‘I can’t afford to leave my home’: evacuating too costly for some in path of Hurricane Florence

‘I can’t afford to leave my home’: evacuating too costly for some in path of Hurricane Florence | World news | The Guardian

In any forecast that portents of a weather related diasaster there is always the plea to evacuate. …Which serves as a cue for a lot of well off white people to opine about how inconsiderate and irresponsible anyone who chooses not is.

There is never mention of how emergency services and FEMA types do not shore up damaged property or prevent lotting. There is never mention of how long a person must stay in exhile while their property is destroyed by continued exposure and lawlessness.

Apart from a few references to the “Cajun Navy,” there is hardly a mention of the folks who stay behind to provide serves the government does not.

And it is simply not discussed that evacuating is very. very expensive. There are few places that people can just go and be welcomed in without paying for the privilege.

For a family of six on a fixed income with no relative’s who will take them in, where are they supposed to go? Say their budget allows for seven hundred dollars for housing. Are they supposed to not pay their rent or mortgage that month so they can all stay in a hotel or motel while they are evacuated? Does anyone think a bank or a landlord will just forgo collecting money that month? What happens a few days into the evacuation when all of the money is gone? Where are they supposed to stay? How are they supposed to find a place that will accept their pets anyways?

For those without a car, how are people supposed to get to where ever they should be evacuating to?

The folks who look down their noses and judge people for not evacuating… They do understand evacuation is open ended, correct? Do they imagine everyone in the world has unlimited funds to pay for hotel and motel rooms with?

It’s obnoxious elitism.


Secret Service buys Harley Davidson motorcycles despite Trump feud

President Donald Trump may be calling for Americans to boycott Harley-Davidson Inc., but U.S. Secret Service agents who protect him will continue to ride Harley’s motorcycles.

This week, the Federal Business Opportunities website posted the Secret Service’s plans to purchase a new Harley that could be paired with a sidecar. 

Secret Service buys Harley Davidson motorcycles despite Trump feud

Thankfully the Secret Service doesn’t do politics.

Apple’s bigger iPhone XS is getting slammed for being ‘sexist’

Apple’s bigger iPhone XS is getting slammed for being ‘sexist’

Oh, come on! Why would anyone assume apple or any other tech company would take women’s preferences or needs into account. Tech bros hate chicks and they’re not gonna give a shit if the phone is to big for the pockets in women’s clothing or anything else.

This hardly qualifies as news.

Study Suggests BPA-Free Plastics Are Just as Harmful to Health

BPA, is a chemical commonly used to create polycarbonate plastics and epoxy resins. These clear white plastics are themselves used in food and drink packaging, as well as consumer products and medical devices, while resins are used to coat metal products like canned foods. When these products degrade or are otherwise damaged (from being repeatedly heated in a microwave, for example), they can leach out BPA, exposing us to it. 

…BPA in particular has been implicated as a possible cause of genital deformities in men, early puberty in women, and developmental problems in the very young; it might also contribute to metabolic disorders like obesity as well as certain cancers.

…If that’s not bad enough, other studies have suggested that the effects of BPA could be inherited.

…“And yet the FDA doesn’t want to believe there’s a low-dose effect, even though there’s …evidence of that in their data.”

…And because BPA tends to linger in the environment, it might very well take decades before its impact disappeared completely. 

The chemicals used to replace BPA in these plastics can still leak out and affect the sperm and eggs of both male and female mice, it found. And these same effects could be happening in people.

Study Suggests BPA-Free Plastics Are Just as Harmful to Health

Here’s a thought… Packaging every single bit of fodd we eat in plastic is a bad idea.

Texas education board scraps Hillary Clinton. Moses gets to stay in.

The board took a preliminary vote to make a number of changes to curriculum, including scrapping mention of Clinton and Hellen Keller from sections on citizenship and removing a phrase referring to the “optimism of the many immigrants who sought a better life in America.” They also voted to reinsert references to “Judeo-Christian” law, Moses’ influence on the writing of the US’s founding documents, and a reference to the “heroism” of the Alamo’s defenders.

Texas education board scraps Hillary Clinton. Moses gets to stay in. – Vox

Despite what the article may lead you to believe this affects classrooms in the entire country, not just Texas. Textbook publishers don’t want to publish more than one version so they always print and publish ALL of the entrie country’s textbooks based on the whims of the Texas Board of (piss poor, this is why people assume rednecks are stupid) Education. So s Texas goes backwards away from empirical facts and into a jumble of mysticism and ignorance, so do all of the public schools in the entire country.

The next generation will think Moses was a founding father of the United States so you can forget about a useful timeline of history being taught to them. If psycho-mysticism passes for history just try and wrap your mind around what science and engineering will look like. Kiss medical advancement and functioning planes, trains and automobiles good-bye!

Weep for the future, people. Weep.

Kansas woman told birth certificate wasn’t enough to prove citizenship for passport

Barbara had been issued a U.S. passport before, but this time around, Barbara was told her birth certificate wasn’t good enough to prove her citizenship.

“It’s like they’re retroactively declaring that I was never a citizen,” Barbara said.She received a letter asking her to submit any number of the listed additional documents.

“Border crossing card or green card for your parents issued prior to your birth? My parents were born in the United States….Early religious records? We don’t have any. Family Bible? They won’t accept a birth certificate but they will accept a family Bible?” Barbara said.

…According to the federal website, there is no policy stating a birth certificate must come from a hospital or other official institution.

Kansas woman told birth certificate wasn’t enough to prove citizenship for passport | News | kctv5.com


‘Amber Guyger deliberately went to Botham Jean’s apartment in anger’ after previous noise complaint

While Guyger claims that she mistook Jean’s apartment for her own and thought he was an intruder when she saw the door was ajar, Lee Merritt, an attorney for Jean’s family, said two witnesses heard someone in the hallway knock on a door before the shooting.

One witness says they heard a woman say, “Let me in! Let me in!” before the gunshots, and one claims she heard a man’s voice yell out, “Oh, my God! Why did you do that?” after the shooting.

…In an interview on CNN, Merritt argued that Jean’s door could not have been ajar, as fire doors in the apartment complex close automatically.

…Photos obtained by DailyMail.com show that the apartment-door numbers are clearly visible and lit up with bright white neon panels outside the door.

Activist says ‘Amber Guyger deliberately went to Botham Jean’s apartment in anger’ after previous noise complaint – St. Lucia News Online

We need to stop giving racist narcissistic psychos badges and telling them it is a license to kill without consequences.