Broward County: Christopher Krickovich filmed punching, pepper-spraying teenager

That teen’s phone bounced onto the pavement. A 15-year-old went to pick it up and, in a widely circulated video shot by a bystander, he did so in front of a deputy wielding pepper spray. The deputy triggered the spray at the teen’s face, and he only made it a few steps before the deputy threw him to the ground.

Another deputy, Christopher Krickovich, straddled him, smashed his forehead into the asphalt several times and punched him in the head. The teen extended his arms.

…Later, the officer said he responded to the call as an active-shooter scenario, even though no shots were fired. [A lack of ability to exercise judgement  like this should be grounds for firing. Incompetence should never ever be rewarded, let alone accepted as justification for egregious violence and abuses of pwer.]

…“Oftentimes, training doesn’t get to the philosophical root to explain to officers why you need to do X, Y or Z,” Klinger said. “Rather, it’s just, ‘Do X, Y or Z.’ It’s very easy for officers to misapply.”

Klinger added: “If there is a problem with the particular use of force, and [deputies] were doing what they were trained to do and told to do, you can’t criticize them.” [What? Watch me… If an officer cannot use reason and critical thought well enough to be responsible for their own choices and actions they not only have no business wearing a badge they are a danger to the community they are charged with protecting.]

Broward County: Christopher Krickovich filmed punching, pepper-spraying teenager – The Washington Post

This random and uncalled for level of unrepentant violence and bullying is what parents invite into their communities when they give approval to law enforcement officers in school. The child was lucky not to be shot dead.


Surveillance video shows Chicago police dragging female student down stairs, using stun gun

In the new video, they can be seen pinning her to the ground, throwing several punches and eventually using a stun gun on her three times.

…[The student] was initially charged with two felony counts for aggravated battery against a peace officer. Those charges were later dropped by the State’s Attorney’s Office.

“The Board of Education and the Chicago Police Department continue to fail our children,” Howard’s lawyer, Andrew M. Stroth, said. “An unarmed, 16-year-old girl was beaten, kicked, punched and Tasered by Officers Johnnie Pierre and Sherry Tripp at Marshall High School.

Surveillance video shows Chicago police dragging female student down stairs, using stun gun – ABC News

The school hung on to this surveillance video for months. School oficials might as well have ordered  the officers to assault and abuse the youth themselves.

Video shows CPD officers dragging, punching, using stun gun on Marshall HS student |

Video shows Chicago police officers dragging a 16-year-old Marshall High School student down a flight of stairs, punching her, and using a stun gun on her. 

What the video shows does not [show is] the story the officers …told when the incident happened in January. 

…Police said they were told to escort Howard out of the school after she was removed from class for having her phone out.

…As the person in the yellow shirt walks away, video shows one of the officers immediately grab Howard and throw her to the ground. 

…Video from another angle shows the officers dragging Howard down the stairs, and at the bottom one officer is holding her arm while the other is holding her leg. 

“In the video you can see they pull her by the leg down the stairs, the whole flight of stairs.” 

…One officer …kick[s] and punch[es] Howard as he’s holding her on the ground. Video shows her thrashing on the floor …before the officer ultimately deploys his stun gun. 

Video shows CPD officers dragging, punching, using stun gun on Marshall HS student |

the fact that the officers involved still have their badges shows the contempt the Chicago Police Department has for the citizens they are charged to protect. If the police and court were at all interested in law and order or justice the officers would be in jail.

This thuggish abuse of power and unrepentant bullying and violence is what people are inviting into the lives of children and young people when police officers are in schools.


Executive Order Ties Research Funding To Free Speech Guarantee : NPR

Trump specifically called out “professors and power structures” that keep young Americans from “challenging rigid far-left ideology,” and lamented that many universities have become “increasingly hostile” to free speech.

…”The executive order essentially directs federal agencies to ensure colleges are following requirements already in place,” reported the education publication Inside Higher Ed. “And it doesn’t spell out how enforcement of the order would work.”

Ted Mitchell, president of the American Council on Education, called the executive order a “solution in search of a problem” and cautioned that it provides no clear steps on implementation.

“It is neither needed nor desirable, and could lead to unwanted federal micromanagement of the cutting-edge research that is critical to our nation’s continued vitality and global leadership,” Mitchell said.

Executive Order Ties Research Funding To Free Speech Guarantee : NPR

Churlish and moronic.

‘School Hardening’ Not Making Students Safer, Say Experts

It’s the proverbial “Quick Fix,”  in the form of millions of dollars allocated to “target harden” schools. Eager to demonstrate decisive, quick action to understandably anxious parents, officials have purchased products ranging from mega-expensive state-of-art surveillance technology, to metal detectors, facial recognition software, bullet-proof whiteboards, and fortified entries.

Kenneth Trump, a school safety expert, calls it the triumph of the “wow over the how.” 

..While improving physical security in schools is essential (specific recommendations in the report include installing internal locks and limiting the number of entry points), “we cannot convert our schools into prisons and treat our students like prisoners,” said Pringle.

…While educators, school leaders, and school safety experts are championing proven best practices, the $2.7 billion security industry is working overtime – with noticeable success –  to convince districts that sophisticated and expensive products and services are the answer to their problems.

According to AP, security firms in 2018 “helped Congress draft a law that committed $350 million to equipment and other school security over the next decade. Nearly 20 states have come up with another $50 million, ad local school districts are reworking budgets to find more money.”

“School safety is the wild, wild West,” security consultant Mason Wooldridge told AP. “Any company can claim anything they want.”

The security hardware and product industry has hijacked school safety, says Ken Trump.

“They have become increasingly organized in their lobbying of Congress and state governments. Their focus includes taking school security out of the hands of education agencies and put under the authority of homeland security departments, which, by their nature, tend of focus on the physical security measures and infrastructure hardening,” Trump says.

According to available research, as a school safety strategy, target hardening doesn’t work and is likely counterproductive. 

‘School Hardening’ Not Making Students Safer, Say Experts – NEA Today