Nancy Pelosi dismisses AOC’s incendiary charge that she targets ‘women of color’

“Just pointing out a pattern, right? We’re not talking just about progressives, [Pelosi is] singling out four individuals and knowing the media environment we’re operating in,” [Ocasio-Cortez] said, pointing out herself and other lawmakers have gotten death threats.

…The controversial viewpoint was shared just hours after Ocasio-Cortez accused Congress of using woman and minority groups as ‘bargaining chips’, auctioning and selling them off for their own political gain in a decades-old tradition.

…Saikat Chakrabarti, Ocasio-Cortez’s chief of staff, attacked Pelosi and other Democrats in a tweet over the weekend, criticizing the Blue Dog Democrats and New Democrats – as the more moderate members of the party are known.

Chakrabarti referred to them as ‘New Southern Democrats,’ which is seen as a code word for segregationists.

“Instead of ‘fiscally conservative but socially liberal,’ let’s call the New Democrats and Blue Dog Caucus the ‘New Southern Democrats.’ They certainly seem hell bent to do to black and brown people today what the old Southern Democrats did the 40s,” he wrote on Saturday.

…”If we don’t have progress on racial justice it will be because of the new Dems and blue dogs. Just like in 1940,” he later wrote.

…After her dressing down of social media manners in Wednesday’s meeting, Pelosi said her members were upset by comments from the unelected staffer.

“Our caucus is very upset about some of the comments that have come from the staff,”  Pelosi told reporters Wednesday after the gathering.

…Pelosi told lawmakers Wednesday morning it was better to do something than nothing for the migrant children being held at the border.

“Mitch McConnell would have been very happy if we passed nothing, and nothing was done. He doesn’t care about the children,” she said of the Senate GOP leader.

“But to have nothing go to the children. I just couldn’t do that. I’m here to help the children when it’s easy and when it’s hard. Some of you are here to make a beautiful pâté but we’re making sausage most of the time,” she added.

She warned them to stay unified against the GOP.

“We are up against this – a Republican Party, in the administration and in the Congress, that does not believe in governance – in honoring it’s responsibility to the people, does not believe in science, data, truth, evidence, fact to act upon,'” she said.

“So, don’t play into their hands. Every day some of our Members have to fight the fight for their re-election. It’s easy for me in my district, right? I never have to worry about whether a Democrat will represent that district, whether it’s me or somebody else. But, in their districts, it makes a difference for what we can do for the American people if we have the Majority,” she lectured.

“So, I hope there will be some level of respect and sensitivity for our – each individual experience that we bring to this Caucus. When we won the Majority in ’06, we were able to do great things for the country and, including a path to electing a Democratic President. This time we have that same opportunity.”

…Her lecture came after Ocasio-Cortez revealed she has not spoken to Pelosi in months and suggested she was given a series of major committee assignments in an attempt to keep her busy.

…Speaking with The New York Radio Hour, the freshman Democrat said she believes a significant amount of insincere pandering toward vulnerable groups occurs among lawmakers during legislative discussions.

“When it comes to women of color in Congress, particularly the freshman, it’s that we both have encountered and represent communities that have been auctioned off and negotiated off for the last 20 years – and we’re over it.

We see in these negotiations all the time – it’s like fighting for black communities or policies that help women,’ she said. ‘They’re bargaining chips. And they’re the first chips that are reached for in any legislative negotiations.”

Nancy Pelosi dismisses AOC’s incendiary charge that she targets ‘women of color’ | Daily Mail Online


Oh, Dear Lord… She really doesn’t know how legislating works, does she?

The “insincere” jab at the overwhelmingly majority of her colleagues not only insults them but also insults the millions of people who put them in office. Is that really her intention? To insult Democratic voters? Interesting strategy for someone who seems like they want a national profile.

More importantly though, the whole process of getting a bill together and passed is about bargaining chips.

Didn’t she ever share bills with a roommate? Did she always get everything she wanted, every single time? Or did she sometimes have to compromise, negotiate, or -heaven forbid- have the savvy to give in a few times so she could cash the ‘favors owed’ in when she she really, really wanted something? No? Never? Completely unfamiliar concept then?

It seems like if a colleague is willing to pander to interests one represents and is advocating for, one might want to consider taking them up on it. Insincere or not.

And complaining about major committee assignments? That’s just backwards. That’s an opportunity to have an impact, a say, a seat at the table. Isn’t she there to work to get her viewpoint represented? Complaining about getting a seat at the table is pretty damn crazy coming from someone who also complains about power being too centralized in DC.

I mean the woman is actually complaining about taking part in the investigations of Trump. …While calling for moving forward with impeachment! She’s actually complaining about being asked to get done something she says she wants to get done.

Speaking of complaints… So, was her point that it’s OK to attack and harass other Democratic Representatives because she and her squad are getting threats from people who are presumably not Democrats and not Representatives in Congress? Yes, that is a cold thing to ask but it’s also a cold thing to allude to. Somehow Pelosi is culpable for some pretty unspeakable things that are happening to her because of her ethnic background? That’s cold. And ridiculous.

And she wouldn’t join the Select Committee on Climate Change? While she is out there touting the Green New Deal? So she cedes the opportunity to have a voice, to advocate for something she believes in, to people she doesn’t trust to do the right thing? That’s not looking out for the interests she represents, not even close.

Why not, instead of asking to set the agenda and run the committee she was too good to sit on, she asked to drop one of the other committees she sits on? One of the ones that it is such an insulting burden to have the opportunity to represent her constituents on?

And the staffer chiming in with race-baiting like that? In what world is it OK to call African-American legislators, especially ones from the south, segregationists? It’s bad enough that the story was the staffer’s words instead of the words of the person the voters elected to represent their district. What planet do you have to be from to not realize how out-of-bounds that is to say? One would think, after all the trouble she had from GOP about her age and appearance, that she and her camp would have more sensitivity and consideration.

Even his sorry-not-sorry ‘apology’ was a pretty vile thing to say, especially from the office of a Congresswoman, about potential allies.

“Outright disrespectful,” indeed.

There’s always a learning curve. Hope she gets her shit together and figures out how to work with people. It’d be a shame to have such a bright, rising star with seemingly a lot of potential end up being just a bunch of hype.

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