Sweden Wants to Revive Europe’s Overnight Trains

While changes in the travel industry have tended to pressure night trains off the market, it’s clear that there is still some appetite for them among travelers. When Germany’s Deutsche Bahn halted its night services in 2017, Austrian Federal Railways took over some of the key routes. The takeover has proved to be a success, with passenger numbers on the services …rising from 1.4 million to 1.6 million between 2017 and 2018, a rise in profits, and talk of expansion. Meanwhile, well-established leisure services such as the London-to-Scotland Caledonian Sleeper continue to thrive.

The overnight train services remain popular because many people actually like them. The duration of travel, of course, is usually far longer than by plane, even when layovers and security are factored in, but there are other compensations. Generally scheduled to leave late evening and arrive before the working day begins, night trains offer the possibility of sleep and more leisurely travel compared to an early-morning rush to the airport. They can also be reasonably priced: On the Vienna-to-Berlin night service, for example, a one-way ticket with a reclining sleeper seat starts at €29 ($32.50), a couchette (a four- or six-person compartment whose bunks fold down into comfortable seating during the day) at €49 ($55), and a single-berth sleeper with private toilet and shower at €139 ($159). If the trip saves you the cost of a hotel room, many people seem to be noting, that’s not a bad deal.

So while the outlook seemed bleak just a few years ago, Sweden’s plan arrives at a time when the sector’s fortunes seem to be brightening once more.

…Getting more people on the rails can only have a positive effect in reducing the carbon footprint of international mobility.

Sweden Wants to Revive Europe’s Overnight Trains – CityLab



Body found of music fan missing since police raid on French techno festival | World news | The Guardian

Steve Canico went missing on the night of 21-22 June after officers moved in to disperse techno music fans attending a free concert in the western city of Nantes as part of France’s national music celebration day.

More than a dozen concertgoers fell into the nearby Loire River during the ensuing clashes, prompting accusations of excessive force by police trying to shut down the party.

…Footage posted on social media showed scenes of chaos as officers carrying batons and firing teargas moved in on revellers by the river. Local authorities said 14 people were pulled from the water after the clashes.

Canico’s friends, who said he did not know how to swim, feared he had been swept away in the confusion.

Body found of music fan missing since police raid on French techno festival | World news | The Guardian


Trump’s British ambassador takedown unnerves diplomats

The dust-up is just the latest to occur after the public airing of sensitive diplomatic cables — an era that kicked off a decade ago when WikiLeaks began publishing troves of America’s classified cables. And it illustrates the increasing challenges facing diplomats wishing to share blunt and unflattering assessments.

…“We have gotten to a point now where it would appear diplomats cannot report to their governments accurately in any way that is going to remain confidential, and that’s the essence of diplomacy,” said Roberta Jacobson, a former U.S. ambassador to Mexico.

…Diplomats across the globe essentially lead two lives: a public one in which they are cautious about what they say, careful to avoid upsetting host countries; and a private one in which they are duty-bound to report honest, unvarnished analyses about their surroundings with the governments they represent.

…The leak, some observers suspect, may have been aimed at ensuring Darroch’s successor is pro-Brexit. 

Trump’s British ambassador takedown unnerves diplomats – POLITICO