It looks like Amy Cooper, the Central Park woman from the viral video, might think of herself as liberal.

Christian Cooper (no relation), a Black man and a bird-watcher, asked Amy to leash her dog.

…Amy, clearly offended, responded by saying that she was going to call the police on him.

…Amy can be heard saying, “I’m taking a picture and calling the cops,” as she appears to strangle or roughly handle her dog with the pet’s collar. “I’m going to tell them there’s an African American man threatening my life.”

Amy repeatedly and insistently stresses the term “African American,” giving viewers the impression that his race is significant here, perhaps in terms of how he can expect to be treated by the police. 

…In a city and a state that skews heavily liberal, there’s a good chance Amy Cooper is the ideal liberal on paper. She also threatened to call the police and falsely report “an African American man” was “threatening her life” in a country well-known for allowing fatal police brutality against unarmed, innocent Black people.

…Former South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg may well be a Democrat and a self-identified liberal, for instance, but his handling of the killing of Eric Logan by police traumatized the Black community.

It looks like Amy Cooper, the Central Park woman from the viral video, is a liberal. That’s important

To take a slightly different view than the author,  Pete Buttigieg isn’t a liberal by ny stretch of the imagination. He may have been adopted as the cause du jour of Progressives for a hot minute but he is not and never was a liberal. John Kerry isn’t much of a liberal either. And for the love of God, despite all of the wishful fantasy and mis-representations surrounding the man, Barack Hope-Spring-Eternal Obama never was a liberal either.  At most, those three men are moderates who support a quasi-authoritarian approach and are quite hawkish in foreign affairs.

Despite what the echo chamber tells us being a Democrat does not mean being a liberal.

Now that we have that established. Yes, it very possible, and not all that infrequent that Democrats are bigots too.

As you were.


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