Quote from Ford’s testimony spray-painted on Yale Law School entrance

A quote from Christine Blasey Ford’s Senate testimony against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh was spray-painted outside the entrance to Yale Law School before being removed later on Monday.

…“Indelible in the hippocampus is the laughter …” was written on the concrete in paint.

Quote from Ford’s testimony spray-painted on Yale Law School entrance | TheHill



Texas education board scraps Hillary Clinton. Moses gets to stay in.

The board took a preliminary vote to make a number of changes to curriculum, including scrapping mention of Clinton and Hellen Keller from sections on citizenship and removing a phrase referring to the “optimism of the many immigrants who sought a better life in America.” They also voted to reinsert references to “Judeo-Christian” law, Moses’ influence on the writing of the US’s founding documents, and a reference to the “heroism” of the Alamo’s defenders.

Texas education board scraps Hillary Clinton. Moses gets to stay in. – Vox

Despite what the article may lead you to believe this affects classrooms in the entire country, not just Texas. Textbook publishers don’t want to publish more than one version so they always print and publish ALL of the entrie country’s textbooks based on the whims of the Texas Board of (piss poor, this is why people assume rednecks are stupid) Education. So s Texas goes backwards away from empirical facts and into a jumble of mysticism and ignorance, so do all of the public schools in the entire country.

The next generation will think Moses was a founding father of the United States so you can forget about a useful timeline of history being taught to them. If psycho-mysticism passes for history just try and wrap your mind around what science and engineering will look like. Kiss medical advancement and functioning planes, trains and automobiles good-bye!

Weep for the future, people. Weep.

Texas School Beats ADHD by Tripling Recess Time

One Texas school has kindergartners and first graders sitting still and “incredibly attentive.”

What’s their secret? Their recess time has tripled.

…Their teachers say it’s totally transformed them.

The kids are less fidgety, less distracted, more engaged in learning and make more eye contact.

…The pilot program is modeled after the Finnish school system, whose students get some of the best scores in the world in reading, math and science.

Texas School Beats ADHD by Tripling Recess Time