Prince Harry explains how he got the Queen to do Invictus Games video

Yeah, yeah, yeah… More of my royal watcher postings!

Yeah, yeah, yeah, what makes these people any different than any non-royal? Well, frankly, nothing. Life is not an evenly just place. Some people get better dealt better and more lucrative hands than others. Which is not to say we shouldn’t strive for equality or raising people up; quite the opposite! It is just to say that is where we start. What each person does with his or her hand matters just as much as the luck of the draw.

To be clear, I have no nostalgia for actual (i.e non-figurehead/ceremonial) rulers being chosen by birth or – even worse – by violent military clashes between clans. I do think that having a visible monarchy in some parts of the world is a valuable legacy and window into our collective past though. It’s like an ever present history lesson or something…

If we can assume for the moment, that there is and should be a British monarchy, isn’t it nice that Diana’s sons are leading the monarchy into the future with such a keen eye for ways to improve conditions for those less fortunate than themselves? (Seriously, wouldn’t it be nice if ALL scions and heirs to great wealth and power acted that way!!!)

OK, all of my justify and posturing out of the way, Harry comes off as such a mensch here… Finding ways to serve the military that he is prevented from making his career in that very few others would have the ability or inclination to carry out….

Can you just imagine a world where people like Paris Hilton and Ivanka Trump shared the same sense of duty? Sigh…


Good on you, Prince Harry! What a wonderful way to continue your service to the military. Not to mention what a nice continuation of all the work your mum did

Oh, and the actual mic drop video with the Queen is a hoot.

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