7th-grader gets ‘Most Likely to Become a Terrorist’ Award

Another student was named “Most likely to blend in with white people.”

According to a similar statement from the Channelview School District, “the teacher involved in this matter have been disciplined according to district policy. and the incident is still under investigation.”

Easton says this isn’t the first thing the teacher has done that has raised eyebrows. Before this incident, the teacher, who is black, gave Easton’s sister “a ‘black quiz’ to prove how black she was.”

The students who received the “awards” were enrolled in AVID, an advanced learning and college prep program.

“This is a reprehensible action of a single teacher that does not in any way reflect the AVID values, or the values of the thousands of AVID teachers across the US who impact our students daily,” AVID CEO Sandy Husk said in a statement.

: 7th-grader gets ‘Most Likely to Become a Terrorist’ Award – CNN.com


Michelle Obama criticizes Trump school lunch decision – CBS News

Former first lady says people should question motives behind Trump administration delaying federal rules aimed at healthier school lunches.

The school meal changes reflect suggestions from the School Nutrition Association, which represents school nutrition directors and companies that sell food to schools. The group often battled with the Obama administration, which phased in the healthier school meal rules starting in 2012.

Michelle Obama criticizes Trump school lunch decision – CBS News


Betsy DeVos speech at Bethune-Cookman met with boos, turned backs 

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos faced an auditorium of jeering Bethune-Cookman University graduates Wednesday as she gave a commencement address that many students and graduates said she was in no place to deliver.

As she opened her remarks, some students stood and turned their backs to her. At times hecklers drowned out her remarks.

…A primary reason for protesting her appearance — and for petitioning school officials to cancel her address — is her now-recanted statement that founders of historically black colleges and universities were “real pioneers” of school choice.

HBCUs, of course, were founded during segregation when black students were barred from attending white colleges in the South and beyond. DeVos walked back her comments, conceding the schools were born of racism, but it’s not enough for many on this campus nor those who hold it dear.

…Students and alumni reserved plenty of their angst for Jackson and other members of the school’s leadership. They question why they didn’t learn DeVos would be the speaker until final exams were already underway, giving them little time to issue feedback.

Betsy DeVos speech at Bethune-Cookman met with boos, turned backs – CNNPolitics.com


FBI Investigates Alleged Bank Fraud By Jane Sanders 

Sanders stated in a 2010 loan application she had secured $2.6 million in promised donations to pay for the land purchase, which helped secure a $6.5 million loan from the People’s United Bank. Only $676,000 ever materialized over the next four years and the college defaulted on the loans, eventually going bankrupt in May 2016.

Carol Moore, who served as the final president of the college until its closure, told The DCNF the FBI contacted her as recently as a month ago regarding the allegations.

FBI Interviews Donors For Alleged Bank Fraud By Jane Sanders | The Daily Caller

Mere incompetence, as suggested by the school’s final president is far from ill intent or malfeasance. It is an interesting footnote though…

Low pay, high SF housing costs equal 1 homeless math teacher 

Etoria Cheeks teaches math at a public high school in San Francisco, explaining algebra and statistics to teenagers. In a shocking indication of just how bad San Francisco’s teacher housing situation is, Cheeks is homeless.  

…She was renting a room in a house in Daly City when she learned in December the house was in foreclosure, and she was evicted. With no family here, few friends and no savings because of a dispute over the security deposit, Cheeks had to scramble.

She put her belongings in storage and paid $30 to $50 a night for dorm beds in downtown hostels, moving around because they prohibit stays of more than 14 days. She looked at the below-market-rental lotteries run by the Mayor’s Office of Housing, but she made too much to qualify. She applied for apartments on Craigslist and other sites, but there was very little she could afford, and she kept striking out.

When her money ran low after two months in hostels, she was forced to sleep in a South of Market emergency homeless shelter called A Woman’s Place.

Low pay, high SF housing costs equal 1 homeless math teacher – San Francisco Chronicle