Charlotte NC police release Danquirs Franklin shooting video

The male officer shouts to Franklin: “Sir, put the gun down.” Kerl yells, “Put the gun down!”

The last command Kerl yells before firing is, “Put it on the ground!”

Franklin reached his right hand toward a pocket and pulled out a gun by the barrel. He appeared to be lowering the weapon when Kerl fired two shots, the video shows.

Moments after being shot, Franklin turns his face toward the officers and can be heard saying: “You told me to…”

The video cuts off seconds later, after he slumps over.

…“There is no way” the shooting was justified, she said. “He was sitting there in the most non-threatening way possible. His two choices were get killed for complying with them or get killed for not complying. He was going to get killed no matter what.”

…“In hindsight, the officers probably could have said, ‘Put your hands up. Don’t move. Don’t reach toward the gun. And if you move toward your gun, we’ll shoot you.’ ”

Seth Stoughton, a former police officer and professor at the University of South Carolina School of Law, said he believes the video “raises some serious questions about the officers’ tactics.

“In this case, one of the officers was standing less than a car-length away from an armed subject with nothing but air between them for more than 30 seconds,” he wrote in an email to the Observer. “If, for example, the officers had taken positions of relative safety, they might have been more comfortable waiting to see if Mr. Franklin was going to put the gun on the ground the way that they had commanded him to, rather than shooting him at the moment they did.”

Charlotte NC police release Danquirs Franklin shooting video | Rock Hill Herald

Fuck, “objectively reasonable” excuses.

If an officer cannot keep their head under stress and make split second assessments (like, is he putting the gun down?) and then act on them (like, maybe I shouldn’t shoot him because he is not a threat and it would be murder to do so) then they have no business in that line of work. Period. It’s too dangerous for them and everyone around them.


Broward County: Christopher Krickovich filmed punching, pepper-spraying teenager

That teen’s phone bounced onto the pavement. A 15-year-old went to pick it up and, in a widely circulated video shot by a bystander, he did so in front of a deputy wielding pepper spray. The deputy triggered the spray at the teen’s face, and he only made it a few steps before the deputy threw him to the ground.

Another deputy, Christopher Krickovich, straddled him, smashed his forehead into the asphalt several times and punched him in the head. The teen extended his arms.

…Later, the officer said he responded to the call as an active-shooter scenario, even though no shots were fired. [A lack of ability to exercise judgement  like this should be grounds for firing. Incompetence should never ever be rewarded, let alone accepted as justification for egregious violence and abuses of pwer.]

…“Oftentimes, training doesn’t get to the philosophical root to explain to officers why you need to do X, Y or Z,” Klinger said. “Rather, it’s just, ‘Do X, Y or Z.’ It’s very easy for officers to misapply.”

Klinger added: “If there is a problem with the particular use of force, and [deputies] were doing what they were trained to do and told to do, you can’t criticize them.” [What? Watch me… If an officer cannot use reason and critical thought well enough to be responsible for their own choices and actions they not only have no business wearing a badge they are a danger to the community they are charged with protecting.]

Broward County: Christopher Krickovich filmed punching, pepper-spraying teenager – The Washington Post

This random and uncalled for level of unrepentant violence and bullying is what parents invite into their communities when they give approval to law enforcement officers in school. The child was lucky not to be shot dead.

Tampons Confiscated, Guns Allowed as Texas Senate Debates Abortion

Tampons Confiscated, Guns Allowed as Texas Senate Debates Abortion – The Atlantic

Seems like some members of the Texas State Troopers need to lose their freaking jobs.

If the decision was based on the need to protect legislators the fact that guns were allowed through strongly suggests a willful dereliction of duty.

Any other rational for the decision to confiscate birth control and feminine sanitary products but not actual weapons indicates crass prejudice.

At best, it was insensitive and wholly unprofessional but whether it was gross incompetence or malicious abuse of power, the troopers involved should be relived of their badges.

2,000 Leaked Photos Show the Cruelty of an Alabama Prison. Should They Be Published?

2,000 Leaked Photos Show the Cruelty of an Alabama Prison. Should They Be Published? – Mother Jones

Honestly not sure what the question is.

Does the New York Times (or any new organization) really refrain from publishing images that the subjects of the photos might not like? Truly I have never heard that they do so.

Is the fact that some people won’t get it a reason to not say something? (Um, no…)

Should journalists not cover stories that they think the public won’t 100% be on board with? (Um, no…)

It seems to the peanut gallery that he only real reason not to publish these photos is is an ediotial decision not to support victims of injustice.

Involuntary Commitment For Addiction Treatment Raises Troubling Questions

Involuntary Commitment For Addiction Treatment Raises Troubling Questions : Shots – Health News : NPR

1.) The criminal justice system does not care about your loved one.

2.) If you put your loved one into the criminal justice system you are sentencing them to being treated like a criminal. Or worse.

3.) Parent your own fucking kids people.