‘It’s going to backfire’ – Concord, NH city councilors not keen on mandatory masks

“I think a lot of people inappropriately have made this into a point of resistance for their own personal reasons, which I think potentially places our law enforcement, as we saw in the incidents at the Rollins Park playground, into the position of being a point of confrontation with people who have an ax to grind or a point to make,” Champlin said. 

…“If we are going to go down this road at any point, we need to consider the fact that I think there’s likely going to be a legal challenge to whatever town ordinances are implemented,” Councilor Nathan Fennessy said. “Just a note of caution there.” 

Councilor Rob Werner agreed. 

“I’m very skeptical that we or any municipality has the ability to do this,” he said. 

‘It’s going to backfire’ – Concord city councilors not keen on mandatory masks



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