Jared Kushner Gave Saudi Crown Prince Advice After Khashoggi Slaying

Jared Kushner Gave Saudi Crown Prince Advice After Khashoggi Slaying: NY Times | HuffPost



Campaign Leadership: The Hardest Glass Ceiling in Politics

One prominent female member of Congress told POLITICO that she has gone so far as to make it a habit to keep a man in the room when delivering orders to her political staff. Often, he is a friend; sometimes, a hired hand. He serves a sole purpose: to repeat what she says so that other men—her subordinates—listen and take her points seriously.

…Only a few of the women who spoke to POLITICO for this story suggested that this environment was rooted in intentional malice. Instead, most chalked up the slights to obliviousness.

The handful of men interviewed for this article were startled to learn the women around them are so alienated. All of the men said they were disturbed once they looked at the terrain through the eyes of their female colleagues.

“What if it isn’t just that women are excluded from lucrative leadership roles in campaigns, but what if the end result of this is fewer women in the U.S. Senate?” wondered a male Republican consultant. “It never occurred to me.”

The Hardest Glass Ceiling in Politics – POLITICO Magazine


Democrats Calling For Reform Win Two County Attorney Seats

County attorneys oversee law enforcement and set criminal justice priorities in each county.

Only two county attorney races were close – and in both, Democrats beat out Republican incumbents with a promise of criminal justice reform.

In Merrimack County, public defender Robin Davis won after she was nominated as a write-in Democratic candidate during the primaries.

…Davis plans to prioritize rehabilitation for people with drug charges and look at building an alternative sentencing program for some non-citizens to reduce their risk of deportation after arrest.

Democrats Calling For Reform Win Two County Attorney Seats | New Hampshire Public Radio


John McCain funeral: George W. Bush and Michelle Obama pass candy

In a video clip shared on Twitter, Bush takes the small parcel from Laura Bush, and passes it to Obama. In the clip, Obama takes the piece from Bush and whispers “thank you.” The George W. Bush Presidential Center later confirmed to USA TODAY that the item in question was not candy, but actually a cough drop. Even cuter.

While Bush and Obama may seem like an unlikely duo, each coming from different political parties and different backgrounds, the two found kindred spirits in each other, Bush told People in a 2017 interview.

“She kind of likes my sense of humor,” Bush said in the interview. “Anybody who likes my sense of humor, I immediately like.”

John McCain funeral: George W. Bush and Michelle Obama pass candy

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Philadelphia DA Larry Krasner offers his most radical criminal justice reform yet.

Among other head-turning changes, Philadelphia’s district attorney has stopped prosecuting marijuana possession, instructed his 300 assistant district attorneys to stop seeking bail on low-level charges, and had his office begin plea negotiations below the low end of the state’s sentencing guidelines.

…Krasner has challenged the idea that every person convicted of killing should be sent away for the rest of their lives, which is the mandatory minimum sentence for first- or second- degree murder in Pennsylvania. He has mandated that he personally sign off on any deal offered that exceeds 15 to 30 years in prison. According to a recent Philadelphia Inquirer analysis, in six cases that were initially filed as “murder generally” Krasner sought third-degree or involuntary manslaughter charges rather than the first- or second-degree murder charges that would have been the norm under his predecessors. While comprehensive national comparisons are hard to come by, criminal justice experts view this willingness to lower murder charges as a first of its kind effort among prosecutors in major municipalities.

Philadelphia DA Larry Krasner offers his most radical criminal justice reform yet.