear that he he apologized for hitting some cars along the way. Boston fans are also Boston drivers. It seemed fitting.

So grateful for the work of Dr. Gonzalez and his entire medical team for saving his life.

…And, the peanut gallery is sure it speaks for all of Red Sox nation in saying:

So appreciative of the folks who caught, beat, and ultimately spared the suspect so he could talk.

David Ortiz flown to Boston after being shot in a bar

Eliezer Salvador, who was at the scene, said the gunman said nothing, just fired once. Salvador then drove a wounded Ortiz to the hospital, telling reporters they had a brief conversation in the car as he urged the baseball great to stay calm and breathe.

“Do you have any problems with anyone?” Salvador recalled asking him, to which Ortiz replied: “No, my brother, I’ve never wronged anyone.”

Salvador held up Ortiz’s bloody belongings for reporters, along with some of his jewelry. He also apologized for hitting several cars while rushing to the hospital: “That wrongdoing was justified.”

…“He is resting,” the elder Ortiz said. “Big Papi will be around for a long time.”

He added that he is pleased with the medical attention Ortiz has received but that he will be transferred to Boston so he can be with his wife and the Red Sox medical team.

…“In 2013, when we needed David Ortiz the most, he was there for us,” Red Sox president and CEO Sam Kennedy said Monday. “Our focus is on his health and on getting him back here for treatment.”

David Ortiz flown to Boston after being shot in a bar |

Yes, Mr Salvador, I think you are right. It was.