Some Mainers Fault N.H. For Not Doing More To Support New England Rail

While Maine supports the Amtrak Downeaster, New Hampshire supports commuter buses.

Some Mainers Fault N.H. For Not Doing More To Support New England Rail | WBUR News



Jury awards businessmen defamed by Michael Gill $274.5 million, most in NH history 

During the trial, each of the three took the stand and detailed the effects of being accused of crimes such as drug dealing, money laundering and gun running. Gill played out the accusations on a radio show, electronic billboards in high traffic areas such as South Willow Street, and social media that logged views in the thousands, sometimes millions.

“This was never about the money,” said Anagnost. Gill went after politicans, judges and people without the resources to fight back, Anagnost said. But he and his co-plaintiffs could afford the fight, and the verdict saves future victims from any slanders by Gill, Anagnost said.

All three said most of the money they collect will go to charity.

Both Anagnost and Crews said the verdict could have far reaching effect in the world of social media. Crews hopes the allegations will change the social media habits of someone who accuses people of crimes.

“As a Marine Corps vet I’m very serious about First Amendment rights, I believe in them, but I also believe that as a human being, the Golden Rule should come first,” Crews said. Everyone has the responsibility to not make false accusations they can’t back up, he said.

A judge has already ordered that the electricity be cut to Gill’s electronic billboards, and Pulse 107.7 has halted Gill’s paid radio program. Next up, Anagnost said, lawyer Steve Gordon will seek an injunction ordering Facebook and Twitter to darken Gill’s accounts.

“We become the aggressor now,” Anagnost said.

Update: Jury awards businessmen defamed by Michael Gill $274.5 million, most in NH history | New Hampshire


Privately funded passenger rail pitched for southern NH 

Nashua aldermen are considering entering into a memorandum of understanding with Boston Surface Railroad Company.

Boston Surface Railroad Company of Rhode Island is in the early stages of planning to bring privately funded passenger rail service from Bedford to Worcester, Mass., with potential stops in Nashua and Lowell, Mass.

City officials will be presented with a proposal on Tuesday to enter into a memorandum of understanding with the railroad company and the other communities to promote and facilitate the plan.

Privately funded passenger rail pitched for southern NH | New Hampshire


Democrats flip two seats in state special elections 

Democrats on Tuesday flipped two seats in special state elections in Florida and New Hampshire.

…In New Hampshire, Kari Lerner won a special state House election in a district President Trump won by a significant margin.

Earlier this month, Democrats flipped state House seats in New Hampshire and Oklahoma, replacing Republicans in two districts ahead of the 2018 midterm elections.

Since Trump’s election, Democrats have flipped eight GOP-held seats at the state level, and Republicans have yet to flip a seat in 27 special elections.

Democrats flip two seats in state special elections | TheHill


Democratic committee hits Trump election panel

U.S. Senate Democrats blasted President Donald Trump’s Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity earlier this week in a 90-minute hearing focusing on voting rights.

…[Shaheen] noted commission vice chairman Kris Kobach’s allegation in a Brietbart opinion piece that out-of-state voters were probably responsible for Democrat Maggie Hassan being elected to the Senate in 2016 and for Hillary Clinton winning the state’s four electoral votes.

“He clearly did not understand our election laws,” Shaheen said.

She charged that the “real objective” of the Trump commission is “to lay the groundwork for voter suppression laws.”

NH Primary Source: Democratic committee hits Trump election panel