Missing submarine found: USS Grayback, U.S. submarine missing for 75 years, found off Okinawa

The Grayback sailed out of Pearl Harbor on January 28th, 1944, for its 10th combat patrol. Two months later, it was listed as missing and presumed lost.

…Tim Taylor, who heads the Lost 52 Project, told The New York Times his team was “elated” by the discovery. “But it’s also sobering, because we just found 80 men,” he said.

According to the Navy, the USS Grayback was one of the most successful submarines in the war, sinking a total of 14 ships.

Earlier this year, explorers with the Lost 52 Project found the USS Grunion, a submarine that sank in 1942 on its inaugural mission during World War II, off the coast of Alaska.

Missing submarine found: USS Grayback, U.S. submarine missing for 75 years, found off Okinawa, Japan, according to Lost 52 Project – CBS News


The federal government has helped the militarization of police

The 1033 program …transferred surplus military-grade equipment from the Pentagon to police, [and] didn’t require any training or oversight for the equipment’s use. …Police had to deploy the equipment at least once within a year to keep it, [providing the motivation] to use the gear when it wasn’t necessary.

Police often deployed military-grade equipment …sometimes agitating the situation and causing demonstrations to unnecessarily escalate into tense and even violent conflicts.

The federal government has helped the militarization of police – Vox


Romney’s big suggestion about Trump and Turkey

[Romney] suggested Trump got bullied into the withdrawal by Turkey — and that he backed down.

“Are we so weak and inept diplomatically that Turkey forced the hand of the United States of America? Turkey!?” Romney said. “I believe that it’s imperative that public hearings are held to answer these questions, and I hope the Senate is able to conduct those hearings next week.”

…Most of the theorizing about what happened has focused on the idea that Trump got rolled by Erdogan, who has been pitching the idea that Turkey could take over the fight against ISIS in northern Syria for a long time. The possibility that Trump gave away the farm because Erdogan was particularly convincing or because of something else — Trump’s business interests in Turkey, his desire for Middle East withdrawals, etc. — is a well-trafficked theory among Trump’s opponents.

…Trump basically got told what was going to happen and essentially let Erdogan dictate the terms of a withdrawal. We are talking about a relatively small country forcing the hand of the United States and the supposed dealmaker in chief.

Romney’s big suggestion about Trump and Turkey – The Washington Post


In Edward Snowden’s New Memoir, the Disclosures This Time Are Personal

Snowden, of course, is the former intelligence contractor who, in 2013, leaked documents about the United States government’s surveillance programs, dispelling any notions that the National Security Agency and its allies were playing a quaint game of spy vs. spy, limiting their dragnet to specific persons of interest. 

…Sweeping up phone records of Americans citizens, eavesdropping on foreign leaders, harvesting data from internet activity: For revealing these secret programs and more, Snowden was deemed a traitor by the Obama administration, which charged him with violating the Espionage Act and revoked his passport, effectively stranding Snowden in Moscow, where he has been living ever since.

…The internet of the 1990s was a liberating space, he says, where adopting and discarding different avatars could open up possibilities for more authentic expression and connection.

…What does it mean to have the data of our lives collected and stored on file, ready to be accessed — not just now, by whatever administration happens to be in office at the moment, but potentially forever? Should such sensitive work be outsourced to private contractors? What entails effective “oversight” if the public is kept in the dark? When can concerns about “national security” slip into bids for unchecked power?

In Edward Snowden’s New Memoir, the Disclosures This Time Are Personal – The New York Times


Edward Snowden: My Hope in Obama Was ‘Misplaced’

Snowden also wrote that America had engaged in “self-destruction” after 9/11, “with the promulgation of secret policies, secret laws, secret courts and secret wars.”

…“I fully supported defensive and targeted surveillance,” Snowden writes, but he called the government’s “bulk collection” of data hypocritical. According to The New York Times, Snowden felt like Obama was doubling down on the Bush administration’s surveillance programs.

Edward Snowden: My Hope in Obama Was ‘Misplaced’