US accuses Huawei of spying through ‘back doors’ built for law enforcement – which is what the US has been pressuring tech companies to do for years

Huawei built equipment allowing it to tap into telecoms using interfaces designed only for law enforcement without alerting the carriers. “Huawei does not disclose this covert access to its local customers, or the host nation national-security agencies,” a senior US official told the newspaper.

…US officials say Huawei has had this technology for over a decade. The US kept this information highly classified until it started sharing it last year with allies like Germany and the UK in a bid to get them to freeze out Huawei equipment from their 5G networks, the report said.

…The US government’s latest allegation against Huawei highlights a security argument that the US has long been wrangling with tech companies about: whether it’s safe to build privacy vulnerabilities for law enforcement to use.

…”Introducing back doors weakens the internet for everyone, and leaves it so much more vulnerable to everyone from cybercrime rings to authoritarian regimes.”

“The US government’s concern about possible backdoors in Huawei-built networks only underscores why it is untenable for the government to demand that US-based tech companies create backdoors for domestic law enforcement agencies. Once built, these mechanisms can be co-opted by governments around the world.”

US accuses Huawei of spying through ‘back doors’ built for law enforcement – Business Insider



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