The anguish of Hillary Clinton-Elizabeth Warren supporters.

In 2008, she believed Clinton was uniquely well equipped for the job, but she also saw “a tremendous amount of fear and hatred” directed at both Clinton and her female supporters—in part coming from other Democrats who supported Barack Obama. 

…Here’s a special kind of defeat experienced by women who supported Hillary Clinton through multiple election cycles and supported Elizabeth Warren through this one. Most of these women say they’ll vote in November for any Democratic candidate against Donald Trump. But many of them haven’t forgotten how Bernie Sanders delayed his endorsement of Clinton in 2016. They’re exhausted by the aggressiveness of some of his supporters. 

…She described Warren, by contrast, as a “fast learner” on issues like black maternal health with a strong record of legislative achievement.

“When you look at someone like Sanders, the way he behaves onstage, his mannerisms and his way of speaking, his single-mindedness, his very limited track record of getting anything done—a woman would have been torn apart,” Bhojwani said. As for Biden: “Imagine a woman who had lost every state in every presidential primary, running for the third time.”

The anguish of Hillary Clinton-Elizabeth Warren supporters.



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