Six Atlanta Police officers being charged after allegedly using excessive force at protest

The officers were filmed in downtown Atlanta breaking windows of a vehicle, yanking a woman out of the car and tasing a man. The two victims were later identified as college students at Spelman and Morehouse, both historically black schools, and were returning from protests calling for an end to police violence against black citizens.

…Arrest warrants have been issued for Lonnie Hood, Willie Sauls, Ivory Streeter, Mark Gardner, Armond Jones and Roland Claud. Some of the charges against the officers include aggravated assault of Messiah Young, aggravated assault of Taniyah Pilgrim, simple battery and criminal damage to property, Howard said.

Two of the six officers, Streeter and Gardner, were terminated Sunday by Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms.

Six Atlanta Police officers being charged after allegedly using excessive force at protest – CNN


Black flight attendant unknowingly has emotional discussion on race with white airline CEO – ABC News

Hill recalled him telling her he was halfway through it, but that it “really point[ed] out how important these conversations on race are.”

“As I began to respond the tears just start[ed] falling,” Hill said.

Parker later told American Airlines executives in an email that he “felt wholly inadequate” but “knew it was a special moment.”

…When Parker disembarked from the plane, he handed Hill a handwritten note telling her that she could email him if she wanted to continue their conversation.

“I am saddened that we as a society have progressed so slowly on an issue that has such a clear right versus wrong,” Parker wrote to Hill. “Much of the problem is we don’t talk about it enough.”

Parker also emailed Hill’s mother, Patti, telling her that her daughter’s visit was a “gift.”

Hill posted about the encounter on her Facebook, and in a little over three days, it has garnered over 6,000 reactions.

“We are not so different in what we want out of life,” Hill told ABC News. “All we both wanted in that moment was peace and to be understood.”

Black flight attendant unknowingly has emotional discussion on race with white airline CEO – ABC News


Lizzo and Lil Nas X criticise Blackout Tuesday for obscuring protests

Many of these posts were accompanied with the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter or #blm instead of #BlackoutTuesday, reducing the power of the #BlackLivesMatter hashtag to spread information about the protests and wider justice movement. “Please don’t use the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter because it is flooding the hashtag search,” Minneapolis rapper Lizzo said in an Instagram video.

…The California R&B star Kehlani criticised the potential for #BlackoutTuesday to suppress the sharing of information between protesters. “While I do appreciate the idea … don’t y’all think getting off our form of communicating with each other, sharing info, seeing news … for a whole day … in the middle of a war on us … is kinda dangerous? By all means don’t spend. But we need each other on HERE.” She continued: “Anything could go down wit no ability to warn each other/help each other.”

…The British producer Mura Masa condemned the push for silence, saying: “Inaction is what got us here.” 

….Lizzo encouraged her fans to vote in the US presidential primaries. “There are many ways to protest. Find your voice and use it.”

Lizzo and Lil Nas X criticise Blackout Tuesday for obscuring protests | Lizzo | The Guardian


George Floyd and Derek Chauvin Might as Well Have Lived on Different Planets

Severe segregation in the Twin Cities region is a relatively recent phenomenon. In the 1960s and 1970s, the Minneapolis region was one of the most racially integrated in the nation. This was partially the product of a carefully designed “fair share” program that required all municipalities within the region to develop affordable housing within their borders, preventing suburbs from effectively barring low-income residents, as had occurred in most major American cities. Minneapolis also operated an aggressive school desegregation plan. But over time, both programs broke down under pressure from special interests and were substituted for by less politically troublesome programs.

This new approach focused more on improving segregated schools than eliminating them, and uplifting impoverished neighborhoods without directly addressing the region’s racialized living patterns. Combined with an increase in the region’s racial diversity, this policy shift caused residential and educational segregation — almost always closely linked — to rapidly spike.

…When police forces live in neighborhoods that are racially and socioeconomically distinct from the areas they serve, the police themselves can start to [act] less like community representatives, and more like an occupying force. A police officer who lives out of town, interacting with the resident of a poor or segregated neighborhood, is a microcosm of the embedded racial tensions across an entire geographic region.

Opinion | George Floyd and Derek Chauvin Might as Well Have Lived on Different Planets – The New York Times


Louisville Police Left David McAtee’s Body on Street for 12 Hours

THE BODY OF David McAtee laid in the streets of Louisville, Kentucky, for over 12 hours on Monday. McAtee had been killed by law enforcement just after midnight on Sunday, May 31, amid days of protests over police violence nationwide. Noon the next day, protesters were gathered at the site. McAtee’s body was still there.

McAtee, the owner of a local barbecue business and a beloved community figure, was shot and killed after Louisville police and the National Guard opened fire on a crowd that had gathered at a parking lot on 26th and Broadway. As the owner of YaYa’s BBQ, McAtee was known to give police officers free meals. Bystanders and witnesses have said that the crowd was not protesting when the police arrived. 

…Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear attributed the killing to the Louisville Metro Police Department and the National Guard. Police officers, Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer said, had not activated their body cameras in violation of policy. Police Chief Steve Conrad was fired as a result, but retains his pension.

Louisville Police Left David McAtee’s Body on Street for 12 Hours


Police marching with protesters: how some cities got it right and others didn’t | US policing | The Guardian

There are a few policies that Sinyangwe said the evidence supports. There is not enough data, Sinyangwe said, to say that anti-bias training and classes are a solution. Instead, he points to strong restrictions on how police can use force, curbing the military-grade weapons distributed to the police and cracking down on police union contracts. 

There is also an increasingly important conversation about defunding the police, which lawmakers such as Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez have resurfaced this week. The $6bn New York police department, for example, is bigger than the city’s budget for many housing, education and health initiatives.

“Part of police violence is policing of things that shouldn’t be policed,” Sinyangwe said, such as sending police to people having mental health crises. “To do that we have to make a divestment from policing and shift those resources.”

Police marching with protesters: how some cities got it right and others didn’t | US policing | The Guardian


Minneapolis police rendered 44 people unconscious with neck restraints in five years

Minneapolis police data shows that in the bulk of use-of-force cases involving neck restraints when an individual lost consciousness, the restraint was used after a suspect fled on foot or tensed up as they were being taken into custody. Almost half of the people who lost consciousness were injured, according to the reports, which do not spell out the severity of those injuries.

…In most cases, there was no apparent underlying violent offense.

…The Minnesota police data showed three-fifths of those subjected to neck restraints and then rendered unconscious were black. About 30 percent were white. Two were Native Americans. Almost all are male, and three-quarters were age 40 or under.

One was a 14-year-old in a domestic abuse incident that was in progress when the officer arrived. Another was a 17-year-old fleeing from a shoplifting incident. Another involved a traffic stop where the suspect was deemed “verbally non-compliant.”

…Obayashi said it’s notable that the Minneapolis Police Department policy on neck restraints appears to be dated and said that rather than discouraging or generally prohibiting the tactic, its policy language is consistent with a permissive stance.

…”This seems to be a routine practice by the Minneapolis Police Department,” said Obayashi. “As a cop, the tone is there, ‘Use it when you think it’s appropriate.'”

Minneapolis police rendered 44 people unconscious with neck restraints in five years


George Floyd protest: 4,400 arrests; DC church on fire; Chicago unrest

George Floyd protest: 4,400 arrests; DC church on fire; Chicago unrest

Jeezus, the footage of multiple cops driving into crowds of protestors and trying to drive OVER them is chilling.  those are the people that are being protested.

And anyone want to bet on whether or not the President left his wife and Barron up in the White House when he fled to his coward’s bunker?

Coronavirus at Smithfield pork plant: The untold story of America’s biggest outbreak – BBC News

When running at full capacity, it processes 19,500 freshly-slaughtered hogs per day, slicing, grinding and smoking them into millions of pounds of bacon, hot dogs and spiral-cut hams. With 3,700 workers, it is also the fourth-largest employer in the city.

…”There had been [rumors] there were cases even before that,” she recalled. “I heard about people getting [hospitalized] from Smithfield specifically. They only know from word of mouth.”

…Her parents, two long-time Smithfield employees with whom she is especially close, told her what was happening at the factory that day. 

…”My parents don’t know English. They can’t advocate for themselves,” said Julia. “Someone has to talk for them.”

…Her mother and father continued to report to a factory they knew could be contaminated, to jobs they could not afford to lose. They stood side-by-side less than a foot away from their colleagues on production lines, they passed in and out of crowded locker rooms, walkways and cafeterias.

During that time, the number of confirmed cases among Smithfield employees slowly mounted, from 80 to 190 to 238.

By 15 April, when Smithfield finally closed under pressure from the South Dakota governor’s office, the plant had become the number one hotspot in the US, with a cluster of 644 confirmed cases among Smithfield employees and people who contracted it from them.

…The Smithfield pork plant, located in a Republican-led state that is one of five in the US that has not issued any kind of shelter-in-place order, has become a microcosm illustrating the socioeconomic disparities laid bare by the global pandemic. While many white-collar workers around the country are sheltering in place and working from home, food industry workers like the employees at Smithfield are deemed “essential” and must remain on the front lines.

…They allege early requests for personal protective equipment were ignored, that sick workers were [incentivized] to continue working, and that information regarding the spread of the virus was kept from them, even when they were at risk of exposing family and the broader public.

…Multiple workers said – and photos sent to the BBC seem to confirm – that personal protective equipment came in the form of beard nets to wear over their faces, which do not protect from airborne particles like a surgical or N95 mask would.

“I haven’t read anything from the CDC that says a hair net over your face will do much good,” said Caraway.

…If employees like Kaleb were to quit, they would be ineligible for unemployment. Advocates are hearing from visa-holders who fret that even if they were to apply for unemployment, they might be considered “public charges” which could render them ineligible for permanent residency under a new rule enacted by the Trump administration last year. …The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (Cares) Act excludes anyone living in a mixed-status household with an undocumented family member.

…Mayor TenHaken formally requested that Governor Noem issue a shelter-in-place order for Sioux Falls’ surrounding counties as well as an isolation centre. She denied both requests. Despite the steep increase in cases, Noem also continued to decline to issue a shelter-in-place order in South Dakota, specifically saying that such an order would not have prevented the Smithfield outbreak.

Coronavirus at Smithfield pork plant: The untold story of America’s biggest outbreak – BBC News

atlantic cover crying uncle sam

Indiana officer who made ‘closed casket’ remark after police killing is suspended, reassigned

via Indiana officer who made ‘closed casket’ remark after police killing is suspended, reassigned

Police have said… Police have said… Enough with what the police have said. The police need to start producing proof and stop covering up each other’s crimes with nonsense.

Oh, and that officer should have been at the very least fired, not “reassigned.”

Police officers should not have special HR privileges. Their position makes them a public figure and and their right to privacy and second chances should never rank below the right of the public not to have armed monsters roaming our streets with guns and not consequences if they murder someone.

Louisville official: No apology for praising Breonna Taylor boyfriend

Louisville official: No apology for praising Breonna Taylor boyfriend

The police union is beyond toxic. It is an affront to integrity, honesty, and anything good about the American way.

these officers were reckless in the way they carried out their job and got one of their own number shot because of it. And then they committed cold blooded murder in retaliation and lied to protect themselves and one another. Vile and reckless dereliction of duty by officers it employs is what should not be tolerated by city leaders.

To say otherwise is delusional.

Breonna Taylor shooting: 911 call details aftermath of police raid

Breonna Taylor shooting: 911 call details aftermath of police raid


Yes, the Peanut Gallery does typically respond to these stories with comments about how much they want the victims to sue, sue, SUE THE MUNICIPALITIES INTO THE GROUND. Yes, the Peanut Gallery is aware that innocent tax-paying citizens would, in effect, be left picking up the tab.

Follow us here…. If a municipality suddenly goes bankrupt and can’t pay for schools or parks and the like, people will complain. They will ray a stink. they will raise a fuss. If not in the first municipality it happens to, then it will in another. At some point it will come down to local government having to answer to why there is no money, and the answer is because someone keeps hiring cops who commit violent crimes and letting them loose on the street even after they have been accused of misconduct, reckless acts, and violence. At some point, some community is going to actually be able to hold some local government accountable for high cost of hiring cops like that and keeping them on the street and the local government will stop allowing officers on the payroll to commit violent crimes. The cost will become too much to do anything else.

The peanut gallery cannot think of any other way to break the Thin Blue Line. Make no mistake, as long as the Thin Blue Line exists, good cops will always back up, lie for, and cover up for the bad ones, they will all always fall to lowest level among them. As long the thin blue line exists, officers’ first priority will always be to be protect each other. As long their first priority is protecting each other, they will always pose a danger to the public they are sworn to protect. If cops protect themselves above all others, what is the point of them being there in the first place?

Why should tax payers be compelled to pay the salaries of people who pose a clear danger to the public? The police unions have a bunch of money, they could pay the police’s salary for a while. It would be more fitting to have them pay, because they are the ones being protected.

And yes, of course there are good cops. But as long as the Thin Blue Line exists, every single officer is culpable in the misdeeds of the few. Until officers of the law hold each other to higher standards and put protecting the citizenry above protecting each other, all officers are equally guilty in the crimes of any officer.

In short?  Make their local governments hold them to higher standard. Sue them into the ground, Walker!


Tennessee police chief tells officers who ‘don’t have an issue’ with George Floyd arrest to turn in badges

“Why is the man who killed George Floyd not in jail?” Frey said during a press conference Wednesday. “If you had done it or I had done it, we would be behind bars right now.”

Tennessee police chief tells officers who ‘don’t have an issue’ with George Floyd arrest to turn in badges | TheHill


Police say they tried to stop a black man after they say he rolled through a stop sign. A tense confrontation followed. It is a miracle they did not murder anyone.

Police tried to stop a black man after they say he rolled through a stop sign. A tense confrontation followed. – CNN

There is zero proof of any wrongdoing on the part of this young man. (And no, the officer’s word does not count as proof. Not in this society. Not while the thing blue exists.)
No sensible or reasonable person would believe the people holding guns on him were not here to shoot him.
Get those officers off the street before they kill someone.

NH says Troopers Who Pulled NH Man By Dreadlocks Followed Policy

Troopers Who Pulled NH Man By Dreadlocks Followed Policy: State | Concord, NH Patch

What the f**ck is this shit???

Nope, not OK. Not at all OK. If that is the policy then the policy is an insult to law and order.

Here’s hoping he sues the individual Troopers and the Department back to Kingdom Come. IF there is one thing NH taxpayers won’t abide it’s wasting money. And having polices or paying Troopers who invite lawsuits is a waste of money.