Facebook removes accounts from UAE, Nigeria, Egypt and Indonesia

Citing “coordinated inauthentic behaviour” aimed at misleading social media users. 

A total of 443 Facebook accounts, 200 pages and 76 groups, as well as 125 Instagram accounts, were removed, the social media platform said on Thursday.

They were traced to three separate and “unconnected” operations, one of which was operating in three countries, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Nigeria; and two others in Indonesia and Egypt, to spread misleading posts and news articles.

…In all, the accounts on Facebook and Instagram commanded an estimated 7.5 million followers.

Facebook removes accounts from UAE, Nigeria, Egypt and Indonesia | News | Al Jazeera



As Greenland melts, something strange is happening to the ice sheet

About 80 percent of the ice sheet’s surface is like a snowcone: A dusting of fresh snowfall covers a thick layer of old snow, called firn, that’s slowly being compressed into glacier ice but still contains plenty of air pockets. When the top of this snow cone melts in the summer, liquid water percolates down into the firn, which soaks it up like a 100-foot-thick sponge.

…They started finding dense, compacted layers of ice in core after core, just below the seasonal snow layer. It was, MacFerrin says, as if a “turtle shell” had formed over the firn.

…That summer, for the first time on record, meltwater from this part of Greenland visibly started to flow away as runoff.

…Ice slabs have already caused Greenland’s runoff zone to expand by about 26 percent, according to the new study. 

…Under a worst-case scenario where carbon emissions continue to climb until the end of the century, the researchers calculated that ice slab proliferation could add up to 3 inches of sea level rise by 2100, boosting the ice sheet’s overall sea level rise contribution by nearly a third. In both a middle-of-the-road scenario where emissions peak by mid-century and the high emissions one, the amount of runoff from Greenland’s interior roughly doubles by century’s end.

…“We have never observed an ice sheet behaving this way before,” Poinar says. “It’s unprecedented in human scientific history.”

As Greenland melts, something strange is happening to the ice sheet


Accused Tearfully Addresses Judge Before She’s Sentenced: ‘I’m Forever Sorry’

The 20-year-old Ohio woman rarely showed any emotion as she was tried on allegations she murdered and buried her newborn baby. She had wiped away tears when her daughter’s remains were shown to the jury, and she had smiled briefly while her brother testified about their close bond.

Other than that, she sat stoically in court for the 10-day trial.

But everything changed on Thursday, when she was found not guilty of aggravated murder, involuntary manslaughter and child endangerment. She was found guilty of only one charge: gross abuse of a corpse. As the verdict was read, Richardson wept.

Ex-Cheerleader Tearfully Addresses Judge Before She’s Sentenced: ‘I’m Forever Sorry’