AOC’s Flame-throwing Chief of Staff

Dem strategist Brad Bannon says Chakrabarti’s behavior is unprecedented.

..The first Dem source said the grenade-throwing has increased AOC’s visibility, but has sapped her power in the House.

…Chakrabarti’s tweets are closely scrutinized because he’s not simply AOC’s chief of staff, he’s the architect of her campaign — and the rainmaker. After a cashing out of Silicon Valley (he founded Mockingbird, a web-design tool), Chakrabarti used his newfound money to shepherd AOC’s rocketing career.

…He grew up in Fort Worth, Texas. After earning a degree in computer science in 2007, he worked at Connecticut hedge fund Bridgewater for a year before decamping to San Francisco and delving into the start-up world.

…“I was surprised that he’s a liberal,” said Messinger, recalling their political discussions when they lived together in 2010. “He seemed to be very fiscally conservative.”

…Last year, during AOC’s campaign, Chakrabarti appeared in a video wearing a T-shirt with the likeness of Subhas Chandra Bose, a radical Indian nationalist and Nazi supporter who lived in Berlin for two years. 

…In March, several weeks after Ocasio-Cortez took office, she and Chakrabarti were named in a complaint to the Federal Election Commission that accused them of setting up a $1 million slush fund by diverting money from two campaign committees to shell companies that Chakrabarti controls.

Chakrabarti keeps his personal finances private. Under federal law, congressional employees who earn more than $126,000 a year — the typical salary of a chief of staff — must fill out financial disclosure forms that list their investments and outside income. Chakrabarti gave himself an $80,000-a-year paycheck.

AOC chief of staff ‘looking for fight’ with Nancy Pelosi


Daily News Roundup: 1000 Google Home Recordings Were Leaked

A contractor employed for just this purpose recently leaked over 1000 recordings that came from Google Assistant. Some of these recordings revealed that Google Assistant did occasionally record when no one spoke the wake word. 

…But the most disturbing part is that a contractor could leak these voice transcripts in the first place. It’s not clear how they managed to copy the data, and Google says it’s now investigating and plans to find the leaker. Hopefully, along the way, they add more security precautions that prevent removing data from its servers.

Daily News Roundup: 1000 Google Home Recordings Were Leaked


AOC’s Chief of Staff Admits the Green New Deal Is Not about Climate Change

Chakrabarti said that addressing climate change was not Ocasio-Cortez’s top priority in proposing the Green New Deal during a meeting with Washington governor Jay Inslee.

…“Do you guys think of it as a climate thing?” Because we really think of it as a how-do-you-change-the-entire-economy thing,” he added.

AOC’s Chief of Staff Admits the Green New Deal Is Not about Climate Change


If AOC won’t clean up her own house, the House Dems will

And so it begins. Go House Dems!