In about-face, Carson backtracks on his push against neighborhood zoning

[The Minneapolis City Council] moved to eliminate single-family zoning — the kind of government red-tape Carson said made housing too expensive and exacerbated the homelessness crisis.

…Carson said strict zoning rules drove up construction costs and made affordable housing options out of reach.

…“The correlation seems very strong: The more zoning restrictions and regulations, the higher the prices and the more homeless people.”

…“You don’t want to see a situation where, ‘Oh, those are for low-income people’ and ‘These are for middle-income.’ You want to have a mixed neighborhood,” he told reporters in 2019.

…in a stunning about-face, the conservative has embraced an idea recently pushed by his boss — President Donald Trump — that the federal government should defend single-family zoning in the nation’s sprawling suburbs because doing so otherwise would lead to crime.

In about-face, Carson backtracks on his push against neighborhood zoning

Carson had this position to begin with?

Good for him. In an, ‘everyone has their positive moments and apparently this one is up,’ kind of a way.


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