11alive updated from Atlanta protests after Police shooting of Rayshard Brooks who was sleeping in his car at Wendy’s

10:33 p.m. Friday| After police respond to Rayshard Brooks sleeping in his car at the Wendy’s drive thru on University Avenue, a struggle ensues and Brooks is eventually shot by police. He is transported to Grady Hospital where he died in emergency surgery. 

5:15 p.m. Saturday| Atlanta Police Chief Erika Shields agrees to step down.

9 p.m.  Saturday| A massive crowd has amassed on the Downtown Connector in Atlanta as protests of Brooks’ death move into the evening hours.

9:15 p.m.  Saturday| As cars back up a large distance away on both sides, Atlanta Police have arrived in MARTA buses on the opposite side of the interstate. Police are in riot gear.

9:46 p.m.  Saturday| A second group of protesters has gathered on the other side of the interstate.

9:51 p.m.  Saturday| Fires have been set out in front of the Wendy’s. …Video shows at least three different fires.

10:10 p.m.  Saturday|  [Dozen arrested.] A prison transport bus has made its way to the scene.

10:19 p.m.  Saturday| The interior of Wendy’s is on fire and flames are visible through a drive-thru window and the dining room. 

10:40 p.m. Saturday| Flames at the Wendy’s break through the roof and the restaurant appears to be fully engulfed. 

11:05 p.m.  Saturday| Huge crowds continue to gather at nearby gas stations close to Wendy’s along University Avenue. Police in riot gear are moving toward restaurant using smoke or gas igniters in an attempt to clear crowds.

12:30 a.m.  Sunday| Atlanta police identify the two officers involved in Friday’s shooting that killed Rayshard Brooks and confirm one has been fired. Officer Devin Bronsan has been placed on administrative duty and Officer Garrett Rolfe has been terminated. Bronsan has been with the department since Sept. 20, 2018 and Rolfe was hired Oct. 24, 2013.


Atlanta protests after Wendy’s shooting of Rayshard Brooks | 11alive.com


Texas police chase ends in death. “I can’t breathe,” the man cries.

The deputies’ decisions to chase and repeatedly use their Tasers on a man who simply failed to dim his lights prompts questions about the agency’s practice of pursuing drivers for minor crimes.

“It is of very serious concern to any of us who are in law enforcement that the decision to engage in that chase was driven by more of a need to provide entertainment than to keep Williamson County citizens safe,” said Travis County District Attorney Margaret Moore.

…Investigators say Chody and “Live PD” producers have repeatedly stonewalled their efforts to obtain evidence or interviews with the officers involved.

…Backup Deputy Zachary Camden, who is white and was also accompanied by a “Live PD” crew, arrived and shoved his Taser into Ambler’s upper back “in a drive-stun motion.”

As the struggle continued, deputies used a Taser on Ambler a third time, though the report said it was unclear which  man deployed his weapon.

…Body camera video from that officer captured the final minutes of Ambler’s life:

Deputies yell at Ambler to lay on his stomach and put his hands behind his back. One presses a Taser into his upper back.

“I have congestive heart failure,” Ambler says. “I have congestive heart failure. I can’t breathe.”

As the deputies scream orders, Ambler, between gasps, tells them he’s trying to follow their commands. Another four times he tells the deputies he can’t breathe.

“I am not resisting,” Ambler cries. “Sir, I can’t breathe. … Please. … Please.”

…A death-in-custody report filed with the Texas attorney general’s office — a procedure required anytime a person dies in police custody — said Ambler did not attempt to, nor did he assault deputies, and he did not verbally threaten others nor attempt to get control of any officers’ weapons.

…Because the chase ended in Austin, the Austin Police Department Special Investigations Unit is investigating with Moore’s Civil Rights Unit.

The Statesman began looking into the case in February after investigators said they were troubled about what they were learning and frustrated that they felt stymied by Williamson County’s failure to cooperate.

Texas police chase ends in death. “I can’t breathe,” the man cries.

Live PD is disgusting.
There need to be some murder charges here.

Minneapolis Police slashing tires on video.

Mother Jones on Twitter: “Some protesters, news crews, and medics in Minneapolis found themselves stranded after recent protests: The tires of their cars had been slashed. Many assumed protesters were to blame. But videos reveal a different culprit: the police. https://t.co/SGYS5nXPFq https://t.co/HH6uygLgoI” / Twitter

This is what happens when a society allows a class of people to function outside the law: they do.

Police unions dig in as calls for reform grow

A crowd of police officers in Philadelphia gathered outside their local union headquarters on Monday to show their support for one of their own: a staff inspector facing assault charges after allegedly beating a college student at an anti-racism protest last week.

…Despite viral footage of Bologna hitting the student in the back of the head with a metal baton, sending him to the hospital.

Following the rally, the union that represents Bologna issued a statement, saying it “will not stand-by and watch Inspector Bologna get railroaded.”

Police unions dig in as calls for reform grow – CNNPolitics

There is no arguing with double-speak like that, only shutting it down.

NFL condemns racism, admits ‘we were wrong’ not to listen to player protests

In his second statement released since the May 25 death of George Floyd, an unarmed black man killed by police in Minnesota, Goodell used the roughly 80-second recorded message not only to “condemn the systemic oppression of black people” but also to admit fault for not listening to its players “earlier.”

…The NFL has come under fire since Floyd’s death, as the image of Chauvin kneeling on Floyd’s neck is being compared to former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick kneeling during the national anthem in 2016 to protest racism and oppression. The moved sparked years of controversy, lawsuits, an eventual settlement, and a blown attempt to reconcile after Kaepernick was blackballed.

NFL condemns racism, admits ‘we were wrong’ not to listen to player protests

So, you’re gonna welcome Kaepernick with open arms, then, Roger?

West Virginia Fire Chief Fired For Wearing ‘All Lives Splatter’ Shirt Depicting Car Running Over Protesters

One such post includes an image of a blood splattered truck with the caption “Just drove through Minneapolis, didn’t see any protesters.”

…Another shows Hess wearing a t-shirt with the words “All lives splatter. Nobody cares about your protest. Keep your ass out of the road.”

The t-shirt also features a cartoon image of a car driving through a crowd of people and knocking them into the air.

West Virginia Fire Chief Fired For Wearing ‘All Lives Splatter’ Shirt Depicting Car Running Over Protesters


Legal Barriers to Challenging Excessive Force by Police

What is qualified immunity?

The doctrine provides that a police officer can’t even be put on trial for using excessive force unless the person suing proves that:

1. the evidence shows or could convince a jury that the officer used excessive force; and

2. the officers should have known they were violating “clearly established” law, because a prior court case had already deemed similar police actions to be illegal.

This two-part test means that even if a court finds that the officer used excessive force, it will grant immunity if the facts don’t match an earlier case finding the same conduct to be illegal.

The “clearly established” law requirement makes it hard to win against the police, Reuters found, because courts are increasingly requiring a nearly identical case to use as precedent—and a court can almost always find or make up a factual difference between the case it’s reviewing and an earlier case.

Legal Barriers to Challenging Excessive Force by Police


Holocaust Survivor Stops by Chicago Protest to Support Black Lives Matter Movement

Holocaust Survivor Stops by Chicago Protest to Support Black Lives Matter Movement

100-year-old Joyce Wagner. This is her 4 years ago:

NH state trooper fist-bumps an armed Trump-supporting anti-protestor behind the back of a black Concord City Officer at the Concord Black Lives Matter march. Any questions?

Sherry Frost 🍑🆘 on Twitter: “A NH state trooper fist-bumps an armed Trump-supporting anti-protestor behind the back of a black Concord City Officer at the Concord Black Lives Matter march. Any questions? Photo credit: Jody Anthony https://t.co/Ir5NEQkIaj” / Twitter

Why has this Tropper not been ID’ed and doxxed yet?

Some senators want to stop police getting military equipment or weapons

“It is clear that many police departments are being outfitted as if they are going to war, and it is not working in terms of maintaining the peace,” Schatz told the New York Times. “This is not the only thing we need to do, but as our country sees these images on television that remind us of some countries far, far away, it’s time to recalibrate this program. Just because the Department of Defense has excess weaponry doesn’t mean it will be put to good use.”

…While the 1033 program’s intent may have been to equip specialized units for extreme, dangerous situations, fighting al-Qaeda sleeper cells, or powerful drug cartels, the effect has been to incorporate SWAT-style raids into ordinary police operations. That includes, but is certainly not limited to, the serving of search warrants. This may partly be because the program requires that all equipment issued through the 1033 program be used within one year of the date it is granted. That means that if police departments want to keep their new gear, they can’t wait for a rare emergency like an active shooter or hostage situation in order to use it.

…Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) proposed a series of reforms, including a national police misconduct database, in response to the protests.

Some senators want to stop police getting military equipment or weapons – Vox


Six Atlanta Police officers being charged after allegedly using excessive force at protest

The officers were filmed in downtown Atlanta breaking windows of a vehicle, yanking a woman out of the car and tasing a man. The two victims were later identified as college students at Spelman and Morehouse, both historically black schools, and were returning from protests calling for an end to police violence against black citizens.

…Arrest warrants have been issued for Lonnie Hood, Willie Sauls, Ivory Streeter, Mark Gardner, Armond Jones and Roland Claud. Some of the charges against the officers include aggravated assault of Messiah Young, aggravated assault of Taniyah Pilgrim, simple battery and criminal damage to property, Howard said.

Two of the six officers, Streeter and Gardner, were terminated Sunday by Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms.

Six Atlanta Police officers being charged after allegedly using excessive force at protest – CNN