Concord Monitor: Shaheen is a solid presence in the Senate

Shaheen has been in Washington for a decade now, and can be counted on to be the adult in the room where others are acting like children. If she is re-elected, as we assume she will be, she will move up the Senate ranks and be in an even stronger position to advocate on behalf of her state.

Shaheen was New Hampshire’s first female governor, its first female senator and the first woman in U.S. history to become both a governor and a senator. 

…She’s skilled at finding the common ground that allows her to sponsor bipartisan legislation.

…She is too moderate for our tastes, but she is trusted, respected and effective. She was the prime sponsor of 11 bills that have become law.

…Shaheen already has more seniority than two-thirds of her fellow senators, and seniority matters. She fills some of the most important roles in Congress as a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Appropriations and Armed Services Committees and as one of six members of the Senate Ethics Committee. Re-election will allow her to have even more impact.

Editorial: A solid presence in the Senate



Democrats Denied Use of Voter Data In Court

Democrats challenging a voter registration law in New Hampshire won’t be able to use the state’s voter database to argue the law unfairly burdens those who are more likely to support their party, the state Supreme Court ruled on Thursday.

The court ruled on a dispute that arose as part of lawsuit brought by the New Hampshire Democratic Party and the League of Women Voters over a 2017 law requiring additional documentation from voters who register within 30 days of an election.

Supporters argue it will increase trust in elections by requiring people to prove they live where they vote, but opponents argue it is confusing, unnecessary and intimidating.

Valley News – Democrats Denied N.H. Voter Data


‘You couldn’t spend a dime?’: Jay Inslee ticks off the wrong state

Inslee’s decision while he chaired the Democratic Governors Association not to invest in New Hampshire’s competitive governor’s race last year still burns some of the state’s leading Democrats.

…Under Inslee, the DGA picked up seven seats in 2018 — a record number for Democrats in the last two decades. Yet in the race that mattered most in New Hampshire, the umbrella governors group was nowhere to be found. Democratic gubernatorial nominee Molly Kelly ultimately lost 53 percent to 46 percent in what otherwise turned out to be a strong Democratic year.

…“You spent $130 million to $150 million — are you serious? And you couldn’t spend a dime to help Molly Kelly win her race?” Reardon said, referring to roughly the amount the DGA raised in 2017-18 election cycle. “I’d love to see the breakdown on how much they spent on losing gubernatorial races in other states. My hunch is a fraction of that would have been a help in New Hampshire.”

…The DGA did not spend a cent on television advertising for Kelly — a stark contrast to the $645,000 the RGA spent on ads for Sununu, according to Advertising Analytics. 

…“We were extremely surprised that the DGA did not invest more resources in the race, especially in the closing days,” the official said. “Instead, the DGA invested resources in places like Alaska, a race that was already lost for them. And they invested significant resources in states like Rhode Island, which ended up being a blowout for Gov. Raimondo. I still think even with resources by Dems, Sununu would have still won. But if DGA would have invested significant resources from the beginning, it could have been a different outcome.”

‘You couldn’t spend a dime?’: Jay Inslee ticks off the wrong state – POLITICO