Self-Avowed “Hardcore Conservative” Recounts What Changed Their Mind

It’s actually very easy to believe your own small town or local religious community is an isolated pocket of “sanity” in a hedonistic liberal world. Outside of your immediate surroundings, how do you know how “people do things” in other parts of the world, or country, or state? Even traveling only exposes you to brief, touristy glimpses of restaurant workers and World’s Biggest quirky statues. If you haven’t actually lived in those places, you’re probably mostly depending on TV to tell you about their daily life.

I realize Hollywood’s ham-fisted attempts to be PC and woke have always been comically backwards to actual progressive people, but to someone who’s never lived outside a small conservative community, it would seem like a gritty, realistic glimpse into the liberal-ruled godless world out there.

While TV’s treatment of gay people has often caricatured them and ignored any discrimination or difficulty in their lives, to someone who’s never seen “a gay,” it reveals that outside of their town, the gays are “everywhere” and rich and celebrated and any complaints of discrimination must be laughable lies.

…Hollywood may also give some inaccurate ideas about sex frequency in the wider world. Every non-religious liberal person out there is not actually having sex with a different person every day, at least because of availability issues if not moral or pragmatic ones.

And finally, pretty much every overtly Christian person in TV/movies is a self-righteous moron. (This is fair as it applies to me but I have friends who deserve better.) This is pretty good at reinforcing the idea that your own local religious community is a tiny safe oasis in a dark world that hates you.

I Was A Hardcore Conservative: What Changed My Mind

The article was interesting but the description of how they perceived the world before exposure to people outside their religious community was fascinating.


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