Democratic primary: Bernie Sanders wins Northern Mariana Islands caucuses

Sanders won with 84 votes, while former Vice President Joe Biden received 48 votes and two went uncommitted. Sanders’ win in the contest translates to four national delegates, while Biden captured two.

Democratic primary:Bernie Sanders wins Northern Mariana Islands caucuses – CNNPolitics

134 total votes???


‘I Did the Math’: Katie Porter Gets Trump CDC Head to Commit to Making Coronavirus Testing Free

‘I Did the Math’: Katie Porter Gets Trump CDC Head to Commit to Making Coronavirus Testing Free | Common Dreams News


Go, grrrrrrl!

The Pacific Ocean is so acidic that it’s dissolving Dungeness crabs’ shells

The ocean is acidifying because it’s absorbing more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, which lowers pH levels in the water.

…Ocean acidification changes the coasts, releasing excess nutrient that can create algae blooms and increasing sea temperatures and salinity, according to NOAA.

…For crustaceans and coral that rely on carbonate ions -which are less abundant in more acidic waters- to build their shells and coral skeletons, it becomes more difficult to build strong shells is the pH drops.

…The acidification corroded the young shells of Dungeness crab larvae.

…This could cause developmental delays that could mess with their rate of maturation.

The tiny hair-like structures crabs use to navigate their environments were damaged by the low pH levels, too — something scientists had never seen before. Crabs without these mechanoreceptors could move more slowly and have difficulty swimming and searching for food.

…The acidity wasn’t predicted to damage the crabs this quickly.

“If the crabs are affected already, we really need to make sure we pay much more attention to various components of the food chain before it is too late,” said study lead author Nina Bednarsek, a senior scientist with the Southern California Coastal Water Research Project.

The Pacific Ocean is so acidic that it’s dissolving Dungeness crabs’ shells – CNN


Throwback: Clinton Rallies Her Troops to Fight for Obama

Mr. Clinton remains angrier than people realize about the Obama campaign’s portrayal of his wife as deceitful and of his administration as middling and his political tactics as, at times, racially charged.

…“I want you to ask yourselves: Were you in this campaign just for me?” Mrs. Clinton said. “Or were you in it for that young marine and others like him? Were you in it for that mom struggling with cancer while raising her kids? Were you in it for that boy and his mom surviving on the minimum wage?”

Mr. Clinton became teary at several points during his wife’s speech, and even Mrs. Clinton, who has been so steady this week, seemed to grow misty a couple of times as she thanked her supporters profusely and recalled some of the Americans she met along the trail. Some parts of the speech devoted to Mr. Obama and Mr. McCain, in turn, had a bit of a workmanlike quality, but on the whole her speech echoed with the emotional lyricism that she showed in June when she dropped out of the race and told supporters, “It would break my heart if, in falling short of my goal, I in any way discouraged any of you from pursuing yours.”

…When Kelly Friendly, a Clinton supporter from Wellesley, Mass., was asked if she would vote for Mr. Obama, she said, referring to Mrs. Clinton: “Absolutely. She just told us to, didn’t she?”

Clinton Rallies Her Troops to Fight for Obama – The New York Times

Two things….

One: Undermining Democrats who came before but were better than what came before them never serves the party well. Obama’s criticisms of the Clintons (and amplifications of others’ criticisms) came back to bite the party on the ass in 2016.

Two: That’s what supporting the nominee looks like.

Democrats unveil three questions to guide public impeachment hearings

Did the President request that a foreign leader and government initiate investigations to benefit the President’s personal political interests in the United States, including an investigation related to the President’s political rival and potential opponent in the 2020 U.S. presidential election?

• Did the President – directly or through agents – seek to use the power of the Office of the President and other instruments of the federal government in other ways to apply pressure on the head of state and government of Ukraine to advance the President’s personal political interests, including by leveraging an Oval Office meeting desired by the President of Ukraine or by withholding U.S. military assistance to Ukraine?

• Did the President and his Administration seek to obstruct, suppress or cover up information to conceal from the Congress and the American people evidence about the President’s actions and conduct?

Democrats unveil three questions to guide public impeachment hearings – POLITICO


Sen. Shaheen named 2019 ‘beer champion’ for brewery support

Shaheen was selected for her leadership in championing policies that provide tax relief for all brewers and beer importers and encouraged free trade.

…New Hampshire is home to 116 breweries, and the beer industry helps create 13,000 jobs in the state.

Shaheen cosponsored the Craft Beverage Modernization and Tax Reform Act (S. 362) to provide permanent excise tax relief to America’s brewers and beer importers, ensuring they have the resources to reinvest in their businesses, hire new employees and continue to innovate and create America’s favorite beers. She also cosponsored the Aluminum Pricing Examination (APEX) Act (S. 1953) to allow more oversight and investigation into the aluminum market, providing transparency and stability brewers need to can their beer for consumers.

Sen. Shaheen named 2019 ‘beer champion’ for brewery support – News – – Portsmouth, NH


Facebook removes accounts from UAE, Nigeria, Egypt and Indonesia

Citing “coordinated inauthentic behaviour” aimed at misleading social media users. 

A total of 443 Facebook accounts, 200 pages and 76 groups, as well as 125 Instagram accounts, were removed, the social media platform said on Thursday.

They were traced to three separate and “unconnected” operations, one of which was operating in three countries, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Nigeria; and two others in Indonesia and Egypt, to spread misleading posts and news articles.

…In all, the accounts on Facebook and Instagram commanded an estimated 7.5 million followers.

Facebook removes accounts from UAE, Nigeria, Egypt and Indonesia | News | Al Jazeera


As Greenland melts, something strange is happening to the ice sheet

About 80 percent of the ice sheet’s surface is like a snowcone: A dusting of fresh snowfall covers a thick layer of old snow, called firn, that’s slowly being compressed into glacier ice but still contains plenty of air pockets. When the top of this snow cone melts in the summer, liquid water percolates down into the firn, which soaks it up like a 100-foot-thick sponge.

…They started finding dense, compacted layers of ice in core after core, just below the seasonal snow layer. It was, MacFerrin says, as if a “turtle shell” had formed over the firn.

…That summer, for the first time on record, meltwater from this part of Greenland visibly started to flow away as runoff.

…Ice slabs have already caused Greenland’s runoff zone to expand by about 26 percent, according to the new study. 

…Under a worst-case scenario where carbon emissions continue to climb until the end of the century, the researchers calculated that ice slab proliferation could add up to 3 inches of sea level rise by 2100, boosting the ice sheet’s overall sea level rise contribution by nearly a third. In both a middle-of-the-road scenario where emissions peak by mid-century and the high emissions one, the amount of runoff from Greenland’s interior roughly doubles by century’s end.

…“We have never observed an ice sheet behaving this way before,” Poinar says. “It’s unprecedented in human scientific history.”

As Greenland melts, something strange is happening to the ice sheet