We Tracked Down A Fake-News Creator In The Suburbs. Here’s What We Learned : All Tech Considered : NPR

We Tracked Down A Fake-News Creator In The Suburbs. Here’s What We Learned : All Tech Considered : NPR

Cognitive dissodance.

Lessons of the Kamala Harris campaign

One, know and establish your political persona before you get in.

…Harris promised a focus on racial issues with an implicit suggestion that Barack Obama, the first African-American president might have been too timid here. By this fall, there appeared to be no focus — race or otherwise.

…A candidate can alter, modify or change a position or two, but the overarching message has to be consistent and coherent.

…Two, when you get that moment in the limelight, be ready to capitalize on it and move on.

…Three, a campaign [organization/staff] matters.  A staff is — to an extent — a mirror reflection of the candidate. [Which makes the Peanut Gallery curious why the Hill singled out her sister and not her stuff in the rest of the paragraph.]

…There is no doubt the political bar is a little higher for women — and more so for minority candidates.

It’s hard to cite this as the major factor in Harris’s collapse: In the past three presidential elections, twice the Democratic nomination went to an African-American, Barack Obama, the other to a woman, Hillary Clinton.

Lessons of the Kamala Harris campaign | TheHill


…Also can we stop any talk of nominating sitting Senators to VP or cabinent positions. Enough already. They need to stay where they are.

How Tom Kiefer documents lives via items seized by border patrol

While working as a janitor at the same facility from 2003 to 2014, photographer Tom Kiefer secretly collected the belongings and later began shooting them.

How Tom Kiefer documents lives via items seized by border patrol – Los Angeles Times

It bears mentioning that this from 2003-2014. What the same collection would like now is even more mild-blowing.

Not to get all Gen-Xy or anything but, ‘The humanity!’

Active Shooter Drills May Not Stop A School Shooting — But This Method Could

A new comprehensive report from the U.S. Secret Service underlines the agency’s previous findings that there is one safety approach that does work: threat assessment, as part of a comprehensive program of social and emotional support for students.

…Rory, 7, is on the autism spectrum and has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

…After seeing Rory’s reaction, Dianne says she doesn’t think any kids should have to participate in drills like these.

“Fair enough,” says Melissa Brymer of the National Center for Child Traumatic Stress. “But an emergency can happen at any point in a school day.”

Brymer believes these drills can save lives, but as one recent study from Ball State University found, there’s little evidence to prove that.

…According to the report, 83% of the attacks were over in five minutes or less. And 68% of the schools already had a lockdown procedure in place — making it the most common security measure among schools in the report. 

…Schools need a much more comprehensive approach, emphasizing “multidisciplinary” prevention in the years, months and days before a student actually shows up at school with a weapon.

…She defines threat assessment as a proactive approach in which schools “identify students who are doing concerning behavior or may be in distress and getting them the help they need before they even resort to violence as an option.”

One common source of distress, according to the report, is bullying and ostracism.

…Over a decade ago, the Secret Service conducted a small study in which it talked to “bystanders” — students who had heard warnings from a fellow student before a planned attack. In six cases a shooting was prevented, and in a further nine cases a shooting happened.

In the bystander report, students who came forward told investigators they did so because they had a strong relationship with at least one adult at the school and they thought their concerns would be taken seriously. Students who did not come forward said that they thought the school would not take appropriate steps or they would get in trouble themselves.

Active Shooter Drills May Not Stop A School Shooting — But This Method Could : NPR