Enthusiastic Democratic voters delivered Doug Jones a victory in Alabama

More than 1.3 million people cast ballots in the U.S. Senate election Tuesday, or just over 40 percent of the electorate. Even the county with the lowest turnout — Russell — saw turnout on Tuesday (29 percent) that was far higher than the state average for the Au. 15 primary (18 percent) or the Sept. 26 GOP runoff (14 percent.)

…While Moore won most of rural Alabama outside the Black Belt — often by large margins — turnout was generally lower in his strongest counties than it was statewide.

…African-American voters, who were solid for Jones, also came out. In counties with black populations of 40 percent or higher, turnout was 43.47 percent. In counties where the African-American population was less than 20 percent, turnout was 36.44 percent.

…The former U.S. Attorney took 69 percent of Jefferson County’s vote (47 percent turnout) and 72 percent of Montgomery’s (44 percent turnout). Jones also took GOP-leaning Madison County with 56 percent of the vote (45 percent turnout in total) and 56 percent of the vote in Mobile (38 percent turnout).

…[McCrary]said Jones’ coalition was not dissimilar to the one Democrats put together to secure major wins in elections in Virginia last month.

“Donald Trump serves as an accelerant to Democratic voters,” he said. “That’s anywhere, Alabama included.”

…“At a minimum, it shows a prototype,” said Zac McCrary, a Democratic pollster for the Montgomery firm of Anzalone Liszt Grove. “It shows a path for Democrats to be successful. Nothing is harder for a Democrat in Alabama than a US Senate race.”

Enthusiastic Democratic voters delivered Doug Jones a victory



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