50,000 Year-Old String Shows Neanderthals Were Technologically Advanced

Bruce Hardy and colleagues discovered a six-millimeter-long cord fragment consisting of three bundles of fibers twisted together and adhering to a 60-millimeter-long, thin stone tool. The authors speculate that the cord was wrapped around the tool as a handle or was part of a net or bag containing the tool. They date the cord fragment, which they discovered in Abri du Maras, France, to between 41,000-52,000 years ago. Using spectroscopy and microscopy, they identified that the cord likely consists of fibers taken from the inner bark of a non-flowering tree such as a conifer.

50,000 Year-Old String Shows Neanderthals Were Technologically Advanced


Also, why do ALL of these articles start off the premise that any sign technology among out ancestors is such a surprise?


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