Bernie Sanders, Jon Ossoff, and Heath Mello: “Democrats” appear divided over Abortion and Populism 

NARAL Pro-Choice America, an organization that endorsed Hillary Clinton in the presidential primary, harshly criticized the DNC for what it called the party’s “embrace” of “an anti-choice candidate.”

The statement followed a report in The Wall Street Journal that Mello once supported legislation “requiring women to look at ultrasound image of their fetus before receiving an abortion.” 

… Sanders also drew backlash from Democrats after he told the Journal that he doesn’t know if Jon Ossoff, a Democratic candidate hoping to flip a conservative congressional district in Georgia, is a progressive in an article published on Wednesday.

“I think that Bernie seems to have a rather extreme point of view, that if a candidate wants to do anything to create jobs, that he’s not a progressive,” Moreno added.

David Nir, the political director for Daily Kos, which has been instrumental in channeling grassroots support for Ossoff into an influx of small-donations, respond to Sanders’ comments on Twitter by saying: “Bernie Sanders isn’t helping—he’s hurting. He should either endorse Ossoff and raise money for him, or keep his silence.” Nir later added, “on second thought, Sanders shouldn’t endorse Ossoff. He should just remain silent and not hurt the efforts of those of us helping in #GA06.”

Source: Bernie Sanders, Jon Ossoff, and Heath Mello: Rifts over Abortion and Populism Divide Democrats – The Atlantic

Sanders is progressive, but only if you are a middle class or richer white male. If you’re not he’s a tone deaf dinosaur who will work against your well-being to assuage his own feelings of self-importance. There is no economic justice for women without reproductive empowerment. Bernie’s age and focus on seeing everything through the lens of his own gender and ethnicity betrays his real lack of support of women and their empowerment, economic or otherwise.


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