Al-Aqsa: Israel bars Muslim men under 50 amid protests 

In announcement hours before expected protests by Palestinians, Israel police further tighten restrictions on holy site.

Al-Aqsa: Israel bars Muslim men under 50 amid protests | News | Al Jazeera

No, we aren’t a racist and discriminatory government. No men under 50 allowed at your religion’s very holy site. No, we certainly would have this much security if one of your kind was killed….

No one sees the hump on his own back.

No charges for Saudi woman in viral miniskirt video 

The government announced last week that girls would be allowed for the first time to play sports in public school and have access to physical education classes.

The powers of the kingdom’s religious police have also been curtailed, and they are officially no longer allowed to arrest people.

Despite these moves, strict gender segregation rules and other restrictions on women remain in place.

No charges for Saudi woman in viral miniskirt video | Saudi Arabia News | Al Jazeera


Inside Israel’s Secret Program to Get Rid of African Refugees 

They were promised asylum somewhere closer to home. Then they were discarded — often in a war zone.

None of the things Israeli authorities had promised the 12 Eritreans when they had agreed to relocate to Rwanda a few weeks prior. Instead, John offered to smuggle them into neighboring Uganda, which he told them was a “free nation.” “If you live here, you can’t leave,” Semene recalled John saying of Rwanda. “It’s a tight country. Let me advise you, as your brother, you need to go to Uganda.”

They would need to sneak across the border, since they had no proof of legal entry into Rwanda. (The Israeli laissez-passers had gone unstamped at the Kigali airport the night before, an oversight that now felt suspicious.) But John told them not to worry; he could easily get them into Uganda for a fee of $250. “I have everything,” he said. “Contacts with the government over there. Contacts with the Israeli government. If something happens, I call the Israeli government and they do something for you.”

The alternative, John said, was to remain in the Kigali house, where they would be under constant surveillance. They would have to pay rent, but without documentation, they would not be allowed to work. Semene and the others understood that John was not really giving them a choice. 

Inside Israel’s Secret Program to Get Rid of African Refugees | Foreign Policy

Disgusting but not so surprising from a government who seems to prides itself on how much more racist, opressive, and abusive it can get each year that passes.