GTTF testimony draws link back to drugs looted from Baltimore pharmacies in 2015 riot after Freddie Gray funeral

On Thursday, a Baltimore bail bondsman said a member of the city’s Gun Trace Task Force arrived at his home with two trash bags full of looted prescription drugs amid the April 2015 riots and looting.

The testimony on Thursday, in which Donald C. Stepp said Sgt. Wayne Jenkins made near-nightly trips to Stepp’s county home to drop off drugs, adds an additional layer to our understanding of the looting of pharmacies and businesses in the hours after Freddie Gray’s funeral.

GTTF testimony draws link back to drugs looted from Baltimore pharmacies in 2015 riot after Freddie Gray funeral – Baltimore Sun

Dirty, corrupt cops stealing and selling drugs.
No wonder Baltimore is such a shit show!


Statue of Bristol slave trading Tory MP ‘tripped and fell’ insist police

A more than 100 year old man who posed no threat to them was allegedly pushed so hard that he fell into the harbour where his slave ships used to dock.

Although the incident took part in daylight, and in full view of witness, including Herald journalists, the Bristol police department issued a statement to say that, during a “skirmish involving protestors, one man was injured when he tripped and fell.”

…Just over 20 minutes after the police statement was public, a video was tweeted which clearly showed that the man in question was a statue of slave trading Tory MP Edward Colston.

…Protestors insist those still interested in Edward Colston could visit him at the bottom of the harbour if they like.

Statue of Bristol slave trading Tory MP ‘tripped and fell’ insist police – The Rochdale Herald



June 2 George Floyd protest news


“I am from Brooklyn. I happen to represent a huge swath of central Brooklyn and when I heard there was a group of folks protesting police brutality I decided to make my way down,” he said.

…Once he arrived, he alerted police of his presence, and wore a neon green shirt with his name and title on it.

Trying to protect some of the protesters behind me. Being compliant. I started getting hit in my back by bicycles wielded by the police officers. I was pushed. I was shoved. Ultimately pepper-sprayed, and subsequently handcuffed. 

He said it took a little while for law enforcement to realize who he was — and he was finally released and given medical attention.

But this treatment was “only because of my title,” he said. “Had I not had the luxury of my title, I would have been in the system and processed, much like any of the other protesters.”

June 2 George Floyd protest news


A high-risk Florida teen who died from COVID-19 attended a huge church party, then was given hydroxychloroquine by her parents, report says – Anchorage Daily News

A high-risk Florida teen who died from COVID-19 attended a huge church party, then was given hydroxychloroquine by her parents, report says – Anchorage Daily News

If it’s not willful abuse, it certainly still is both immoral and neglect.

Why Ghislaine Maxwell chose New Hampshire

Dense forests and difficult access from few public roads make it easy to get off radar in the place whose motto is ‘Live Free or Die’

By Sarah Kennedy New York 3 July 2020 • 5:53pm

Ghislaine Maxwell could not have chosen a better spot than Bradford, New Hampshire for the hidden location of her house Tuckedaway. Known as the ‘Granite State’ for the local psychology as much as the landscape, New Hampshire is a live- and-let-live place whose motto is ‘Live Free or Die’.

Locals are famed for their quiet resilience, indifference to high-net-worth visitors and cool welcome. Apart from a nod, diners in the Appleseed Restaurant in Ms. Maxwell’s new home town of Bradford won’t have second-glanced the international jet-set’s most wanted if she happened to blow in for a burger.

The town of Bradford is located along the southern end of Lake Todd. New Hampshire could be compared to the British Lake District, only with more greenery and far fewer tourists. Bordered by the Northern Appalachian Mountains, many of the lakes in the state are private, meaning that only those with homes on the shores can use them.

Dense forests and difficult access from few public roads make it easy to get off any kind of radar. Adirondack-style homes like Ms. Maxwell’s, purchased for $1,070,750 in December 2019, are quaintly called cottages and camps thanks to their rustic, wood-built frames and open-plan design.

Ms. Maxwell’s home is a modern take on the rugged look, featuring a prerequisite 4 bedroom minimum and barn-style living room. The only cottage-like accoutrement to the house is the name – ‘Tuckedaway’, carved into a stone by the secure iron gates.

If there is such a thing as an American aristocracy, New Hampshire is its go-to spot for winter skiing and summers on the lakes. Holiday home owners hail from the worlds of finance, medicine and tech in Boston, many from New England’s oldest families. Their children attend the summer camps dotted around Lake Winnipesaukee, mixing with peers from as far south as New York and Pennsylvania.

New Hampshire’s summer camp-and-club lifestyle is sent up beautifully by local boy Adam Sandler in movies like Happy Gilmore and Grown Ups. The area breeds salty American comedians and writers including Seth Meyers, Sarah Silverman and going back further, J.D Salinger.

Holiday activities on the lakes are simple, from crawfish dipping to kayaking and possibly water skiing, though power boats and jet skis are forbidden in most places. Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney famously shot himself in the foot metaphorically over July 4 weekend 2012 when he and his wife Anne were photographed on their jet-ski, too obviously enjoying the billionaire lifestyle.

At a time when Romney was attempting to promote social and welfare issues on the campaign trail, political pundits in the US still hail this photo as Romney’s downward turning point. New Hampshire is politically important as the place where the first primary elections for US presidential candidates are held. The state is home to political bigwigs including Republicans Romney and Kelly Ayotte.

Although the fashion scene is definitely not happening, strike out on a direct route east from Ms. Maxwell’s home in Bradford and you arrive at Kennebunkport, seaside location of the Bush family compound. A discreet haven for boat lovers. John Travolta, Susan Sarandon and Martha Stewart have had homes there in recent years.

When we say boats by the way, we mean sailing boats such as the True Love from High Society, rather than the fiberglass mini-hotels bobbing about on Long Island Sound. Membership of the Kennebunk River Club for tennis and dining would be the holy grail for a home-owner new to the area. Though not, obviously, for Maxwell.

Possibly the only risky issue security-wise for those like Maxwell seeking a luxurious hideaway up north is staff. Live-in is pretty much the norm north of New Hampshire state capital Concord, with most homes keeping a chef, ground maintenance workers and a housekeeper. The very limited dining-out options are for basic, traditional diner fare. Organic fruit and veg are plentiful though, so the right chef could work wonders. It’s all a very long way from the Manhattan jail where Maxwell is currently residing.

Why Ghislaine Maxwell chose New Hampshire

for the love of christ…. I don’t know where to start

How the Karen Meme Confronts History of White Womanhood | Time

“One of the things that has worked throughout American history is finding a way to project whiteness in need of defense or protection,” says Dr. André Brock, associate professor of Black digital culture at Georgia Tech whose research is leading the conversation on the impact of Black Twitter. “For men, it’s a fight; for women, it’s calling men to help on their behalf or demonstrating that they are so frail that they cannot handle the weight.”

…In a larger sense, the mainstreaming of calling out the danger that white women and their tears pose has been building up to this moment. There’s the oft-cited stat that 52% of white women voted for Donald Trump in the 2016 election. Meanwhile, the constant lies of white women like Kellyanne Conway and Sarah Huckabee Sanders in service of the Trump Administration have made it abundantly clear that white women can and are often complicit in oppressive systems. Coupled with the rise of social media and the smartphone camera, the longtime narrative of white women as helpless victims in need of protection is now being challenged by video evidence of them as instigators of not only conflict, but violence.

…The historical narrative of white women’s victimhood goes back to myths that were constructed during the era of American slavery. Black slaves were posited as sexual threats to the white women, the wives of slave owners; in reality, slave masters were the ones raping their slaves. This ideology, however, perpetuated the idea that white women, who represented the good and the moral in American society, needed to be protected by white men at all costs, thus justifying racial violence towards Black men or anyone that posed a threat to their power.

…“White women are positioned as the virtue of society because they hold that position as the mother, as the keepers of virtuosity, all these ideologies that we associate with white motherhood and white women in particular, their certain role in society gives them power and when you couple that with this racist history, where white women are afraid of black men and black men are hypersexualized and seen as dangerous, then that’s really a volatile combination.”

Williams says the exposure is challenging this position. “That’s part of what people aren’t seeing is that white women do have this power and they’re exercising that power when they call or threaten to call the police.”

…“The fact that Amy Cooper is saying, ‘I’m going to call the police and tell them that a African-American man is threatening my life’ is a very racially violent statement and a racially violent act, especially if you look at it in a larger, broader historical context, and think about the way that Emmett Till’s accuser [Carolyn Bryant] did the same exact thing and it resulted in his death.”

How the Karen Meme Confronts History of White Womanhood | Time


Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein’s madam, has been arrested | Miami Herald

The fact that the case is being handled by the office’s public corruption unit, which typically handles investigations into misdeeds by public officials, has raised questions by some legal observers about the scope of the current federal investigation.

“If I was Alexander Acosta today, I would be having a very lousy weekend,’’ said Frank Figliuzzi, a former FBI assistant director.

“This case is not over. I’ve supervised these kinds of cases in big cities and I’ve never seen public corruption prosecutors involved and if they are still in it, there is a reason for it.’’

…“Because of the lenient posture that Acosta took with Epstein, it begs the question as to why he chose to go lightly on Epstein, and that question, and at what level and for whom he was doing this for — is likely the subject matter of investigation.’’

Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein’s madam, has been arrested | Miami Herald