Why Bernie Sanders drives so many people out of their minds

To be clear, there are plenty of rational, reasonable critiques that have been made of Sanders’s candidacy and of what his presidency would look like. I’ve made many of them myself; while I think there’s a lot you can give him credit for, he isn’t my favorite of the Democratic candidates.

…He maintains that he can pass a radical program through Congress because his movement will have so much popular support that even Republicans will be unable to resist the pressure from their own constituents to support it.

…There is no way on earth Sanders is going to get the people of West Virginia to convince Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin III to support single-payer health care, let alone the people of Kentucky to do the same to Republican Sen. Mitch McConnell. But if, by some miracle, it happened, it wouldn’t be because Sanders eviscerated our democratic system in order to bring it about — it would be because he worked within that system and got the outcome he wanted.

…But alongside those criticisms is a wave of unhinged delirium, ludicrous fear-mongering and bizarre hyperbole about the Vermont senator.

…He can’t find a single quote from Sanders laying out this authoritarian plot, but he does note that Sanders wants to spend a lot of money on social programs. Egad!

Why isn’t it enough to just say that Sanders is too liberal for you? If you prefer our current health-care system in all its dysfunction to, say, what they have in Canada, that dystopian nightmare of statist oppression, then fine. If you think free public college is a bad idea, fine. If you’d rather the minimum wage stay where it has been for over a decade and not go up to $15 an hour, fine. Just say that.

But the notion that Sanders would impose some kind of autocratic rule is preposterous. He doesn’t even want to get rid of the filibuster!

Why Bernie Sanders drives so many people out of their minds – The Washington Post



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