Transgender Asylum-Seeker Who Died In ICE Custody Was Beaten, Autopsy Shows | HuffPost

A transgender asylum-seeker who fell sick and died while being held by Immigration and Customs Enforcement may have been beaten while in federal custody, according to an independent autopsy report released this week.

The body of 33-year-old trans woman Roxsana Hernández Rodriguez was marked by “deep bruises” and “contusions” consistent with “blows and/or kicks and possible strikes with a blunt object,” The Washington Post reported on Monday, citing the autopsy commissioned by Hernández’s family. Her wrists showed signs of extensive hemorrhaging, which the report said was “typical of handcuff injuries.”

…According to the Union-Tribune, ICE has yet to release a detainee death report for Hernández, even though Congress now requires the agency to finalize such reports within 60 days. It has been more than 180 days since Hernández died, the paper noted.

Transgender Asylum-Seeker Who Died In ICE Custody Was Beaten, Autopsy Shows | HuffPost



Trump deletes tweet after confusing Nashville for New Orleans

“Getting ready to address the Farm Convention today in Nashville, Tennessee,” Trump tweeted.”Love our farmers, love Tennessee – a great combination! See you in a little while.”

…Trump confused Nashville for New Orleans, where the event is actually being held.

Trump deletes tweet after confusing Nashville for New Orleans – NY Daily News


The Pure American Banality of Donald Trump’s White House Fast-Food Buffet

There is a particular awfulness to McDonald’s or Burger King once it’s gone cold. By the time America’s greatest collegiate football players arrived, in their navy blazers and Sunday shoes, to pick up porcelain plates and work their way through this cardboard buffet, the French fries would have grown cold and mealy, the burger buns soggy, the precise half slice of American cheese on each Filet-o-Fish sandwich hardened to a tough, flavorless rectangle of yellow.

…Trump, in typical form, spun Monday’s catering as ultimately the fault of his political opponents, an inevitable result of his own elective government shutdown, which has left hundreds of thousands of federal employees furloughed—including, presumably, the White House kitchen staff. Trump, a purported billionaire, made a big deal out of the fact that he paid for the fast food out of his own pocket. 

…“We went out and we ordered American fast food, paid for by me,” Trump boasted to the reporters gathered before the fast-food spread, grinning his fast-food grin beneath a brooding portrait of Abraham Lincoln, painted in 1869, by George Peter Alexander Healy, and praised by Lincoln’s eldest son as the greatest likeness ever captured of the man. “Lots of hamburgers, lots of pizza. Three hundred hamburgers. Many, many French fries.”

The Pure American Banality of Donald Trump’s White House Fast-Food Buffet | The New Yorker


OPINION: Sex workers don’t need aggressive prosecution to protect themselves

Krasner and his attorneys have begun to decline many prostitution charges, especially if it’s a worker’s first arrest. Those with multiple arrests are sometimes referred to Dawn Court, a diversion program that mandates services for sex workers in exchange for eventually clearing their records of at least some of their prostitution charges. 

Sex workers don’t need aggressive prosecution to protect themselves | Opinion


Amendment 4: ‘A day of celebration’ in Florida as 1.4 million ex-felons have voting rights restored

“One hundred and fifty years of disenfranchisement, and this moment here marks the end of a system that excludes so many people for a lifetime,” Meade said, referring to the years after the Civil War when felons were first barred from voting during Reconstruction. “This is a moment for democracy.”

The right to vote was restored to more than 1.4 million former felons across the state Tuesday thanks to Amendment 4’s victory at the ballot box in November, leading to emotional scenes as tears flowed, confetti was thrown and U.S. flags were waved.

…Orange-Osceola State Attorney Aramis Ayala arrived with her husband, David, who has never voted due to a felony drug conviction when he was 16.

…Not being allowed to vote for his wife to become the state’s first-ever African American state attorney, he said, “Was a dark moment, not being able to participate in her moment of history. … I knocked on doors, made calls, but wasn’t able to do the most important thing you can do.”

…“I believe in a wider democracy,” Aramis Ayala said. “When a debt is paid, a debt is paid.”

Amendment 4: ‘A day of celebration’ in Florida as 1.4 million ex-felons have voting rights restored – Orlando Sentinel


Thousands rally against Hungary’s ‘slave-law’, PM Orban

Thousands of Hungarians have rallied in capital Budapest demanding the abolition of the so-called “slave-law” that allows employers to demand that staff work up to 400 hours of overtime a year.

…Protesters had a wide range of demands, including the removal of Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

They “want academic freedom, they want free media, they want the abolition of the so-called ‘slave law’, they also want the abolition of the so-called ‘administrative courts’,” she said.

In addition to the labour code reform, the Fidesz-dominated parliament also passed a law to set up a new administrative court system to rule on issues such as corruption.

Critics say the courts could be politically manipulated as the judges are to be appointed by the justice minister.

Thousands rally against Hungary’s ‘slave-law’, PM Orban | Hungary News | Al Jazeera