Has it been a good week for the royals?

“God speed, guys, but I predict that hearts will harden towards Harry and Meghan over the next few years. Not because they will continue to cost us millions in security, but because they will become emblematic of us, the British, not being able to have nice things. We drove these photogenic rich people away — yes, by tittering at their interest in saving the planet one Learjet flight at a time, but also by being weirdly possessive of their child and creepy to the point of ugh about how many photos we could take of him.” – Harriet Walker, The Times

Has it been a good week for the royals?


A Royal Divorce And The Curious Slant Of Leaks To The Press

Maybe Wootton just got bad info on the reason for the Phillipses’ split. The thing is, the Sun’s sources on the divorce story were right — so right that the couple’s hand was forced to confirm it, after they had kept it hidden from the press for months. Also, as we’ve seen, Wootton and the Sun are clearly incredibly well-sourced on royal stories.

…In my opinion, the Sun made a choice. Woven within the words of the anonymous sources in Wootton’s story is a specific narrative. A second nonroyal, non-British woman married to a member of the royal family has caused a catastrophic rift — and she might have been inspired by the first.

A Royal Divorce And The Curious Slant Of Leaks To The Press


Coming or going, Meghan gets the blame — and it’s because of her race

“Having the audacity — because that’s what it is — to exhibit self-sovereignty has always been a privilege reserved for men, especially white men,” she told CNN. “Yet here is Meghan exhibiting this ‘audacity’ and it’s being … pushed forward by a white man who happens to be her husband.”

Eubanks argues that Prince Harry presenting a united front with his spouse “triggers people” because it places “a white Prince of royal blood and a black American woman commoner” on equal footing.

“That sight doesn’t sit well with everyone due to how they’ve been conditioned to view women and people of color, whether they realize it or not.”

…Some observers believe Prince Harry is extra protective of Meghan because of how his mother, the late Princess Diana, was treated by the media towards the end of her life.

“He seemingly never recovered from the anguish he saw her go through at the hands of the British press and the critics,” said Eubanks. “He seems to have pledged to never let that happen to his wife and children. “
Coming or going, Meghan gets the blame — and it’s because of her race – CNN