Inside Israel’s Secret Program to Get Rid of African Refugees 

They were promised asylum somewhere closer to home. Then they were discarded — often in a war zone.

None of the things Israeli authorities had promised the 12 Eritreans when they had agreed to relocate to Rwanda a few weeks prior. Instead, John offered to smuggle them into neighboring Uganda, which he told them was a “free nation.” “If you live here, you can’t leave,” Semene recalled John saying of Rwanda. “It’s a tight country. Let me advise you, as your brother, you need to go to Uganda.”

They would need to sneak across the border, since they had no proof of legal entry into Rwanda. (The Israeli laissez-passers had gone unstamped at the Kigali airport the night before, an oversight that now felt suspicious.) But John told them not to worry; he could easily get them into Uganda for a fee of $250. “I have everything,” he said. “Contacts with the government over there. Contacts with the Israeli government. If something happens, I call the Israeli government and they do something for you.”

The alternative, John said, was to remain in the Kigali house, where they would be under constant surveillance. They would have to pay rent, but without documentation, they would not be allowed to work. Semene and the others understood that John was not really giving them a choice. 

Inside Israel’s Secret Program to Get Rid of African Refugees | Foreign Policy

Disgusting but not so surprising from a government who seems to prides itself on how much more racist, opressive, and abusive it can get each year that passes.

Niger army rescues 92 migrants in Sahara Desert

Troops in northern Niger have rescued 92 migrants who were on the brink of death in the Sahara Desert, an army statement has said.

Traffickers abandoned the group, which included women and children, without water and food, it added.

…Niger serves as a transit point for West Africans hoping to reach Europe to start a better life.

Every year, tens of thousands of migrants cross the Sahara to reach Libya. From the Libyan coast they board rickety boats to ferry them to Europe.

Many drown in the Mediterranean but, perhaps, less well known, are the dangers they face while crossing the Sahara.

Niger army rescues 92 migrants in Sahara Desert – BBC News


Homo nadeli, just discovered in Africa, were walking around with humans

Homo sapiens had a rival cousin as recently as 236,000 years ago, according to discoveries made by a team of scientists in South Africa.

…Homo naledi also appear to have engaged in the relatively advanced practice of burying their dead.

…The discoveries have encouraged other scientists to rethink human evolution.

…the discovery should prompt people to question the familiar image of a stooped chimp-like creature evolving into an upright, modern human.

“We’ve had for so long this view that human evolution was a matter of inevitability represented by that march, that progress,” he told the paper. “But now that narrative of human evolution has become one of adaptability. There was a lot of evolution and extinction of populations and lineages that made it through some pretty tough times, and we’re the beneficiary of that.”

Homo nadeli, just discovered in Africa, were walking around with humans

It always boggles the mind that researchers have so much trouble entertaining theories based on what is in front of them, theories that make so much more sense than anything that came before.

‘I Dreamed of Africa’ Author And Conservationist, Shot In Kenya 

…The Laikipia Nature Conservancy, has been the center of a bloody battle for weeks, as a large-scale drought has pushed cattle-herders to extreme measures to try and find grazing land.

…”You have nomadic herders who are moving into private wildlife conservancies with thousands of heads of cattle,” [NPR’s Eyder] Peralta said. “And in response, the Kenyan government launched a military-style operation to push the herders out. But what we’ve seen is an escalation of violence. Police have killed lots of cows. And the herders have responded by burning tourist lodges on the properties.”

…Members of the Pokot and Samburu tribes have long grazed on conservancy land in Kenya, but over the past few years things have changed. Herders have brought more and more cows, killed other wildlife, and begun to vandalize property. 

..”That is heavily politicized violence. And that is what’s much more worrying about this situation.”

[Gallmann’s daughter, Sveva Gallmann] added that she doesn’t think the herders even own many of the cows.

“There’s a lot of, actually, politicians, people within the police, people within the administration storing their wealth in cattle and laundering ill-gotten money through cattle,” she said.

…Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta’s office issued a statement warning politicians in the area not to inflame the situation with “reckless rhetoric.”

“Politicians encouraging invasions of privately-owned property or attacks on individuals can expect strong deterrent action in terms of the law,” Kenyatta’s spokesman, Manoah Esipisu, said.

‘I Dreamed of Africa’ Author And Conservationist, Shot In Kenya : The Two-Way : NPR