If You Remember ‘Shazaam,’ The Movie That Doesn’t Exist, You Aren’t Alone

If You Remember ‘Shazaam,’ The Movie That Doesn’t Exist, You Aren’t Alone



Florida Survivor: Don Jr. ‘Disgusting’ For Twitter Like

A Florida shooting survivor has slammed Donald Trump Jr. as “disgusting” after the president’s son liked a tweet suggesting the teenager was speaking out on gun control as a “cover” for his FBI father.

…The president’s son liked the online conspiracy theory that was posted by several people on Twitter about teenage survivor David Hogg, who has also been forced to defend himself against a conspiracy that he is a “crisis actor.”

Florida Survivor: Don Jr. ‘Disgusting’ For Twitter Like

What a mindbogglingly asinine, heartless, and out of touch thing to say. I mean….

Inexcusable. Idiotic. Absolutely without humanity, redemptive qualities, or (apparently) a soul. What a complete waste of oxygen that ugly little turd is. It’s like he wants people to enjoy as much Schadenfreude as possible when he finally reaches his inevitable come-down.

Kentucky Democrat wins state House seat in Trump stronghold

Democrats claimed a landslide victory in a special election for a Kentucky House district that voted heavily for Donald Trump in 2016.

…Johnson is the widow of Republican state Rep. Dan Johnson, who narrowly defeated Belcher, then an incumbent, in 2016 and committed suicide late last year. The lawmaker had been accused of sexually assaulting a teenage girl in 2013 in a report by the Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting. He committed suicide a day after he denied the allegations.

Trump won the district with 72% of the vote in 2016. Belcher’s win is the 37th Republican-held state legislative seat that Democrats have picked off since Trump took office.

Kentucky Democrat wins state House seat in Trump stronghold – CNNPolitics


…Oh and teenage girl? Not just sexual assault but sexual assault of a minor? Jeesh, what a piece of scum.

Trump Jr. says missing out on India deals because of father’s self-imposed curbs

Trump Jr. says missing out on India deals because of father’s self-imposed curbs

Godd lawd, Junior. Did you have a brain tumor for breakfast? Those limitations were about as voluntary as membership in a press gang.

…And stop your snivelling for gawd’s sake, it beyond unbecoming all the way to embaressing.

Conservative Twitter users complain of massive follower losses

Conservative Twitter users claim they woke up to find thousands of followers were gone and accused Twitter of secretly stripping away like-minded accounts

…Special counsel Robert Mueller’s office said the accused used a “troll farm” to push propaganda through thousands of accounts, to which celebrities and even President Trump appear to have responded.

Twitter previously purged more than 1 million accounts in late January, amid pressure to address the fake accounts as well as reports of people buying followers to boost their brand.

Conservative Twitter users complain of massive follower losses – NY Daily News


The slaughter in Syria should outrage us. Yet still we just shrug.

Sure, the government of Bashar al-Assad may have pounded the rebel-held area so hard that it killed 194 people in 40 hours, many of them children. It may have targeted seven hospitals in two days, repeatedly hitting medical workers as they sought to rescue the injured and dying. And yes, this may signal the escalation of a siege that has denied supplies to a population of 390,000 for months, squeezing them between bombardment and starvation. All that may be meticulously documented by the UN.

This bloodletting has gone on for seven years now, and for most of that time most of us – politicians, media, public – have looked the other way.

…What explains this global indifference? Partly it’s because those of us far away have our own, legitimate preoccupations. Trump and Brexit are not mortal threats on a par with the barrel bombs of Damascus, but they have convulsed America and Britain alike. In recent days, it has not helped that the very aid organisations we might ordinarily expect to sound the alarm about an emergency such as Syria have been shaken by scandal and forced to look inward.

Part of it, surely, is that it has just gone on so long. For seven years we have known that a civil war is raining horror on Syria, and we’ve got used to it. The sound of Syrian children choking to death has become the background noise of this decade. And, crucially, we don’t know what to do about it.

The slaughter in Syria should outrage us. Yet still we just shrug | Jonathan Freedland | Opinion | The Guardian