AOC-aligned group targets incumbent Dems who crossed influential freshmen

In a testy interview Sunday with ABC News’ Martha Raddatz, Tlaib stood by her “no” vote on each proposal, saying the system was “broken” and claiming that during a visit to a border detention facility, “three agents took me aside, away from my colleagues and said, more money is not going to fix this.”

…Progressive organizations worry that, emboldened by Ocasio-Cortez and others, a glut of Democratic challengers might divide the anti-incumbent vote in some districts, helping House members they are targeting survive party primaries. In 40 states, the primary winner needs only the largest share of votes, and there is no runoff.

…In all, Justice Democrats has said it intends to recruit fewer than the dozen House challengers it enlisted and mentored in 2018. Ocasio-Cortez was their only winner. They also endorsed 66 other House, Senate and state candidates, of whom six won.

…The overwhelming majority of challengers fail due to funding, organizational and name-recognition shortcomings.

…Activists say they will concentrate their efforts on safely Democratic seats. Top Democrats argue that still endangers their House majority by forcing incumbents to spend money defending themselves in primaries, siphoning funds that could have helped the party elsewhere.

AOC-aligned group targets incumbent Dems who crossed influential freshmen | Fox News

You’re partly right, Representative Tlaib, money alone won’t fix a broken system. But not providing adequate funding sure as shit isn’t going to help the children held in those concentration camps either!

Twitter followers do not equal enacted legislation. Empowering and emboldening people who think like oneself doesn’t actually mean changing pubic opinion. And last but not least, AOC was her Chief of Race-Baiting’s only win in 2018.  In a firmly Democratic seat. Any groundswell of support for their vision of change didn’t have much of an impact at the voting booth in the General.

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