N.H. officer to remain on ‘Laurie list’

A Grafton County Superior Court judge has denied a New Hampshire police officer’s request to be removed from the Exculpatory Evidence Schedule, also known as the Laurie List.

…The Laurie List is intended to let prosecutors know which officers have truthfulness or credibility issues. That way, they can make defendants, who are entitled to all evidence that is exculpatory, aware of such issues.

The New Hampshire ACLU filed a motion to become a party to the case. The group argued that Hornick had no legal authority to remove the officer and that it needs to protect criminal defendants’ rights because no one else does.

“Every person has a right to due process when interacting with the criminal justice system, and that includes evidence that police officer witnesses may have been dishonest in the past,” said Henry Klementowicz, staff attorney at the N.H. ACLU. “This lawsuit further highlights why the list should be made a public document.”

Valley News – N.H. officer to remain on ‘Laurie list’



NH State House Decorum: No ruling on necklace worn to support gun rights, but don’t bring ammo into prison

“First, I would acknowledge that when we did our site visit to the state prison, I received some feedback that was not positive,” said Cushing.

“It involved someone who, for whatever reason, brought ammo in, and someone who was inappropriate to a staff member. That just cannot happen, and I would hope as a chair, I don’t have to tell people that when we are going to a state institution to be on their best behavior. I just expect it.”

…Cushing urged members of both parties to avoid props at public hearings that suggest their minds are made up before people even testify.

Decorum: No ruling on necklace worn to support gun rights, but don’t bring ammo into prison | State | unionleader.com


‘You couldn’t spend a dime?’: Jay Inslee ticks off the wrong state – POLITICO

The DGA did not spend a cent on television advertising for Kelly — a stark contrast to the $645,000 the RGA spent on ads for Sununu, according to Advertising Analytics. And in the final few weeks of the race, multiple internal polls on both sides showed the contest had tightened. Kelly personally pleaded with Inslee and the DGA to pour more money into the race saying that it was still winnable, according to Democrats with knowledge of those conversations.

…“We were extremely surprised that the DGA did not invest more resources in the race, especially in the closing days,” the official said. “Instead, the DGA invested resources in places like Alaska, a race that was already lost for them. And they invested significant resources in states like Rhode Island, which ended up being a blowout for Gov. Raimondo.”

…“I happen to think that Molly was a great candidate and I think she could have won,” Dean said. “A lot of my New Hampshire friends agree with me. I can’t get into the merits of this argument but the thing that interests me is because it’s New Hampshire they have a special role in making people’s lives miserable after the fact.”

‘You couldn’t spend a dime?’: Jay Inslee ticks off the wrong state – POLITICO

[snicker] Good luck in New Hampshire, Jay!