Brett Kavanaugh: New claims detonate in heat of 2020 election – CNNPolitics

Two Times reporters who wrote the book said they corroborated a prior claim of sexual misconduct against Kavanaugh. They also concluded the FBI interviewed none of the potential witnesses, throwing new scrutiny on White House officials and Republicans who strong armed his confirmation last year.

The book also contains a former male classmate’s new allegation that the authors say was corroborated by two sources. The authors reported the former classmate came forward to the FBI and senators concerning an incident he witnessed and said the FBI did not investigate the claim.

…In practice, there is a minuscule chance that Kavanaugh would be convicted of any impeachment charges brought by the Democratic House, given the need for a two-thirds majority in the Republican-held Senate.
Brett Kavanaugh: New claims detonate in heat of 2020 election – CNNPolitics



The Popeyes chicken sandwich is hurting military readiness

All the while, troops stationed overseas watched patiently, awaiting the Christmas morning-like euphoria that would come with the sandwich’s arrival at any number of the 34 Popeyes locations on overseas installations.

But it never came. And with the infamous Popeyes Chicken Sandwich Famine starving out our brave servicemen and women back home, no signs indicate it ever will.

Overseas troops and their families are not pleased — hopes are dashed, forced to live a chicken sandwich-less existence devoid of all joy.

Families accepting an overseas billet often uproot the only lives they’ve ever known. It is in those dire moments when a family must rely on a foundation that can withstand the harshest storm. It is in those moments when families must have the Popeyes chicken sandwich.

A Popeyes spokeswoman offered overseas personnel little in the way of solace.

The Popeyes chicken sandwich is hurting military readiness


“Toto’s ‘Africa’” by Ernest Hemingway

The young man looked at the wristwatch again. His head spun from whiskey and soda. She was a damned nice woman. It would take a lot to drag him away from her. It was unlikely that a hundred men or more could ever do such a thing. The air, now thick and moist, seemed to carry rain again. He blessed the rains of Africa. They were the only thing left to bless in this forsaken place, he thought—at least until she set foot on the continent. They were going to take some time to do the things they never had.

…He knew the feeling. The crying of the dogs reminded him that he would need to do what he knew was right now that she was here. Of this he was as certain as Kilimanjaro rising like Olympus above the Serengeti.

“Toto’s ‘Africa’” by Ernest Hemingway – McSweeney’s Internet Tendency

Bless you, McSweeney’s

Teen Egyptian girl’s case puts legal system under spotlight

 The prosecution of a 15-year-old girl who killed a bus driver after he allegedly tried to rape her has reignited debate over the treatment of women in Egypt’s legal system, including the practice of virginity tests and blaming victims of sexual violence.

…During her interrogation, the girl said she was on a date with her boyfriend before riding the bus — a statement that could easily undermine her reputation and probably her credibility in conservative Egyptian society, where dating is frowned upon. Her boyfriend, along with a friend of his, are in custody pending investigations into any potential links to the crime.

…After her detention, the girl was required to undergo a vaginal test which determined she was a virgin — which in the Egyptian context could be viewed as helpful to her case.

…In conservative areas, relatives celebrate a new bride’s loss of virginity by brandishing a bloody sheet in public, a practice they believe affirms the family’s honor.

…Sexual harassment, mostly ranging from catcalls to occasional pinching or grabbing, is rampant in Egypt. Polls have found that most men and women in the conservative Muslim country believe it is justified if women dress “provocatively” in public.

…Unlawful virginity examinations garnered attention in 2011 when several women said they were detained by military personnel and forced to undergo virginity tests while protesting the interim military government that took over the country after the ouster of former President Hosni Mubarak.

Teen Egyptian girl’s case puts legal system under spotlight