COVID-19 update for Thursday: Sununu issues ‘stay-at-home’ order through May 4, extends school closing, shuts beaches

New Hampshire’s four-Democrat congressional delegation is criticizing federal health and emergency management agencies for delays in receiving medical supplies – some of which had already expired — to help the state deal with the coronavirus.

Sens. Jeanne Shaheen and Maggie Hassan and Reps. Annie Kuster and Chris Pappas said it is their understanding that one supervisory error at the Federal Emergency Management Agency resulted in a request sitting unprocessed for four days.

When New Hampshire received supplies in response to its March 17 request, some of it was expired, and the 16,000-plus gloves that were sent were latex, “which are unusable in the medical setting due to latex allergies,” according to the letter sent Wednesday to the heads of FEMA and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

The delegation said between this shipment and a prior one this month, the agencies have provided only 28% of respirator masks requested, one-third of nasal swabs needed, about 26% of surgical masks and no ventilators.

COVID-19 update for Thursday: Sununu issues ‘stay-at-home’ order through May 4, extends school closing, shuts beaches


COVID-19 Was Catalyst in Fight to Free Detained Americans

“Sen. Shaheen was involved from Day 1. New Hampshire should be proud of a senator like this – who will not put up with one of her constituents being unlawfully detained,” Atallah said.

…Shaheen, along with several other senators, also was deeply involved in the push for the release of North Carolina pastor Andrew Brunson, who was detained in Turkey for two years on trumped up charges and released in late 2018.

…With Fakhoury en route home, Shaheen late last week thanked Atallah as well as National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien, NSC staffer Virginia Boney, Roger Carstens, the presidential envoy for hostage affairs who replaced O’Brien in that position, as well as Shea and several other top State Department officials, including Pompeo and Schenker.

“This is exactly how our government should work,” she told reporters. “… Congress and the administration came together on a bipartisan basis to work together to help Americans in need.”

COVID-19 Was Catalyst in Fight to Free Detained Americans | RealClearPolitics

Sanders’s New Hampshire Visit Alarmed 2012 Obama Aides – The Atlantic

Bernie Sanders has insisted he was not on the verge of a primary run against Barack Obama during the summer of 2011—but that would have been news to activists in New Hampshire at the time, who were watching his schedule in the first primary state and listening to his speeches criticizing the president then running for reelection.

…Sanders said that people could ask Reid or fellow Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy, and that they’d deny that Sanders had talked about running. But I did ask Reid and Leahy about this last week in reporting the story, and neither of them denied it.

…Attending these sorts of events is one thing that potential candidates for president do to test the waters, get their names out there, and try out their stump speeches.

…“People in NH sure knew what it looked like, and sometimes what it looks like and what you’re really doing is a distinction without a difference.”

…“It seemed like he had an objective,” Kilchenstein said. “He wasn’t there as a courtesy as much as he showed up with a message.”

…When Sanders arrived at the barbecue on August 21, he ripped into Obama.

…Sanders last Thursday called Obama an “icon” in an interview with CNN, but has not explained what changed over the nine years from that summer of 2011, when he spoke of “deep disappointment” with Obama in an interview on a progressive radio show.

Sanders’s New Hampshire Visit Alarmed 2012 Obama Aides – The Atlantic

Bernie dun’ give a f*ck. He’d burn everything else down, including the Obama administration and the Democratic Party, if he thought it would advance his own agenda.

…And, rather like his about-face on the nomination rules he himself helped to create, he sure as sh*t has no problems revising history to suit his own goals. You don’t come to NH at that point in the cycle and criticize the presumptive nominee unless you are running. His denials don’t change that simple fact.

…And for what it is worth, rumor has it that he was dismissive and stand-offish to the attendees at the county picnic in question.

New Hampshire Sen. Jeanne Shaheen Says Primary Voters Are ‘Engaged,’ Projects Record Turnout

“New Hampshire is not about having the most diverse population. I think the nominating process added Nevada and South Carolina in a way to ensure that diversity is reflected. What’s important in New Hampshire is that we have a very engaged electorate. We have one of the highest voter turnouts of any state in the country. And we need to be able to have a place where you can come, if you don’t have the most money and name recognition, and be able to talk to voters about your vision for the country and where we need to take America.”

…“I’ve been involved in Democratic politics for a long time. I remember the fight between the liberal wing and the moderate wing when I was working for Jimmy Carter. So this is not unusual and not surprising. And I think the important thing is that every Democratic candidate is talking about expanding health care to all Americans.”

…”We’ve been doing the New Hampshire primary for about 100 years now. I have every expectation and belief that people will be enthusiastic, and then it will go very well.”

New Hampshire Sen. Jeanne Shaheen Says Primary Voters Are ‘Engaged,’ Projects Record Turnout | Here & Now