SJC decides field sobriety tests not scientific evidence for pot

The court decided there is currently no reliable, scientific test for marijuana impairment.

SJC decides field sobriety tests not scientific evidence for pot



David Ortiz makes long-term commitment to the Red Sox, Fenway Sports Management 

The Red Sox have come to a long-term agreement with 10-time All-Star and three-time World Series Champion David Ortiz, inking an unprecedented deal that should link him with the organization forever. In his new role, Ortiz will act as a mentor for current players, participate in recruitment efforts, make a variety of special appearances for the club, and work in a business development capacity for Fenway Sports Management and its partners. “For over a decade and a half, we have gotten to know what kind of man David is both on and off the field,“ said Red Sox Principal Owner John Henry. “His skill and success on the diamond are rivaled only by his spirit, compassion, and big heart. I cannot think of a better representative for our organization. I’m happy we can now say officially what we have long known, David is family.“

: David Ortiz makes long-term commitment to the Red Sox, Fenway Sports Management |

Yeah!!!!! At last some good news…

When Black Hair Violates The Dress Code

For wearing their hair in braids, two teenagers were threatened with suspension at their charter school. Similar incidents show that strict dress codes can punish students for their racial identity.

…According to Colleen Cook, administrators at Mystic Valley have routinely reprimanded black students for dress code violations involving hair.

Other black girls have been pulled out of class, she says, lined up, asked if they had hair extensions and given detention if they did.

Colleen remembers when one student, who wore her hair in its natural texture, was taken out of class and told that she would need to relax, or chemically straighten, her hair before returning to school the next day.

In defense of their daughters, the Cooks brought in a yearbook to show school leaders the many white female students with hair extensions and dyed hair.

But, the Cooks say, the administration didn’t see that those students were in violation of the dress code, stating those hair alterations weren’t as obvious.

…”I feel like the school is pushing us to raise them as white children, but that’s not who they are or who they’re going to be.”

When Black Hair Violates The Dress Code : NPR Ed : NPR

Criminalizing being black starts at an early age. I hope the Cooks sue the school into stone age. If the school system insists on disrupting the education of young people who happen to be black, then in all fairness everyone else’s education needs to be disrupted as well.