‘One of the hardest decisions of my life’: Kamala Harris ends once-promising campaign

Her candidacy got one of its first major breaks in the first Democratic debate in June, when Harris pulled off a blistering ambush of former Vice President Joe Biden over his previous stance on busing, which prompted another review of his record on race issues. Harris’ performance sent her soaring in the polls, and the campaign raised $2 million in the 24 hours following the debate.

But the attack blew back on Harris when her own stance on busing came under scrutiny in the days after.

‘One of the hardest decisions of my life’: Kamala Harris ends once-promising campaign – POLITICO

Campaign Lesson Number 3: Only a moron attacks a rival for holding views that they, themselves, hold as well.

Also, anyone who thought she wouldn’t be held to higher standard than a white male candidate is an idiot. It was coming. It was real. No, it’s not fair but it is real and she did not seem prepared for it.

Kamala Harris Drops Out of the 2020 Presidential Race

Ms. Harris also faced questions about her political strategy and her campaign’s organizational structure. She relied on a stable of California political strategists, led by the longtime political operative Averell Smith, who did not heed warnings from grass-roots organizers to invest more heavily in early voting states like Iowa and New Hampshire. Instead, the campaign focused on later primaries in states with more nonwhite voters, including South Carolina and California.

…“Sometimes campaigns can tear friendships apart but we have grown closer,” Ms. Klobuchar tweeted. “Her good work will continue.”

“Her campaign broke barriers and did it with joy,” Mr. Booker tweeted. “Love you, sister.”

Mr. Biden, campaigning in Iowa, called Ms. Harris “a first-rate intellect, first-rate candidate, real competitor.” He walked away when a reporter asked whether he would consider Ms. Harris as a running mate.

Kamala Harris Drops Out of the 2020 Presidential Race – The New York Times

Yes, there were fund-raising issues but they only manifested because of all of the other issues in her once promising campaign.  The lessons?

1.) POC and women candidates need to be better than their white/male counterparts. It’s an ugly truth but it is the truth.

2.) Iowa and NH are very white. They are also smaller populations which make retail politics easier and more effective to pull off. Both states like to go their own way though so there is a huge opening for new faces to succeed there. The media markets are so inexpensive it is staggering. The Peanut Gallery’s point here is that although they are very white states there are definite (and relatively inexpensive) paths to success for “outsiders” and “newcomers” who are WILLING TO PLAY BALL with retail-style campaigning. For all of those reasons and more,  blowing them off isn’t just poor strategy, it’s just plain stupid.

3.) Sticking to the message is how campaigns win. Changing up the message every other day is how candidates lose. Period.

4.) California is a big state. It is not the entire country though. Banking on a California campaign strategy while employing a tightly knit, closed circle of California-only consultants and leadership is, well, naive and a bit arrogant.

5.) If you can’t campaign in all of the different regions of the country, what does that say about your ability to conduct yourself among the varied cultures across the globe? Don’t answer that. Because it doesn’t say anything good.

6.) She picked a poor cycle to run as America’s “top cop.” We don’t need a law and order prosecutor. We need a reformer.

7.) Outside of La-la-la land donations dry up when candidates don’t do retail politics. Anyone who couldn’t see her war-chest drying up has never campaigned outside a major media market.

The Peanut Gallery doesn’t really see itself ever willingly voting for a prosecutor in a primary but it still wanted to see her do better than this.

It’s not the press, it’s not white men telling her sit down and be quiet, and it’s not ‘electability’ (whatever that means) that sunk her. It was piss-poor decision making that did her in.

The Peanut Gallery is secretly breathing a sigh of relief she finally dropped out. The country needs someone with more savvy and leadership skills than she showed.

The Kamala Harris Conundrum

The Kamala Harris Conundrum


….Plus, her campaign has been an absolute shit-show. Yes, despite all of the candidates high opinions of themselves, they all have a lot to learn when they start out on the campaign trail. But also yes, Kamala has struggled with management, administration, policy deployment, and acknowledging that it takes different things to run and win in different parts of the country.  And yes, the last item is serious cause for concern. It speaks to her diplomatic ability and whether or not she is prepared to deal with other countries and cultures.

So many of us want to like her. … Or at least want to like her ins pite of her record but she is simply not ready for primetime.

Walk ‘like a man’

The thing is, more women sitting like men requires some men to sit more like women. It requires attention to someone else’s personal space. And more deeply, it requires a perspective shift: that no person inherently deserves to have a larger psychological piece of the universe than another person. Your wingspan might be wider, for example, but your comfort shouldn’t indifferently come at the expense of someone else’s.

I walked ‘like a man’ for a week, and here’s what I realized. – The Washington Post

Devil’s advocate. Let’s assume that ‘more women sitting like men requires more men sit like women.’ Wouldm’t more women sitting like men provoke exactly that? And if less women got out of men’s way on the street, wouldn’t it be more likely to occur to them that they might bump into someone?

Black Women Want to Be Excited About Kamala Harris. The Truth Is More Complicated.

Harris will have to defend her record on criminal justice just as other candidates have to defend their own votes and positions. And black women know that for a black female presidential candidate, the stakes will be far higher than for her white male peers. Criticism of her character and policies is bound to be influenced by a lethal combination of racism, sexism, and cultural ignorance.

…Still the more I dug into Kamala Harris’ background, the worse I started to feel. I wondered whether I was being too hard on her or even holding her to a higher standard than I would a white male Democrat. Former Vice President Joe Biden admitted that he hasn’t been “always right” on issues of criminal justice. No candidate is perfect, and the idea that I might not support a black woman who is qualified for the job is excruciating. My life’s work is centered on black women and their stories, no matter how complicated those narratives might be. Was my hesitation premature and unfair? But the alternative is almost as painful—giving someone who looks like me a pass on actions that have hurt our communities. I want a black female president. But I want an end to mass incarceration for all black women, for all black families, even more. Who can deliver that? Could it be Harris? Maybe, but I need her to make that case.

Black Women Want to Be Excited About Kamala Harris. The Truth Is More Complicated. | Glamour