Gov. Jay Inslee to Mike Pence on coronavirus call: Stick to the science

“I told him our work would be more successful if the Trump administration stuck to the science and told the truth.” [- Jay Inslee]

…Pence has required Cabinet officials and government experts to get his office’s clearance on public remarks about the virus, a move that swiftly sparked concerns from lawmakers who fear important information being suppressed.

“It is essential in times like these that experts are allowed to tell us what’s really going on in their own words,” Sen. Brian Schatz (D-Hawaii) tweeted.

…[Inslee] has called Trump’s aversion to the wider use of wind energy “moronic,” blasted the administration’s “climate denial” and joined a host of liberal states who say they’ll work to uphold the Paris climate agreement Trump backed out of.

[Trump] has thinned the ranks of government scientists, helped fuel anti-vaccine sentiment (although he did urge measles vaccinations) and rebuked his own officials’ nods to the threat of climate change while opposing many efforts to combat it.

One especially infamous clash with experts came when Trump showed a doctored hurricane chart in an apparent attempt to justify his tweet falsely warning that a storm was coming for Alabama. The [Trump controlled] National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration also issued an unsigned statement rebuking the local weather office that had corrected the record after Trump’s erroneous prediction. Career scientists were dismayed.

Gov. Jay Inslee to Mike Pence on coronavirus call: Stick to the science – The Washington Post



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