Trump’s public schedules show little interest in work

Trump did meet with his political and White House advisers on Tuesday to discuss the next steps in his legal strategy, a person familiar with the matter said, and offered no signs he plans to concede the election. Behind the scenes, Trump’s refusal to concede has prompted senior officials across the government to spread word that any cooperation with Biden’s team is forbidden, officials at agencies and the White House said.

But he remains absent when it comes to doing the work of the federal government.


Metallica owe a debut to the Grateful Dead says Lars Ulrich | Louder

Fuck you, Metallica. Whatshisname killed napster. The Dead bent over backwards to make their music available for free and made their money as a touring band.

Get the faaack otta heyah with that bs, boys!

In about-face, Carson backtracks on his push against neighborhood zoning

[The Minneapolis City Council] moved to eliminate single-family zoning — the kind of government red-tape Carson said made housing too expensive and exacerbated the homelessness crisis.

…Carson said strict zoning rules drove up construction costs and made affordable housing options out of reach.

…“The correlation seems very strong: The more zoning restrictions and regulations, the higher the prices and the more homeless people.”

…“You don’t want to see a situation where, ‘Oh, those are for low-income people’ and ‘These are for middle-income.’ You want to have a mixed neighborhood,” he told reporters in 2019.

…in a stunning about-face, the conservative has embraced an idea recently pushed by his boss — President Donald Trump — that the federal government should defend single-family zoning in the nation’s sprawling suburbs because doing so otherwise would lead to crime.

In about-face, Carson backtracks on his push against neighborhood zoning

Carson had this position to begin with?

Good for him. In an, ‘everyone has their positive moments and apparently this one is up,’ kind of a way.

GTTF testimony draws link back to drugs looted from Baltimore pharmacies in 2015 riot after Freddie Gray funeral

On Thursday, a Baltimore bail bondsman said a member of the city’s Gun Trace Task Force arrived at his home with two trash bags full of looted prescription drugs amid the April 2015 riots and looting.

The testimony on Thursday, in which Donald C. Stepp said Sgt. Wayne Jenkins made near-nightly trips to Stepp’s county home to drop off drugs, adds an additional layer to our understanding of the looting of pharmacies and businesses in the hours after Freddie Gray’s funeral.

GTTF testimony draws link back to drugs looted from Baltimore pharmacies in 2015 riot after Freddie Gray funeral – Baltimore Sun

Dirty, corrupt cops stealing and selling drugs.
No wonder Baltimore is such a shit show!

Statue of Bristol slave trading Tory MP ‘tripped and fell’ insist police

A more than 100 year old man who posed no threat to them was allegedly pushed so hard that he fell into the harbour where his slave ships used to dock.

Although the incident took part in daylight, and in full view of witness, including Herald journalists, the Bristol police department issued a statement to say that, during a “skirmish involving protestors, one man was injured when he tripped and fell.”

…Just over 20 minutes after the police statement was public, a video was tweeted which clearly showed that the man in question was a statue of slave trading Tory MP Edward Colston.

…Protestors insist those still interested in Edward Colston could visit him at the bottom of the harbour if they like.

Statue of Bristol slave trading Tory MP ‘tripped and fell’ insist police – The Rochdale Herald



June 2 George Floyd protest news


“I am from Brooklyn. I happen to represent a huge swath of central Brooklyn and when I heard there was a group of folks protesting police brutality I decided to make my way down,” he said.

…Once he arrived, he alerted police of his presence, and wore a neon green shirt with his name and title on it.

Trying to protect some of the protesters behind me. Being compliant. I started getting hit in my back by bicycles wielded by the police officers. I was pushed. I was shoved. Ultimately pepper-sprayed, and subsequently handcuffed. 

He said it took a little while for law enforcement to realize who he was — and he was finally released and given medical attention.

But this treatment was “only because of my title,” he said. “Had I not had the luxury of my title, I would have been in the system and processed, much like any of the other protesters.”

June 2 George Floyd protest news