North Korea 70 years of history in photos

North Korea 70 years of history in photos – Business Insider



Hungary’s constitution makes street homelessness a crime

The new provision, which went into effect Monday, bans “habitual residence in a public space” and gives police the authority to remove rough sleepers from the streets and confiscate their belongings.

Under amended Article 22 of the revised constitution, homeless people who refuse to go to shelters will be forced to participate in public work programs, which they can avoid only by paying a fine. If they are unable to pay those fines, they will face time in prison.

…Farha added that there were insufficient emergency shelter spaces to accommodate Hungary’s homeless population, estimated at more than 10,000 people.

…In 2013, the government first adopted a law that made sleeping in a public place a criminal offense and allowed for police to fine those who do so. That 2013 law passed after a law that criminalized homelessness was reversed by Hungary’s Constitutional Court on the ground that it violated the right to human dignity

Hungary’s constitution makes street homelessness a crime – CNN


Kenya must deal with Chinese racial discrimination

A few weeks ago, an investigative journalist revealed that Kenyan workers at the Chinese-built railway were being subjected to repeated incidents of racial discrimination and abuse by their Chinese supervisors. The report also alleged that the China Road and Bridge Corporation, the Chinese conglomerate that operates the 473-kilometer (293 miles) Nairobi-Mombasa railway, was implementing a deliberate segregation policy.

Other allegations were that Chinese nationals were doing jobs that should have been done by Kenyans, and that highly qualified Kenyan staff were assigned minor roles. It’s also alleged that Kenyan workers were segregated from their Chinese colleagues in eating areas, toilets, accommodation and travel. The journalist also uncovered pay disparities on the basis of race. Unfair treatment, long working hours, threats, and harassment were also reported.

Kenya must deal with Chinese racial discrimination — Quartz Africa


Russian Orthodox Church cuts ties with Constantinople | World news | The Guardian

The Russian Orthodox Church has announced it will break off relations with the Patriarchate of Constantinople in a religious schism driven by political friction between Russia and Ukraine.

The Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church elected on Monday to cut ties with the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople, which is viewed as the leading authority for the world’s 300 million Orthodox worshippers.

The split is a show of force by Russia after a Ukrainian church was granted independence.

Last week Bartholomew I of Constantinople, the “first among equals” of eastern Orthodox clerics, granted autocephaly (independence) to the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, which previously answered to Moscow.

Russian Orthodox Church cuts ties with Constantinople | World news | The Guardian