New Hampshire’s ‘Crying Nazi’ Arrested On Threat Charges

New Hampshire’s ‘Crying Nazi’ Arrested On Threat Charges | Concord, NH Patch


Who will win New Hampshire? 5 top state Democrats dish on the state of play

Levesque: The media is completely missing minority populations here, especially with all the talk of lack of diversity in New Hampshire and Iowa. The media could do a better job of seeking out opinions from more diverse populations in both states.

Sullivan: At this point in 2016, Sanders was at 50 percent in the polls. He ended up winning with about 61 percent. Now he’s in the mid-20s. That’s a pretty significant loss of support, yet the media seems to think he is doing well. The media is also missing the potential that there may be no clear winner here. Any candidate who finishes with more than 15 percent of the vote picks up delegates under the party rules.

Meyer: The supposition that Sanders and Warren have a stranglehold on the state is wrong. They certainly have an advantage by virtue of familiarity. But that also creates a much greater expectation for them to perform very well.

Who will win New Hampshire? 5 top state Democrats dish on the state of play – POLITICO


Bennet die-hards drawn to awkward, unusual New Hampshire campaign

In a campaign filled with stump speeches aimed at getting people fired up, Bennet is working to make government boring again. He has worked to position himself as the adult in the room. If he is elected, he wants people to not have to think about his administration for weeks at a time.

That’s endearing to some in New Hampshire, especially those who are more interested in getting Trump out of office than any one specific platform.

… Sometimes, he continued, candidates “have risen in New Hampshire simply because New Hampshire decides we’re not going to accept the conventional wisdom, and instead we’re going to pick a candidate we think can actually do whatever the mission is.”

…Carville sees Bennet as a soothing moderate who can not only beat Trump but also convince people wearing red “Make America Great Again” hats to take them off.

“I don’t just want to get rid of Trump, I want to get rid of Trumpism,” he said. “On election day, I want to see that army ragged, starving, freezing, retreating.”

Bennet die-hards drawn to awkward, unusual New Hampshire campaign – POLITICO