Clarence Thomas Just Voted with Liberals, Changed Course of U.S. Politics

He joined the 5-3 decision to the surprise of many.

…This ruling upheld a federal district court decision striking down North Carolina’s 1st and 12th congressional districts, finding that legislators drew the lines with the intent of consolidating African American voters into two districts, hence diluting their influence in others.

Republicans have long justified this sort of gerrymandering by claiming it was in the spirit of the Voting Rights Act, which required districts to be drawn to enable African-American voters to elect their own representatives. Yet what Republicans did here was to draw oddly shaped districts with the distinct purpose of packing African-American voters into even fewer districts.

As Justice Kagan wrote in her majority opinion, the 1st district “produced boundaries amplifying divisions between blacks and whites,” while in the 12th, “race, not politics, accounted for the district’s reconfiguration.”

Voting rights advocates hailed the decision as a victory.

Clarence Thomas Just Voted with Liberals, Changed Course of U.S. Politics


Confederate monuments’ removal bring cry to lynch Louisiana officials

A Mississippi lawmaker recommended lynching over the weekend for New Orleans’ leaders who have had four Confederate monuments dismantled.

…In a Saturday Facebook post, state Rep. Karl Oliver, a Republican from Winona, also compared the actions of Crescent City officials to Nazis.

Confederate monuments’ removal bring cry to lynch Louisiana officials

What a psycho. Clearly his true colors have shown themselves.

New Orleans removes monuments to ‘lost cause of the Confederacy’ 

…“Three weeks ago, we began the process of removing statues erected to honor the ‘Lost Cause of the Confederacy,’ ” said Mayor Mitch Landrieu (D). “This morning, we continue our march to reconciliation by removing the Jefferson Davis Confederate statue from its pedestal of reverence.”

…[Some supporters of the statues’ removal] marched in a second-line parade to the traffic circle where Lee’s statue stands …to protest the monument’s place in the circle. …They were met by Confederate-flag wavers keeping vigil there, some wearing riot gear.

…At Lee Circle, there was some yelling between the pro-monument and anti-monument crowds and some icy stares. Much of the fury and the verbal challenges came from the monument defenders, who appeared to be outnumbered by the second-line participants by at least two to one.


…Davis was captured in the waning days of the war by Union soldiers after he fled the Confederate capital in Richmond.

“His cause went down in disastrous defeat and left the South impoverished for generations,” Smithsonian Magazine noted, adding: “Many Americans in Davis’s own time and in later generations considered him an incompetent leader, if not a traitor.”

…As the Davis statue came down, a group of proponents for removal who had been largely absent from the area around the Davis memorial since a series of verbal clashes and minor skirmishes with monument defenders, chanted “Na-na, na, Naa-na, goodbye,” according to people at the scene.
The group stood behind police metal barricades, near the corner of Canal St. and Jefferson Davis Parkway, on an expansive grassy median known in New Orleans as “the neutral ground,” a reference to the way that the space once served as a conflict-free zone where the Spanish and French settlers who once battled for political, economic and social for control of this city engaged in trade.

Across the intersection, monument defenders watched in a state of sad disbelief.

…Hours after the statue was removed by crane, the Times-Picayune reported that crews were still at the site, “attempting to [re]move the pedestal on the statue sat. … It appears [getting rid of] the pedestal is turning out to be a difficult task. [emphasis: mine]

Jefferson Davis disappears as New Orleans removes tribute to ‘lost cause of the Confederacy’ – The Washington Post


Sessions to Toughen Rules on Prosecuting Drug Crimes 


In contrast to Mr. Sessions’s views on drug crimes, the Obama administration pushed for more lenient and flexible sentencing laws and presided over the first decline in the federal prison population in a generation.

…Mr. Holder has said his policies were intended to reduce taxpayer spending on prisons and other public safety costs and to ease inequities in the justice system by scrutinizing the circumstances of each case rather than applying one-size-fits-all punishments of the toughest variety.

Mr. Sessions has argued that the Obama administration’s less aggressive approach toward prosecuting drug cases has inspired other crimes.

…Should Mr. Sessions push for a uniformly strict posture in prosecuting drug crimes, it would mark a significant shift in tone.

“Many advocates think there are too many mandatory minimums, and that federal charging in general is still too harsh, even after the shift in policy under Holder,” Ms. Starr said. “But this isn’t especially surprising given what we know about the attorney general and the president and their view on criminal justice.”


Meh, a lot of totally-not-at-all-rooted-in-fact bullshit justifying his actions when Sessions just wants to put more black people in jail.