Questions Mark Zuckerberg couldn’t answer at congressional hearings on Cambridge Analytica

Questions Mark Zuckerberg couldn’t answer at congressional hearings on Cambridge Analytica – Business Insider



Amazon, Google want to be a fly on the wall in your home [with the ability to record and “report,”] patents suggest

Patent filings by both companies — most of which are still under consideration — indicate that both tech giants want their smart home devices to listen more astutely to what happens in the home.

…A device could analyze speech patterns and pitch to identify that a child is present, sense movement while listening for whispers or silence, and give parents the option to program a smart speaker to “provide a verbal warning.

The filing gives the example that when children are near a liquor cabinet or are in their parents’ bedroom, the system may “infer that mischief is likely to be occurring…the system may report and/or record the findings for subsequent use,” and could then give the child a warning as a form of “deterrence.”

The patents also outline the possibility for monitoring the “emotional state” of the occupants of a home. For example, “crying may signify a sad emotional state, whereas laughing may signify a happy emotional state.” The document also discusses monitoring body temperature, audio signatures, and facial expressions.

…John M. Simpson, Consumer Watchdog’s privacy and technology project director [said] in a statement, “If these patents are implemented, there will be unparalleled surveillance of our private lives.”

Amazon, Google may want to be a fly on the wall in your home, patents suggest – National |


Ecuador blocks Julian Assange internet access, bars visitors

Julian Assange is now completely isolated from the world after the Ecuadorean embassy cut off his internet access and banned him from receiving visitors.

Ecuador announced over night that it had cut off the WikiLeaks founder’s internet connection at its London embassy after his recent activity on social media decrying the arrest of a Catalan separatist politician and calling a British MP a “snake.”

In a statement, officials said Mr Assange’s recent posts “put at risk” the good relations Ecuador maintains with nations throughout Europe and had decided as of Tuesday to suspend his internet access “in order to prevent any potential harm.”

Ecuador blocks Julian Assange internet access, bars visitors

Facebook’s ID Scraping Is Even Worse Than We Suspected

I started by taking a look at the Contact Info section. Incredibly, five of the first six contacts on the list were not my Facebook friends. Yet I had their names and phone numbers right there in my contacts. The name at the top of the list was someone I only met and communicated with, completely outside Facebook, for the first time last week. My contact with that person was via email on various devices and over the phone from my iPhone.

…When I called the first person on the list, they were surprised I had access to that information as, even though they had put their phone number into Facebook, they had only elected to share it with friends.

When I looked at their profile on Facebook, their phone number was hidden from me. Yet, it was available through my archived history. In fact, when that person checked, he had locked his account down so that the number wasn’t even available to his friends.

Facebook’s ID Scraping Is Even Worse Than We Suspected | Lifehacker Australia