Mike Pence is Complicit

In one scandal after another, Pence “was never, either intentionally or unintentionally, made aware of the facts.”

The pattern is suspicious, all right. But it’s not a pattern of Pence being deceived. It’s a pattern of his willful blindness and misrepresentations. Pence refuses to learn from the treachery of the people around him. He continues to vouch for President Trump and others who conspire, lie, and hide corruption. Pence isn’t a victim. He’s an accomplice.

Mike Pence is complicit.


Kurdish journalist prompts Iraq to investigate rape, torture, ki

Arkady explains that he was embedded at ERD headquarters in Kajara south of Mosul “not far from a US base.”

…Arkady wrote that on October 22 one of the ERD fighters arrived with two young prisoners “presumed IS supporters.” Arkady claims he was later told they had been tortured for three days and then after a week were killed.

The photos, Arkady says, were taken shortly after they arrived at the facility.

One photo shows a bearded man in a blindfold with black hair with his arms tied behind his back. He appears to be hanging by his wrists with a pack of water bottles placed in the small of this back for extra weight.

A similar photo shows a man suspended by his hands in a similar manner. His neck tied to his feet making it impossible to straighten his back.

Arkady says he was surprised that he was permitted to continue filming.

“No one stopped me,” he wrote.

…On December 16, Arkady says the unit received information about an ISIS informant. Arkady recalls the man being dragged out, while one the Iraqi fighters he was with “announced that he was going to rape the woman.”

In one photo Arkady says was taken that night a woman is clutching a baby in a room as someone opens the door. She appears to be crying out and pointing at the person opening the door.

Arkady claims that the abuse wasn’t only directed at ISIS fighters and informants; Sunni members of the unit also raped Shiite Hashd al-Shaabi paramilitary fighters.

Arkady works for a US-based photo agency, and said he was surprised when he was asked to participate in the beatings. 

“I come from Khanaqin, a small city in the north-east of Iraq, where the Kurdish and Arabic parts meet. With us, it was always normal that Sunnis, Shiites, Kurds, Arabs live side by side and together,” Arkady wrote.

He wrote that shortly after he went back to Khanaqin to get his wife and daughter, and then fled from Iraq.

Kurdish journalist prompts Iraq to investigate rape, torture, ki


Fox News rebutted Greg Gianforte’s story about his fight with a reporter. Here’s why that matters. 

Statements from people who speak against their apparent interests carry a great deal of power.

…In my experiment, I randomized exposure to corrections from different sources — basically I varied the political identity of the person presenting “the truth.”

…I found that while corrections by authoritative and Democratic sources had some effect on changing minds about the truth concerning death panels, these corrections quickly faded. By contrast, when corrections came from a Republican politician, respondents of both parties — Democrats and Republicans alike — were less likely to accept the death panel rumor, even after a period of time (though the power of the correction did fade somewhat).

My experiment demonstrates that when it comes to matters of fact, it is statements from people who speak against their apparent interests — in this case Republicans talking about policies advanced by a Democratic president and Congress — that are most surprising and have the most power.

…Initial reports on last night’s events may have had something of a “he said, she said” feel, with conflicting accounts from Gianforte’s campaign and Jacobs. But relatively soon a local Fox News crew confirmed Jacobs’s account, stating that Gianforte jumped on top of Jacobs and began punching him.

Fox News rebutted Greg Gianforte’s story about his fight with a reporter. Here’s why that matters. – The Washington Post