Walter Scott’s killer is going to prison. But his case is an anomaly.

Juries just don’t like to convict cops.

…A former Arizona police officer was acquitted after shooting and killing unarmed Daniel Shaver. Those who have seen the body-cam footage describe the shooting as an execution. Also this week, NYPD officers shot and killed a 69-year-old man during a 4 a.m. raid. The police were looking for a 30-year-old man on drug and gun charges. A 90-year-old man who was also in the apartment said the two thought they were being robbed. And in Los Angeles, we learned this week that more than 300 sheriff’s deputies are on a secret misconduct list for offenses ranging from lying under oath to domestic violence to possible sexual assault. But thanks to union-negotiated rules, that list is kept secret from the public, from defense attorneys and even from prosecutors. ….Deputies on the list never criminally charged.

…Officers severely wounded the man and nearly killed him. He lost the use of several organs and is paralyzed. Ballistics testing showed that police claims that the man had fired a gun at them were wrong — the gun hadn’t been fired. Surveillance video then emerged that contradicted police claims to have knocked and announced multiple times before battering down the man’s door. None of the officers associated with the raid were ever disciplined.

…In another incident, a police officer stopped a man after claiming the man activated his turn signal too late. Dash-cam footage shows that this was false. After a few minutes, the officer beat the man, then arrested him. The man was then subjected to numerous medical procedures without his consent. A prosecutor later dismissed all charges against the man. Not only were the officers involved never disciplined, but one was later promoted.

A South Carolina police officer shot and killed a 70-year-old man after mistaking his gun for a cane. The officer was never charged.

…In the police shooting of Lori Jean Ellis, forensic evidence directly contradicted police accounts of events leading up to the shooting. Yet investigators from the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED) — the agency that investigates such shootings — never looked into the discrepancies. One supervising agent said he didn’t need to, “because they’re police officers and I believe what they’re telling me.” …[Another] admitted under oath that he doesn’t even always read the full forensics reports from officer-involved shootings.

Walter Scott’s killer is going to prison. But his case is an anomaly. – The Washington Post

Until officers of the law face consequences for the violent and cold-blooded crimes they commit there will never be peace or “rule of law” in this country.


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