Concord Monitor: Shaheen is a solid presence in the Senate

Shaheen has been in Washington for a decade now, and can be counted on to be the adult in the room where others are acting like children. If she is re-elected, as we assume she will be, she will move up the Senate ranks and be in an even stronger position to advocate on behalf of her state.

Shaheen was New Hampshire’s first female governor, its first female senator and the first woman in U.S. history to become both a governor and a senator. 

…She’s skilled at finding the common ground that allows her to sponsor bipartisan legislation.

…She is too moderate for our tastes, but she is trusted, respected and effective. She was the prime sponsor of 11 bills that have become law.

…Shaheen already has more seniority than two-thirds of her fellow senators, and seniority matters. She fills some of the most important roles in Congress as a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Appropriations and Armed Services Committees and as one of six members of the Senate Ethics Committee. Re-election will allow her to have even more impact.

Editorial: A solid presence in the Senate



If Rosa Parks rode a bus in Boston today, she’d see nearly the same segregation she fought

If Rosa Parks boarded a bus in Boston today, she wouldn’t see black and white sections; she’d see a dysfunctional system that is disproportionately failing the low-income people — largely people of color and immigrants — whose livelihoods depend on it.

…Even though white and minority riders use the bus system in roughly equal numbers, differences in reliability and frequency of service on routes that serve mostly black and mostly white riders effectively steal more than a week and a half of work [from riders who are not white]— 3 percent of a person’s annual productivity, skimmed right off the top.

…“These studies are replicated around the nation. It’s one of the greatest transportation injustices,” said Julian Agyeman, a professor of urban and environmental policy and planning at Tufts University.

…Only 19 of the T’s 176 bus routes offer frequent, all-day service. And 63 percent of area residents are not served by any of those 19 routes, which mostly run along major corridors and feed big job centers like Longwood or Kendall Square.

If Rosa Parks rode a bus in Boston today, she’d see nearly the same segregation she fought – The Boston Globe


Supreme Court blocks Louisiana abortion law from taking effect Monday

Louisiana’s Unsafe Abortion Protection Act has been blocked since its enactment in 2014, it requires a doctor to have admitting privileges at a hospital within 30 miles of the facility where the abortion is performed.

The state argues that the law is necessary to provide a higher level of physician competence, but critics say there is no medical justification for the law and it amounts to a veiled attempt to unlawfully restrict abortion.

In 2017, Judge John deGravelles, of the US District Court for the Middle District of Louisiana, an Obama appointee, struck down the law, saying it would severely limit the number of providers available to perform abortions, result in the closure of clinics and “place added stress” on remaining facilities.

Supreme Court blocks Louisiana abortion law from taking effect Monday – CNNPolitics


Detroit officer as woman walks home in the cold: ‘what black girl magic looks like’ – CNN

Chief James Craig said the officer, a corporal in the Detroit Police Department, stopped the woman for expired registration. Her vehicle was towed, and as she walked to her home in the cold the officer posted a video on Snapchat saying “Bye Felecia.”

…Craig said the officer also made a reference to Black History Month, which he called even more problematic.

…The officer is under an internal investigation, but the department has begun moving to penalize him.

“I’m not troubled, I’m not disappointed, I’m angry,” Craig said. “This officer will be held accountable for his actions,” he said. “We are moving to remove his corporal rank.”

Detroit officer as woman walks home in the cold: ‘what black girl magic looks like’ – CNN

As long as officers of the law are allow to act like such hateful bigots, there will never be law and order, let alone justice.