Minneapolis police rendered 44 people unconscious with neck restraints in five years

Minneapolis police data shows that in the bulk of use-of-force cases involving neck restraints when an individual lost consciousness, the restraint was used after a suspect fled on foot or tensed up as they were being taken into custody. Almost half of the people who lost consciousness were injured, according to the reports, which do not spell out the severity of those injuries.

…In most cases, there was no apparent underlying violent offense.

…The Minnesota police data showed three-fifths of those subjected to neck restraints and then rendered unconscious were black. About 30 percent were white. Two were Native Americans. Almost all are male, and three-quarters were age 40 or under.

One was a 14-year-old in a domestic abuse incident that was in progress when the officer arrived. Another was a 17-year-old fleeing from a shoplifting incident. Another involved a traffic stop where the suspect was deemed “verbally non-compliant.”

…Obayashi said it’s notable that the Minneapolis Police Department policy on neck restraints appears to be dated and said that rather than discouraging or generally prohibiting the tactic, its policy language is consistent with a permissive stance.

…”This seems to be a routine practice by the Minneapolis Police Department,” said Obayashi. “As a cop, the tone is there, ‘Use it when you think it’s appropriate.'”

Minneapolis police rendered 44 people unconscious with neck restraints in five years



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