Haaretz Reports Trump peace plan will not include settlement evacuation

Based on Israeli sources, the report said that U.S. President Donald Trump intends to propose the Palestinians declare independence, after which the United States will recognize the Palestinian state. The Palestinians will also receive hundreds of millions of dollars from Sunni Arab countries as aid.

In addition, the United States is expected to adopt the principle of land swaps, but not necessarily according to the 1967 lines, said the report. The proposal will also meet most of Israel’s security demands. At this stage, no Jews or Arabs will be evacuated from their homes, and the issue of Jerusalem is not yet on the agenda. The question of moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem will also be postponed.

Report: Trump peace plan will not include settlement evacuation – Israel News – Haaretz.com



Parasites make treatment of N. Korean defector harder, doctor says

The soldier has successfully undergone a second round of surgery at Ajou University hospital earlier in the day, which lasted for about three-and-a-half hours, from 9:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. He is still in a critical condition, according to Lee Cook-jong, the physician who treated him.

The operation concluded with the removal of a bullet lodged in the abdominal wall, Lee said.

“We are struggling with treatment as we found a large number of parasites in the soldier’s stomach, invading and eating into the wounded areas,” Lee said. “We have also discovered a parasite never seen in Koreans before. It is making the situation worse and causing tremendous complications.”

…“I don’t know what is happening in North Korea, but I found many parasites when examining other defectors,” said Professor Seong Min at the Dankook University Medical School. “In one case, we found 30 types of roundworms in a female defector. The parasite infection problem seems to be serious even if it does not represent the entire North Korean population.”

Parasites make treatment of N. Korean defector harder, doctor says – Korea Biomedical Review


Saad Hariri plans France trip after resigning as Lebanon’s prime minister in Saudi Arabia

His resignation — which he blamed on pressure from Iran and its Lebanese Shiite proxy, Hezbollah — stunned Lebanon and the wider region and raised fears the country would plunge again into factional turmoil.

But Lebanese officials had said Hariri, who is a dual Lebanese-Saudi citizen, had been forced to resign by Saudi authorities and was unable to move or speak freely from Riyadh. Lebanon’s president, Michel Aoun, said Wednesday that Hariri was a “hostage,” and that his government would not accept such an “attack on Lebanese sovereignty.”

…But as Shiite Iran and Saudi Arabia, which is Sunni, have competed for influence in the region, the threat of upheaval in Lebanon intensified. Iran has long backed Hezbollah, Lebanon’s most powerful political and military movement, and which is key to Iranian regional reach.

…For its part, Riyadh has sought to bolster Hariri and his Sunni bloc in Lebanon, and have fought what Saudi officials claim are Iranian proxy forces in Yemen. Iran denies having direct links to the Houthi forces in Yemen that drove out the Saudi-backed president in 2015.

Saad Hariri plans France trip after resigning as Lebanon’s prime minister in Saudi Arabia – The Washington Post