Seoulbeats – Irene’s Crime: Reading?

It is a book with themes of marginalization, internalized misogyny, and gender based discrimination. Male fans of Irene took this as a personal attack.

…Irene’s angry male fans have been leaving comments like, “I’m disappointed in her”, “I regret ever thinking of marrying you”, and “Don’t be so naïve to the world. She needs to realize that the majority of her fans are male and it’s wrong for her to make them feel bad when they’re spending money on her”.

…Not unlike many other modern societies, the true heart of feminism is lost through the representation by more radical feminists, who dominate the gender equality conversation.

This may be the case with South Korea: with some of the public’s understanding of feminism being misandry as opposed to equality, feminism has become equated with man-hating.

… When female idols associate with feminism, the problem isn’t that it is seen as an act of man-hating. The real problem is that female K-pop idols associate with feminism, it directly undermines the system of objectification and fantasy that toxic fans construct around female idols. The K-pop industry markets their idols with the perfect boyfriend or girlfriend fantasy.

…A person with autonomy cannot be a fantasy, because a person isn’t a fantasy. Irene, in an offhanded comment, reminded her fans that she is more than just her K-pop persona, and that was her gravest crime in the eyes of toxic fans.

Irene’s Crime: Reading? – seoulbeats



Kim Yo Jong: Kim Jong Un’s younger sister heads to South Korea Friday

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s younger sister is headed to South Korea Friday for a three-day visit to the Winter Olympics, making it the first time any member of the Kim dynasty has visited the country, according to the South’s Yonhap news agency.

…North Korea will march in the opening ceremony Friday as a united delegation with South Korea and field athletes in five sports. Officials in Seoul announced Wednesday the North’s decision to send Kim Yo Jong as part of its own delegation led by Kim Yong Nam, president of North Korea’s parliament. Kim Yo Jong is believed to be 30 years old.

…Accounts published in South Korean media suggest Kim Yo Jong is behind leader Kim Jong Un’s attempts to improve his public image by visiting schools and factories and may have encouraged his unlikely friendship with U.S. basketball star Dennis Rodman.

Kim Yo Jong: Kim Jong Un’s younger sister heads to South Korea Friday