To Sign or Not to Sign: The Veruca Salt Syndrome

Imagine throngs of victims screaming whatever they needed to get their way — both male and female — have come to social media to harass, bully and overpower folks. This is the epitome of Veruca Salt. Social media platforms are forced to accept this behavior under the guise of ‘free speech.’ They don’t want to get involved.

This is nothing about free speech; this is: “I want it now and you shut up!” speech.

…The Verucas who were angry that a character was killed off acted upon the information. They found his home phone and called. They left threatening messages to him and his family to show their outrage and their “power” (small p) in the fandom. This is not acceptable behavior in real life why is it tolerated in social media?

On another show I follow, the Verucas of that fandom insist that the two leads are dating when they are not. They have them (in their fantasies) secretly married, with a love child. None of it is true but any person seen in public with them is deemed an assistant (male) or whore (female.)  … I also heard that they have even gone to the actors Wikipedia pages and have been in a wikiwar with the admins trying to erase the fact that one of the leads is publicly engaged to another person. Veruca will always try to her way no matter what.

…The Verucas will argue that their “rights” to an autograph usurp my right to personal time.

Fans will argue that they “paid my salary” so therefore; I “owe” them. 🙄

No. Unfortunately that’s not correct and I don’t owe you anything.

…The network pays my salary and bets that their investment in the show will pay off in big commercial and sponsorship profits. By the time you watch something I’ve been in; I’ve already been paid by the network or studio.

BTW, just so we are crystal clear on this: I don’t make a dime from you currently watching Star Trek: The Original Series. The show was made before syndication rules so none of us get anything for the show being shown on TV around the world.

To Sign or Not to Sign: The Veruca Salt Syndrome – William Shatner – Medium



New Jersey Couple’s GoFundMe Campaign To Help Homeless Man ‘Was Predicated On a Lie’

As McClure told it on the GoFundMe website, Bobbitt used his last $20 to buy her gasoline after she became stranded near an off-ramp in Philadelphia. McClure said she later returned with her boyfriend, D’Amico, in tow and he took a picture of the unlikely pair. That story combined with the photo became a wallet-opening viral juggernaut, garnering national headlines and news segments. Within days the couple had vastly exceeded their goal of $10,000, eventually raising nearly $403,000 from more than 14,000 people.

New Jersey Couple’s GoFundMe Campaign To Help Homeless Man ‘Was Predicated On a Lie’ : NPR


Police Fatally Shoot Black Security Guard Who Detained Shooting Suspect

When police arrived after reports of a shooting over the weekend at a bar outside Chicago, witnesses say Jemel Roberson, a 26-year-old security guard who worked there, had already subdued the alleged assailant in the parking lot, pinning him to the ground.

…Midlothian Police Chief Daniel Delaney said that’s when one of his officers …shot him, according to a statement given to the media.

…Roberson was holding a firearm he was licensed to carry. Other witnesses, and a lawsuit filed by Roberson’s family, reportedly said he was wearing a hat emblazoned with the word “security.”

“Everybody was screaming out ‘Security!’ ” Harris told WGN. “They …saw a black man with a gun, and basically killed him.”

…Woods said that the Midlothian officer came out of the club’s back door — weapon drawn — and ordered Roberson to “get on the ground.”

“Before he says ‘ground’ he fires the first shot,” she said, adding that she has not been interviewed by investigators.

Police Fatally Shoot Black Security Guard Who Detained Shooting Suspect : NPR

If these officers are not dismissed and formally charged it is clear their su[erior do not care about law enforcement.

If an officer cannot properly assess information before they act, they should not have been given a badge in the first place. Perhaps the person who hired them should be fired and charged with public endangerment…

Fox News: We Support CNN’s Lawsuit Against Trump

“FOX News supports CNN in its legal effort to regain its White House reporter’s press credential. We intend to file an amicus brief with the U.S. District Court,” the right-wing cable channel’s president Jay Wallace said in a statement.

“Secret Service passes for working White House journalists should never be weaponized,” the network added. “While we don’t condone the growing antagonistic tone by both the President and the press at recent media avails, we do support a free press, access and open exchanges for the American people.”

Fox News: We Support CNN’s Lawsuit Against Trump – The Daily Beast