Mom of Theodore Roosevelt sailor ‘devastated’ by firing of Crozier

“Right after I after heard from [him], I said I was so thankful for this being my son’s captain, that he had such a wonderful person,” she said. “I don’t blame him for letting them off in Vietnam. He had no clue. None of us thought it was that bad.”

The mother of the Roosevelt sailor said she was “really proud” that Crozier “risked his own livelihood. That is so hard to do. Not a lot of men, not a lot of women, not a lot of people out there who would do that for others.”

…“My mom updated me,” she said. “As soon as she heard that he got fired, she called. I am devastated. This is so terrible. Because he was finally looking out for the little guys, you know? There’s not a lot of people like that in the world.”

Sailors aboard the Roosevelt should have been in quarantine sooner, said the sailor’s mother, who comes from a military family. Her dad was in the Air Force. Her grandfather was in the Marines and her ex-husband was in the Navy.

Mom of Theodore Roosevelt sailor ‘devastated’ by firing of Crozier



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