NYTimes apparently got pitched this story by Big Stryofoam

In the Sea, Not All Plastic Lasts Forever – The New York Times

So styrofoam takes hundreds of years or -at best decades- to break down instead of never breaking down. A few thoughts…

Did anyone really think they stuff wouldn’t weather over the course of hundreds of years?

So it can still last hundreds of years and supposedly that is supposed to make environmentalists feel better about using it? On what planet would this be soothing info?

What about off-gassing? So-called scientists apparently glossed over that one, didn’t they?

Anychance the fact checkers at the GRey Lady might be motivated to point out that there is no “missing” plastic. Microplastic is just harder to see.

This article stinks to high heaven with bad research, misleading and outright deceptive statements and wholesale denial of contextual facts.

The peanut gallery hopes the New York Times got paid handsomely for running this advertisement for the polystyrene industry.

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