Is there evidence of voter fraud in New Hampshire, as Kris Kobach said? Nope.

Trump and his Cabinet have repeated baseless claims that thousands of Massachusetts residents “brought in on buses” voted illegally in New Hampshire, which we originally rated Pants on Fire.

…A voter can prove domicile using a New Hampshire driver’s license, a vehicle registration in the state, or a non-driver ID or other government issued photo identification that lists a New Hampshire address.

…in some towns, providing a form issued by a New Hampshire college or university is sufficient to prove domicile. In Manchester, a voter can prove domicile by presenting a monthly bill, a medical bill, pay stubs showing a current address, or postmarked mail within the last 30 days. Other towns accept similar documentation.

…cited 5,313 votes cast with out-of-state IDs, but New Hampshire law says there’s nothing inherently fraudulent about them, as a person can lawfully vote in New Hampshire while holding motor vehicle registration or a driver’s license in another state.

Is there evidence of voter fraud in New Hampshire, as Kris Kobach said? Not really | PolitiFact



Manchester Local, Refugee Running for Alderman at Age 20

There’s an aldermen race going on next week in Manchester. And one of the candidates on the ballot would be the city’s youngest elected if he wins. He turned 20 Thursday, attends UNH Manchester, and is a refugee from Kuwait.

Manchester Local, Refugee Running for Alderman at Age 20 | New Hampshire Public Radio

…Because immigrants are motivated citizens. Period.

“Crying Nazi” Christopher Cantwell gives himself up to police 

Before achieving notoriety as the weeping Nazi — a dubious distinction he earned after posting an online video in which he cried at the prospect of being arrested for his actions in Charlottesville — Cantwell cut his political teeth as a men’s rights Activist. Those views were evident in his interviews during the Charlottesville rally, particularly when he condemned President Donald Trump for “giving his daughter to a Jew” on the grounds that “I don’t think you can feel about race the way I do and watch that Kushner bastard walk around with that beautiful girl.”

“Crying Nazi” Christopher Cantwell gives himself up to police –

“Men’s rights” activists are typically less than men.

Trump called New Hampshire a ‘drug-infested den’ 

One of the best ways to determine something’s political impact is to imagine it in a TV ad. “President Trump thinks your state is a drug-infested den.” Yeah, ouch.

Whoops: Trump made a few mistakes by calling New Hampshire a ‘drug-infested den’ – The Washington Post

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Food stamp program works with fresh food farmers markets

Kenney’s on food stamps now, and he said he still wants to eat healthy but can’t afford fresh greens anymore. That’s where the tokens come in. The market match program operates at farmers markets all across the state, funded by a combination of charitable donations and a federal grant.

Jill Hall, director of programs at Seacoast Eat Local, one of the nonprofits that runs the token tables at markets, said the program is about knocking down financial barriers to fresh, healthy food.

…Kenney was using a program called the Granite State Market Match. When food stamp recipients come to farmers markets, the program will match, dollar for dollar, whatever they spend on fruits and veggies. Ten dollars in food stamps will get you $20 of tomatoes.

Food stamp program works with fresh food farmers markets

very cool!

Farmington objects to ACLU-NH joining lawsuit

Alexander Morin filed the suit last year, arguing the town infringed on his free speech by firing him for comments he made on a Farmington community Facebook page. The town argues Morin’s comments violated its social media policy.

The ACLU sought to join the lawsuit in support of Morin arguing the town’s social media policy “is hopelessly overbroad under the First Amendment and effectively bans speech simply because the town disfavors it.”

Morin has agreed to the ACLU-NH joining the lawsuit.

Farmington objects to ACLU-NH joining lawsuit