Abortions Rights Aren’t Optional for Democrats — There’s No Economic Justice Without Abortion Rights

Scarborough brought up the question of abortion and other “social issues” that he said kept white working-class voters voting Republican…

…He suggested that if Democrats want to win white working-class voters in states …they might need to run candidates who reflect the social values of those same white working-class voters — that is, opposing a woman’s legal right to decide for herself whether to carry a pregnancy to term. Could Democrats, Scarborough asked [Vermont Sen. Bernie] Sanders, “be open to candidates that may not be rigidly pro-choice, may not be rigidly pro-gun control?” Sanders said yes.

…Abandoning full-throated support for abortion rights in an attempt to secure more votes from moderates is not a new idea. Throughout the ’90s and early 2000s, political commentators — almost always white, almost always male — positioned abortion rights as a social issue fueling divisive culture wars. They painted abortion as an issue of life and religious morality, eclipsing women and relegating the moral value of allowing us sovereignty over our own insides to the background of the picture.

…Tolerating Democratic hedging on abortion to justify appeals to the working class is also nonsensical. For women who are pregnant, abortion isn’t a “social issue”; it’s very much an economic one. Most women who have abortions say they chose that route either because of their economic realities or in planning for their economic futures: They can’t afford a child (or, more often than not, they’re already mothers who can’t afford another child…)

Abortions Rights Aren’t Optional for Democrats — There’s No Economic Justice Without Abortion Rights


Oh, and screw you and your old white guy bro-blinders, Bernie. It’s embarrassing to white people.


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